NFL Offseason 2012: Power Ranking Every Major Move Thus Far

Justin SparksCorrespondent IIIJanuary 31, 2012

NFL Offseason 2012: Power Ranking Every Major Move Thus Far

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    The NFL regular season has been over for a month now. Jeff Fisher, Peyton Manning and others have dominated the non-playoff-related news. Teams throughout the league have gone relatively unnoticed with a majority of their moves, but that's why we're here.

    I'm sure you've heard Fisher has landed in St. Louis. Or that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired Greg Schiano out of left field.

    Chuck Pagano bolted for the opportunity to be a head coach in Indianapolis and so much more.

    There hasn't been a ton of player personnel moves. In an offseason that has the potential to rival last season's free-agency frequency, it's a bit odd. Teams seem to be feeling out the market before making moves.

    Either way, here's the power rankings for the biggest moves thus far for the 30 teams that are officially in their offseason.

15. Miami Dolphins: Mike Sherman and Kevin Coyle

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    Joe Philbin made his first big decisions on the job with the Miami Dolphins: hiring Mike Sherman as his offensive coordinator and Kevin Coyle as his defensive coordinator.

    Sherman has worked with Philbin in the past. Sherman brings a ton of experience and should help an often-predictable offense move up and down the field.

    Coyle has been with the Cincinnati Bengals for the past nine seasons. He was their secondary coach and will likely change the Dolphins defense to a 4-3 scheme.

    It should be interesting to see how both units respond to their new coaches after being one of the more dangerous teams late in the season.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Greg Schiano

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    The first thing I said when this came across the wire: "Wait...what?"

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers went through roughly 500 some-odd coaching interviews. Firing an inexperienced NFL head coach only to hire a head coach from a relatively irrelevant college football program is a bit confusing.

    Tampa Bay is hoping they can cash in on a Jim Harbaugh-type hire. Don't count on it.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars: Mike Mularkey

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    The Jacksonville Jaguars replaced their longtime head coach Jack Del Rio with the Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator. Mularkey inherits a relatively dreadful team with only a few bright spots.

    Jacksonville was quick to snag Mularkey right after the commencement of the regular season, so they clearly saw something they liked. Atlanta's offense has been good, not great, over the past few seasons collectively.

    The donut they put up against the New York Giants would be somewhat concerning for me. Especially considering all the talent Atlanta had across the board on offense.

    However, Mularkey will get to build around the league's top rusher down in Jacksonville.

12. Philadelphia Eagles: Juan Castillo

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    The sports radio telephone lines will be ringing non-stop this week. Andy Reid will be hosting a press conference on Tuesday and most expect him to announce Juan Castillo staying in his current defensive coordinator position.

    Many will balk at the arrogance and naivety of Andy Reid's decision. However, Castillo's unit finished the season as the No. 8 overall defense and led the league in sacks. 

    If the front office provides him with a proper middle linebacker via draft or free agency, the Philadelphia Eagles defense could be what they were supposed to be in 2011.

    Philadelphia also hired Miami Dolphins interim head coach and former secondary coach Todd Bowles as their new secondary coach. Maybe he can help Castillo take advantage of his Pro Bowl-studded secondary. 

11. Oakland Raiders: Dennis Allen

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    The Oakland Raiders have hired their seventh head coach in 10 years with Dennis Allen. Oakland made a smart decision to hire someone within their division.

    The former Denver Broncos defensive coordinator took advantage of his unit's productive season and seizing the mercenary mentality. Denver's defense didn't finish in the top 10 in any major defensive category, but part of that is due to the amount of time they spent on the field.

    Allen will try to buck the recent trend in the Oakland-head-coach carousel. Personally, I'd like to see a guy with more experience, but the market for coaches seems to be a bit dry in that category.

10. Miami Dolphins: Joe Philbin

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    For all the talk about trying to court a Bill Parcells, Jeff Fisher or Jon Gruden, the Miami Dolphins' selection was wildly underwhelming for fans in South Florida.

    However, that being said, I think the Joe Philbin hire could prove to be an astute acquisition. Philbin's success could be debated. Whether or not it was more Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay than Joe Philbin remains to be seen.

    Philbin endured a tragic event leading up to the NFL playoffs with the murder of his missing 21-year-old son. A change of scenery for him and his family could be great for his healing process.

    His next big task will be selecting the right draft pick in the first round during April's NFL draft. That is, if Jeff Ireland approves it.

9. Cleveland Browns: Brad Childress

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    Brad Childress has reconvened with his former colleague Tom Heckert in Cleveland. Childress joins Pat Shurmur's staff after being the Minnesota Vikings head coach and former Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator.

    Childress will have a tough task ahead of him. The Cleveland Browns' NFC North opponents all possessed top-10 defenses in 2011.

    He ran a productive offense during his time in Philadelphia, so, we'll say this could be a promising hire for the "Dog Pound."

8. Pittsburgh Steelers: Bruce Arians

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator decided to retire after five years in the "Steel City." Bruce Arians will be a tough man to replace.

    Arians guided a Pittsburgh offense to two Super Bowls in five years as OC.

    Who the Steelers pick as their next guy will be a big decision. Jim Caldwell, Alex Van Pelt and Todd Haley have all been rumored or interviewed thus far.

    The Steelers are a thorough organization and will perform their due diligence on this decision. With Ben Roethlisberger and the receiving corps in Pittsburgh, it shouldn't be too hard to lure someone with excellent credentials.

7. Baltimore Ravens: Offensive and Defensive Coordinators

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    Speculation arose that Cam Cameron could be let go after Baltimore's faulty offensive showing in the playoffs. John Harbaugh has since reneged those grumblings, stating Cameron will stay intact as the team's offensive coordinator.

    The Baltimore Ravens inability to get any sort of offense rolling versus the Houston Texans should be a little concerning. However, they were a kick from forcing overtime in the AFC Championship and could be in Indianapolis right now. So, their shortcomings were not all on the offense's shoulders.

    Baltimore also replaced Chuck Pagano with Dean Pees. Harbaugh acted swiftly to promote his linebackers coach.

    Pees knows the system and the personnel. If it ain't broke, why fix it?

    Great hire from within. Keeping Cameron could rile up a few people in Baltimore though.

6. Indianapolis Colts: Chuck Pagano

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    For all the unnecessary things that Jim Irsay has done this offseason, firing Jim Caldwell and hiring Chuck Pagano were great moves. Caldwell had to go, no questions asked.

    Pagano is easily the best head coaching hire of the offseason thus far, besides the No.1 guy on this list. With Peyton Manning likely on his way out, the Indianapolis Colts have handed their AFC South entitlement to the Houston Texans.

    Houston will continue to be a team to reckon with going forward thanks to their stout defense. Bringing in a head coach who has the defensive mind like Pagano's was the perfect move.

    Go out and hire an offensive genius for the offensive coordinator and let him groom Andrew Luck. Pagano will build a competitive defense to compete with the Texans over the next few years.

5. Carolina Panthers: New Logo

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    Nothing too dramatic here. Just some modernization and touch-ups that make the Carolina Panthers logo a little sexier.

    Carolina has been a savvy franchise and they're acutely aware of the new era they have entered. Cam Newton will be leading a new-look Panthers squad into 2012 with some new digs to accompany them.

    Looking good Carolina. Looking good...

4. Chicago Bears: Phil Emery

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    The Chicago Bears decided to go in a different direction as an organization this offseason after their midseason collapse. Jay Cutler's season-ending injury derailed the red-hot Bears, which blew in a new G.M. in the Windy City.

    Phil Emery was the Kansas City Chiefs director of college scouting prior to taking the Chicago gig. All eyes will be on Emery as he looks to establish his reputation around the league and within the organization.

    I'm not overly familiar with Emery, but typically general managers have scouting backgrounds, so he has that going for him.

3. Green Bay Packers: Jermichael Finley Decision

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    The Green Bay Packers could be in jeopardy of losing Jermichael Finley this offseason to free agency if they're not careful. Both have said they would like to come to terms, but that's easier said than done when it comes to NFL contracts.

    Green Bay has hinted they would prefer to not utilize the franchise tag on the tight end. If the two negotiating parties cannot see eye-to-eye on Finley's value, he could bolt for someone who's willing to pay him his asking price.

    Keep an eye on this as it develops this offseason.

2. New Orleans Saints: Steve Spagnuolo

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    The New Orleans Saints were stymied by Steve Spagnuolo's defense when the visited the St. Louis Rams this season. Well, Spagnuolo was out of a job and the Saints were apparently impressed by his defense.

    After New Orleans admittedly threw everything but the kitchen sink at the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round, the Saints felt it was time for a change.

    Spagnuolo has a ton of experience with past stops with the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Saints scored the prize coordinator of the offseason.

1. St. Louis Rams: Jeff Fisher

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    The St. Louis Rams landed the big prize. Jeff Fisher chose to forgo South Beach and go to the land of the promising quarterback.

    St. Louis will likely have the biggest name of the offseason barring Bill Cowher doesn't come out of retirement, which seems unlikely at this point.

    Fisher will give the Rams instant credibility and has proven to work well with effective quarterbacks in the past. St. Louis should put some pressure on the San Francisco 49ers in 2012 for the NFC West crown.

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