15 Most Savage Mascot Fights in Sports History

Eric NewmanCorrespondent IIIFebruary 3, 2012

15 Most Savage Mascot Fights in Sports History

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    While mascots bring some comic relief and family fun to sporting events, they are also meaningful and beloved symbols of our teams.

    They represent the spirit and prowess of our players, our universities, our towns--even of our selves.

    So when tiger and bear grapple, it may begin as clownish antics, yet all too often it escalates.

    As the handfuls of faux fur are torn up and strewn about, reputations, egos and prides are at stake.

    Click on to see 15 of the most ferocious furry fracases in mascotdom. 

Honorable Mention: Lightning the Hound vs. Volleyball

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    Mascot of:  Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders

    Talk about blue balls.

    Poor, poor pooch.

Honorable Mention: Blue vs. Nude Pats Fan

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    Mascot of: Indianapolis Colts

    Mascots may be furry and huggable, but never, NEVER try to upstage them.

15. Benny the Bull vs. Lil' Benny

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    Mascots of: Chicago Bulls

    Benny is one bad-ass bovine. 

    On top of the attempted filicide in this video, he has had numerous run-ins with the law including: 

    Striking an officer at Taste of Chicago and

    Mangling a fan's arm.

    Good for you Lil' Benny, taking out your bullish dad with a shot to those soon-to-be Rocky Mountain oysters.

14. Seymour vs. Big Al

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    Mascots of: Southern Miss Golden Eagles and University of Alabama Crimson Tide

    If this wasn't rehearsed, these guys need to audition for the WWE, stat.

    If this was rehearsed, these guys need to audition for the WWE, stat.

    Over five minutes of pretty decent wrestling here.

13. Duck vs. Cougar

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    Mascots of: The University of Oregon Ducks and the University of Houston Cougars

    Readers, this was not staged

    The dude in the cougar costume ruffled the feathers of duck boy when he mocked his signature move.

    Duck boy was suspended for a game.

    Thanks to YouTube, this video is reaching cult status.

    Some day I foresee people--in duck and cougar outfits--meeting up at midnight showings, duking it out in front of the screen, then breaking into synchronized dancing to "Let's Do The Time Warp Again".

12. Albert Gator vs. Crocodile Hunter

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    Mascot of: University of Florida, Gainsville

    RIP Steve Irwin. Always appreciate a guy that can make fun of himself that way.

11. Bango vs. Ball

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    Mascot of: Milwaukee Bucks

    That's Rufus, the Charlotte Bobcats' mascot that launches the neutering shot. 

    Apparently Bango did some serious knee damage after becoming a two-point buck.

10. Jawz vs. Eli

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    Mascots of: IUPUI Jaguars and Oral Roberts Golden Eagles

    Another one that has become an internet classic.

    This one was not staged either.

    The Eagle was suspended for the rest of the season.

9. Tiger vs. Panther

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    Mascots of: Some high schools in the Twilight Zone?

    So many genius moments here:

    a) after tiger slams panther, he steps back and does an in-your-face taunt

    b) tiger's swagger quickly fades when he realizes he may have just killed a kid and will end up in juvie.

    c) despite a possible homicide, player #54, a pair of cheerleaders, dozens of fans, and the crime preventing SPIDERMAN just hang back and opt not to get involved

8. Wolfie Jr. vs. Gravity

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    Mascot of: University of Nevada Wolf Pack

    No, the almost 10 foot drop down into the dugout was not part of the act.

    After the tumble, David Kert (inhabitant of the Wolfie costume) lay on the concrete while players ignore him.

    Utterly baffling.

    It's like all those times when cheerleaders are mowed down on the sidelines and left like roadkill.

    Players, come on! Give the over-sized woodland creatures and the ladies in mini skirts some more respect.

7. Harvey the Hound vs. Plexiglass

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    Mascot of: Calgary Flames

    Did anyone doubt this would happen?

6. Big Al vs. Albert Gator

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    Mascots of: University of Alabama Crimson Tide and University of Florida, Gainsville

    Big Al must have been in a state of high-musth.

    Perhaps the highlight of this clip is how frantically Albert pops his head back on. Two theories as to why:

    1) he didn't want to ruin the illusion of two savage animals fighting

    2) he was an in-the-closet mascot and didn't want to be outed

5. Rumble: Chicken, Eagle, Frog, Spartan Warrior and Dog in Camouflage Pants

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    Mascots of: District high schools in Crazy Town USA.

    Um, yeah. So there's this video.

4. Tree vs. Oski

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    Mascots of: Stanford University and University of California


3. Cincy Bearcat vs. Security Guards

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    Mascot of: Cincinnati Bearcats

    Cincy must have OD'd on 'catnip' before the game.

    First he incited snowball attacks and then pushed a security guard, which lead to the arrest.

    Bad kitty!

2. Bobcat vs. Brutus

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    Mascots of: Ohio University and Ohio State University

    This incident from fall 2010 resulted in a LIFETIME BAN for the dude in the Bobcat outfit. That's right, never again will he don the sacred whisker, fur and claws. 

1. Wild Wing vs. Fire

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    Mascot of: Anaheim Mighty Ducks

    News flash to Ducks marketing directors...mascots are made of the following:

    1) foam - flammable? Check.

    2) faux fur/feathers - flammable? Check.

    3) cloth - flammable? Check.

    4) plastic - flammable? Check + releases toxic fumes

    5) human inhabitant - flammable? Check.


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