Tecmo Super Bowl: Review of Gridiron Heroes, the Rebirth of a Cult Classic

John Rozum@Rozum27Correspondent IFebruary 6, 2012

Get ready pro football fans because another online dimension of virtual sports gaming is on the verge of taking off.

Gridiron Heroes, created by David Murray, who runs the Tecmo Super Bowl facebook page, has added another member to the Tecmo Bowl football family.

The game's tagline is, "The rebirth of a cult-classic with an added twist! Gridiron Heroes isn't just fantasy football—it's every sports fan's fantasy!" The game allows fans to play a modified version similar to Tecmo Super Bowl.

You can choose between five difference defensive fronts (3-4, 4-3, 3-3-5, 46 and Dime) as well as five different coverages from Cover Zero through Cover Four.

For those new to some of the terminology, cover zero is man-to-man across the board with no safeties back deep in zone coverage. Cover one means one defensive back in zone, and cover two would obviously be two DBs dropping back and so on.

Now to the fans like myself who are obsessed with Tecmo Super Bowl, this is an interesting modification because the defenses in Tecmo Bowl sit in a 3-4 and the computer reacts by the offensive play selected from the person controlling the defensive team.

In short, there are no defensive play calls in Tecmo Bowl, so adding this option in Gridiron Heroes will make the game more appealing to newcomers.

As for the offensive gameplay, there are 10 plays to choose from instead of eight in Tecmo Super Bowl, so not much of a difference.

Although, it still is a much more simpler approach than Madden or NCAA. Not to say those aren't great games, but it is nice to see some that are much easier to learn. The graphics of Gridiron Heroes are also great.

Compared to Tecmo Super Bowl, they are similar—an appealing aspect. After the 1993 Tecmo Super Bowl for Super Nintendo, the game got a little too realistic and lost its' old-school aura.

Gridiron Heroes doesn't sacrifice that by any means and will attract Tecmo-lovers from all over.

At the moment, Gridiron Heroes is a coach-mode style game where a player manages a team. However, the multiplayer aspect is expected to be added sooner than later. Regardless though, having the luxury to manage/create a franchise is a great idea.

As for the coach-mode, what better way to start learning how to effectively call plays? Perhaps the best reason for that is the cognitive approach that Gridiron Heroes first instills.

So, for anyone looking to brush up on their game-managing skills aside from the occasional break of Tecmo Super Bowl, Gridirion Heroes is the way to go.

Also, be sure to follow Dave Murray on Twitter and for more information, check out Gridiron Heroes on facebook.

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