Ranking the Average Ticket Price of Every Super Bowl Since 1966

Dan Van Wie@@DanVanWieContributor IIIJanuary 29, 2012

Ranking the Average Ticket Price of Every Super Bowl Since 1966

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    When you realize that 111 million people were watching Super Bowl XLV last year and that the Dallas Cowboys' stadium seats only 80,000 and then you figure that maybe you can get another 20,000-30,000 fans to come in for temporary seating or standing-room-only, you realize what a small percentage of football fans actually attend a Super Bowl game.

    Due to the rules of supply and demand, the prices for Super Bowl tickets continue to go higher and higher.

    I was lucky enough to attend two Super Bowl games, both involving my only team, the Buffalo Bills. The first game was Super Bowl XXV in Tampa Bay and that ticket was literally purchased less than ten minutes before kickoff for $400.00. Two years later I watched the Bills play again, this time against the Dallas Cowboys in Pasadena (where I was living), and the price was less than half what I paid earlier.

    Fast forward 20 years, and the prices are nowhere close to what I paid back then. Today we're going to rank the average cost of Super Bowl tickets since 1966. Should make for an interesting read to see how inflation and the popularity of the NFL and the Super Bowl spectacle have impacted ticket prices.

    Our source for the average face value of Super Bowl ticket prices over the years is this article from Dallas News.com. Photos used in the presentation originated from superbowlstubs.com.

Super Bowl I: Average Price $12.00

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    Super Bowl I was considered to be more of an exhibition game than the world championship it is now. The tickets were going for only $12.00, and people were outraged at the high cost of the tickets. According to the Wikipedia entry for Super Bowl I, Los Angeles-area newspapers wrote stories about how to pirate the signal from TV stations outside of Los Angeles, since the game was blacked out in Southern California.

    Notice that the ticket in the slide says "World Championship Game" and not "Super Bowl," as that is what the game was referred to initially.

    The game was played on January 15, 1967 and was held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas Chiefs 35-10.

    The game is the only Super Bowl in history that didn't sell out. The Los Angeles Coliseum is huge, and attendance for the game was only 61,946 out of 100,594 seats (its capacity has since been trimmed to 93,000).

    Super Bowl I was the only Super Bowl that was broadcast simultaneously by more than one network, and there was enough curiosity about the game that it drew 51.1 million viewers.

Super Bowl II: Average Price $12.00

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    Super Bowl II was played at the Miami Orange Bowl on January 14, 1968, where the Green Bay Packers won their second Super Bowl trophy, defeating the Oakland Raiders 33-14. The attendance jumped up to 75,546 as the game was starting to gain more notoriety.

    The face value of tickets to Super Bowl II remained at $12.00, but we suspect that Super Bowl II tickets were probably selling for a higher average, since this was the first Super Bowl game that was a sellout. We have not been able to verify any information as to what price scalpers were getting for Super Bowl II tickets.

    Maybe some of our readers actually attended this game and can share a story or two with us. The national viewing audience dropped down to 39.1 million viewers.

Super Bowl III: Average Price $12.00

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    Super Bowl III was played in the Miami Orange Bowl. This was the famous "Joe Namath guaranteed win" Super Bowl game that saw the AFL Champion New York Jets upset the NFL Champion Baltimore Colts 16-7.

    Face value for tickets for Super Bowl III were still only $12.00, as people were not taking the AFL very seriously. That was all about to change once the Jets pulled off the upset over the Colts.

    Super Bowl III was the final year that tickets remained at just $12.00, as the popularity of the game began to become more intense, and the demand for fans to secure a ticket became slightly more feverish. You will be surprised to see what the price jumped to in Super Bowl IV.

    The game was once again a sellout, as 75,389 fans packed the Orange Bowl. There was a TV audience of over 41 million viewers.

Super Bowl IV: Average Price $15.00

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    Super Bowl IV was played at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, with 80,562 crammed in to watch the AFL champion Kansas City Chiefs make it two Super Bowl wins in a row. They beat NFL champion Minnesota Vikings 23-7.

    What is noteworthy about Super Bowl IV tickets is that this is the first ticket that actually had the words "Super Bowl" on the face of the ticket. It also has "World Championship Game" on the ticket, but the term Super Bowl is now being introduced.

    This was the first of many price hikes for the face value of Super Bowl tickets, from $12.00 to $15.00. Now that ticket prices were established at $15.00, they would remain at this new price point for Super Bowls IV through VIII. That five-year stretch of keeping the face value frozen turned out to be the longest period that tickets didn't go up in cost.

    If the 80,000-plus only held on to their ticket stubs, they would all be happy. The television audience for the game was 44.3 million viewers.

Super Bowl V: Average Price $15.00

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    Super Bowl V went back to the Miami Orange Bowl. The game featured the Baltimore Colts, who now were part of the AFC, against the Dallas Cowboys. The Colts were able to win their first Super Bowl, 16-13, and proved that they were a better team than the version that lost to the New York Jets two years before.

    The crowd on hand was 79,204. The game drew in a television audience of nearly 46 million viewers. The ticket price stayed at $15.00 face value.

    This was the first Super Bowl to be decided by a field goal, the closest winning margin to date.

Super Bowl VI: Average Price $15.00

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    Super Bowl VI was held at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, which marked the second time the game was played there. The crowd of 81,023 watched the Dallas Cowboys beat the Miami Dolphins 24-3.

    The face value for Super Bowl VI tickets stayed steady at $15.00. The national viewing audience jumped to 56.6 million viewers. The Super Bowl was continuing to gain ground in popularity.

    Dallas avenged their loss from the year before and won their first Super Bowl trophy.

Super Bowl VII: Average Price $15.00

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    Super Bowl VII still saw face value ticket prices at just $15.00. They would only stay at that level for one more year. Super Bowl VII was played in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in front of a crowd of 90,182.

    The Miami Dolphins won Super Bowl VII 14-7 over the Washington Redskins, and as a result, the Dolphins became the first NFL team in the modern era to go undefeated in a season. The Dolphins went 17-0, including the playoffs and the regular season, to pull off the rare feat. No other team since the Dolphins has been able to duplicate their perfect season, sweeping the regular season and the playoffs.

    A national audience of 53.3 million viewers watched the game.

Super Bowl VIII: Average Price $15.00

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    Super Bowl VIII was the final year that face value of Super Bowl tickets remained at $15.00. Another bump in price is coming, and you can find out how big the jump was on the next slide.

    Super Bowl VIII featured the Miami Dolphins against the Minnesota Vikings, and the Dolphins prevailed 24-7, winning their second consecutive Super Bowl championship.

    The game was played at Rice Stadium in Houston, as the Super Bowl continued to be played in different parts of the country. A crowd of 71,822 was in attendance, and the national television audience was 51.7 million viewers.

Super Bowl IX: Average Price $20.00

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    Super Bowl IX was played in Tulane Stadium in New Orleans for the third time. The game featured the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Minnesota Vikings. The Steelers won 16-6 to capture their first Super Bowl championship.

    The face value of Super Bowl tickets had remained steady at $15.00 during the five previous Super Bowls, but for Super Bowl IX they jumped to $20.00. Tickets wouldn't stay at $20.00 very long.

    A crowd of 80,997 attended the game. The national television audience was at 56 million viewers. You see musicians on the face of the ticket, as the game was in New Orleans, and the halftime show was a tribute to Duke Ellington.

Super Bowl X: Average Price $20.00

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    Super Bowl X returned to the old stomping grounds of the Miami Orange Bowl. This Super Bowl saw the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Dallas Cowboys 21-17 in a classic game. Pittsburgh had successfully defended their Super Bowl win from Super Bowl IX.

    The attendance at the Orange Bowl was 80,187, and the national viewing audience was 57.7 million viewers.

    Ticket prices remained at $20.00 for the second straight year. Imagine going to a Super Bowl game for a $20.00 dollar bill?

Super Bowl XI: Average Price $20.00

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    If you happened to check out the link to the photos of the Super Bowl tickets we used for the presentation from the cover slide, you will notice a distinct change in the actual tickets starting with Super Bowl XI. They seem to have more life to them, using more vibrant colors, and you can see the shine coming off of the Super Bowl trophy. This is a ticket stub that you would actually want to keep and bring home.

    The ticket price was still set at $20.00 (third straight year) but that would mark the end for a $20.00 Super Bowl ticket, as they were preparing to hike the cost up again for Super Bowl XII.

    Super Bowl XI saw the Oakland Raiders defeat the Minnesota Vikings 31-14, for the Raiders' first Super Bowl win. The game was played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, which is a wonderful venue. The game drew a huge crowd of 103,348 fans. The national television audience was growing as well, with 62 million viewers.

Super Bowl XII: Average Price $30.00

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    Super Bowl XII saw another price jump, as the face value of Super Bowl tickets went up from $20.00 to $30.00 in one fell swoop. Guess they didn't like the $25.00 price point, which would have seemed like a logical next step, but somebody got greedy.

    Super Bowl XII saw the Dallas Cowboys defeat the Denver Broncos 27-10 for their second Super Bowl trophy. The game was played at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans in front of a crowd of 76,400. 

    The national television audience, which had just eclipsed the 60 million mark the year before, had a big spike, all the way up to 78.9 million viewers. 

Super Bowl XIII: Average Price $30.00

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    Super Bowl XIII was played in the Miami Orange Bowl. This game was one of the best Super Bowls, as the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys 35-31 in a big offensive display by both teams.

    There was a crowd of 79,484 on hand to take in this classic. The face value for ticket prices stayed at $30.00. Once again the game pulled in a national television share of more than 70 million (74.7 million viewers).

Super Bowl XIV: Average Price $30.00

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    Super Bowl XIV came back to the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California, as the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Los Angeles Rams 31-19. The Rams got to play the Super Bowl in Southern California, but it didn't help the outcome. The Steelers had won the Super Bowl twice in a row again for their fourth overall Super Bowl trophy.

    The game was played in front of a huge crowd of 103,985 fans. This was the third straight year that the average face value ticket price remained at $30.00, but the price was due to jump again for Super Bowl XV.

    The national television audience came in at 76.2 million viewers.

Super Bowl XV: Average Price $40.00

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    When you see musical instruments on the front of a Super Bowl ticket, that usually means that the game is being played in New Orleans. The Oakland Raiders beat the Philadelphia Eagles 27-10 in the Eagles' first Super Bowl game.

    A crowd of 76,135 attended the game, paying an average face value price of $40.00 for their ticket. The price had jumped another $10.00.

    There was a dip in the national viewing audience, as the game dropped below the 70 million viewers that had been established from the previous games. The final tally for Super Bowl XV was 68.2 million viewers.

Super Bowl XVI: Average Price $40.00

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    Super Bowl XVI was played at the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan. The game featured the first Super Bowl games for both the San Francisco 49ers and for the Cincinnati Bengals. The 49ers won the game 26-21 in front of a crowd of 81,270 fans.

    The face value price remained at $40.00 for the second straight year.

    Interest in the game from a television viewing perspective jumped to new heights, as the game drew in 85.2 million viewers. That was easily the highest rating the game had drawn to date.

Super Bowl XVII: Average Price $40.00

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    Super Bowl XVII was played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, before a crowd of 103,667. The Washington Redskins won their first Super Bowl trophy by defeating the Miami Dolphins 27-17.

    The face value ticket price remained at $40.00 for the third and final time. This Super Bowl game is the end of an era from a ticket price standpoint. Ticket prices had jumped by increments of $10.00 the past three times, from $20.00 to $30.00 to $40.00. That would all change beginning with Super Bowl XVIII.

    Super Bowl XVII drew a national audience of 81 million viewers.

Super Bowl XVIII: Average Price $60.00

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    Super Bowl XVIII was played in Tampa Stadium in Tampa, Florida for the first time. The game drew a live crowd of 72,920 who witnessed the Los Angeles Raiders beating the Washington Redskins 38-9. It was the third Super Bowl for the Raiders organization, and the first time they won it while playing in Los Angeles.

    The average face value of Super Bowl XVIII tickets was $60.00, a full $20.00 jump from the year before. The year was 1984, and the days of ticket prices being hiked only $10.00 from prior years were now a thing of the past. From this point forward, there is no real discernible pattern to ticket price raises, just that they will continue to go up and up.

    Super Bowl XVIII had a national audience of 77.6 million viewers. By the way, this would be the last Super Bowl that the AFC would win for an amazing stretch of 13 straight games, when they were dominated by the NFC Conference.

Super Bowl XIX: Average Price $60.00

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    Super Bowl XIX was played at Stanford Stadium, in Stanford, California. This was the first time that a Super Bowl was played in Northern California, and wouldn't you know it, the San Francisco 49ers played in the game. The 49ers defeated the Miami Dolphins 38-16 in front of 84,059 spectators.

    This was the second Super Bowl win for the 49ers organization.

    The face value for Super Bowl XIX tickets remained at $60.00, but this was the last year it would remain at this price. The game drew a television audience of 85.5 million viewers. As was mentioned in the previous slide, this Super Bowl was the start of a 13-straight Super Bowl game-winning streak for the NFC Conference over the AFC Conference.

Super Bowl XX: Average Price $75.00

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    Super Bowl XX was played at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, in front of a crowd of 73,818. The Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots were each making their Super Bowl debuts in this game. 

    The Bears went on to win Super Bowl XX in convincing fashion, 46-10.

    The average face value ticket price for Super Bowl XX was $75.00, a $15.00 jump over the prior year. The previous jump in price was $20.00, and like we said earlier, there was no real discernible pattern to the way that ticket prices were raised. It would stay at this price point for a brief two-year stint.

    The game drew a television audience of 92.5 million viewers, which is the first Super Bowl that ever attracted a viewing audience north of 90 million. Could 100 million be right around the corner? 

Super Bowl XXI: Average Price $75.00

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    Super Bowl XXI returned to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, and had 101,063 spectators. The New York Giants defeated the Denver Broncos 39-20 in their first Super Bowl appearance. 

    The average face value price for Super Bowl XXI tickets remained at $75.00, marking the final time anyone could buy a ticket at face value for less than $100.000.

    The television audience dropped down from over 90 million for Super Bowl XX to 87.2 million viewers. You would have thought the number of viewers would have increased with a New York City team involved, but it didn't materialize.

Super Bowl XXII: Average Price $100.00

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    The Super Bowl debuted in San Diego in 1988, as Super Bowl XXII was played at Jack Murphy Stadium. The game drew 73,302 football fans, who watched the Washington Redskins win their second Super Bowl championship by defeating the Denver Broncos 42-10.

    Super Bowl XXII marked the first time that the average face value price of a Super Bowl ticket ever reached $100.00. Super Bowl tickets from that moment going forward would never be less than $100.00 again.

    The game drew a television audience of 80.1 million viewers, which marked the second straight year that the number of viewers had decreased.

Super Bowl XXIII: Average Price $100.00

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    Super Bowl XXIII was played in Miami, Florida, at Joe Robbie Stadium. A crowd of 75,597 watched the San Francisco 49ers beat the Cincinnati Bengals 20-16. The 49ers were a perfect 3-0 in Super Bowls.

    The average face value of Super Bowl XXIII tickets remained at $100.00. The game drew a television audience of 81.6 million viewers, a slight increase over the prior year.

Super Bowl XXIV: Average Price $125.00

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    Starting with Super Bowl XXIV, average ticket prices jumped up by at least $25.00 for the first time, with the face value now reaching $125.00.

    Super Bowl XXIV featured the San Francisco 49ers against the Denver Broncos and this game was all 49ers, as they won 55-10. The 49ers were able to win back-to-back Super Bowls.

    The game was played at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The live crowd totaled 72,919. The television audience that watched the game was 73.8 million viewers, which was the lowest total in some time. Either people wanted to see different teams play, or they weren't interested in watching a blowout game.

Super Bowl XXV: Average Price $150.00

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    Forgive me for going off-course for a second, but I want to share a story with all of you. Thanks for indulging my desire to share my first-hand account of this game and that weekend in particular.

    Super Bowl XXV holds a special place for me, as it was the first Super Bowl I attended in person. It had a short turnaround, as the game was played one week after the Championship round, without the customary one-week break between the games. As a lifelong fan of the Buffalo Bills, I had vowed that I would attend their first Super Bowl game, wherever it was played. 

    In the AFC Championship game, the Bills put up 41 points in the first half on the Oakland Raiders and cruised to a 51-3 win. I had made a little wager in Las Vegas, and flew back on Monday to collect on it. That money was enough to pay for my round trip air fare from Los Angeles to Tampa with hopefully enough left to buy my Super Bowl ticket.

    Without a ticket in hand, or knowing where I would secure one, I took a red-eye flight on Friday night and landed in Tampa Saturday morning. I was on a mission.

    By Saturday afternoon I was still searching, and worked my way over to the Tampa Stadium. There was a big tent set up for a party for the media and corporate sponsors. Somebody outside the tent was offering to sell his ticket to the event, and I paid him the $25.00 face value to enter, in hopes that I could get a lead on a ticket. I saw ex-Bills quarterback Jack Kemp, but he didn't offer any help. 

    I approached maybe 10 people in the tent and the results were the same, so I figured this wasn't the right place to look. I made my way over to the big bar in the tent and shared a drink with Bubby Brister. This was Super Bowl XXV, and the Silver Anniversary All-Time Super Bowl team then paraded by in their matching coats, and I got a few pictures of the Silver Anniversary team.

    The day of the game, I was getting a little more frantic. I approached anybody and everybody outside of the stadium, and nobody had a ticket for sale. I don't know where the scalpers were, because they were nowhere around the stadium. With roughly 10 minutes left for kickoff, I dejectedly sat down across from the will-call window, resigned to the fact that I wasn't going to get in to the game. I watched a man pick up his envelope of tickets from will-call, and then he walked over directly to me.

    He asked if I needed a ticket. I said I did. He asked me how much I was willing to pay. Without missing a beat I said, "Whatever is in my wallet," which was $400.00. He said, "Done deal." I then proceeded to follow him into the stadium. It turns out he was a boyhood friend of a legendary NFL quarterback that appeared in one of the first five Super Bowl games, who shall remain nameless. The tickets were at midfield, behind the Bills bench and 25 rows up from the field. Talk about perfection.

    I noticed the ticket had a cool hologram, the first Super Bowl tickets to incorporate the hologram design to fight forgery. The man saw the look on my face when I realized where we were sitting and said that he should have charged me more, and then started laughing. From then until the end of the game, which the New York Giants won 20-19, I was on the edge of my seat, especially waiting for Scott Norwood to attempt his fatal 47-yard field goal attempt, the famous "Wide Right" kick.

    The crowd for that game was 73,813. The television audience was only 79.5 million viewers, even with a close game.The average face value of tickets by the way had jumped by an additional $25.00 for the second straight year, up to $150.00.

    I was happy to have attended the game, and thankful that things worked out in the end. It would have been great to have witnessed a Bills win, but it wasn't meant to be. How unique is my story compared to what other people have done to see their team play in the Super Bowl? Not sure, but hopefully we painted a picture that other people can relate to. By the way, I still have that hologram ticket stub to this day, and the hologram is still as clear as it was on the day I bought it.

Super Bowl XXVI: Average Price $150.00

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    Super Bowl XXVI was played in a new venue, the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Buffalo Bills were in the midst of their four-consecutive Super Bowl appearances, but I had already fulfilled my vow, so I was content to stay home and watch this game on television. The Bills were playing the Washington Redskins and a crowd of 63,130 turned out for the game.

    The average face value ticket for Super Bowl XXVI was $150.00, the same as the year before. The Redskins beat the Bills 37-24 to win their third Super Bowl.

    A television audience of 79.6 million viewers watched the game.

Super Bowl XXVII: Average Price $175.00

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    Super Bowl XXVII turned out to be the second Super Bowl I attended in person. I was living in Pasadena and the Buffalo Bills were playing Super Bowl XXVII in the Rose Bowl, so that was just too convenient to pass up.

    The average face value was now up to $175.00 for a ticket, and after a few phone calls we were able to secure a couple tickets for face value. Of course, it helps when you have a stadium that seats roughly 103,000 people.

    The actual attendance for the game was 98,374. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Bills 52-17, and we stayed to the bitter end, which allowed us to watch Don Beebe catch Leon Lett from behind, one of the very few Bills highlights from the game.

    The television audience for Super Bowl XXVII was 90.9 million viewers, as this Super Bowl brought enough interest to crack the 90 million plateau again, despite the lopsided score.

Super Bowl XXVIII: Average Price $175.00

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    The Super Bowl arrived in Atlanta, Georgia, for the first time as the Buffalo Bills faced the Dallas Cowboys in a rematch of Super Bowl XXVII. The score was different but the outcome was the same, as the Cowboys won 30-13 and the Bills' run of four straight Super Bowl losses had run its course.

    The game was played in the Georgia Dome, and a crowd of 72,817 attended the game. The average face value of the tickets stayed at $175.00.

    A television audience of 90 million people watched the game.

Super Bowl XXIX: Average Price $200.00

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    Super Bowl XXII saw the face value of tickets reach $100.00. It didn't take long (seven years) for tickets to reach $200.00 for Super Bowl XXIX.  Super Bowl XXIX was played at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami, Florida. A crowd of 74,107 saw the game live.

    Super Bowl XXIX followed the lead of Super Bowl XXV of using a hologram on the face of the tickets.

    The game featured the San Francisco 49ers and the debut of the San Diego Chargers in the Super Bowl. The 49ers won rather handily, 49-26, meaning that they were a perfect 5-0 in Super Bowl games.

    The television audience was down to 83.4 million viewers, as the game failed to stay at the 90 million level.

Super Bowl XXX: Average Price $275.00

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    Super Bowl XXX introduced another new venue to host the big game—Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona. A crowd of 76,347 showed up to watch the Dallas Cowboys defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17.

    The average price of face value tickets for Super Bowl XXX was $275.00. In reality, tickets ranged in price from a low of $200.00 to a high of $350.00.

    A television audience of 94 million viewers tuned in to watch the game.

Super Bowl XXXI: Average Price $275.00

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    Super Bowl XXXI made a return appearance to a familiar venue, the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. A crowd of 72,301 football fans turned up to watch the Green Bay Packers make their first Super Bowl appearance since Super Bowl II. The Packers defeated the New England Patriots 35-21 to go a perfect 3-0 in Super Bowl games.

    The average face value of the tickets held firm at $275.00.

    This game drew a television audience of 87.8 million viewers.

Super Bowl XXXII: Average Price $275.00

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    All of the wild animals on the face of Super Bowl XXXII tickets stand for the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Wild Animal Park, two great tourist stops. This was the second Super Bowl game held in San Diego, this time at Qualcomm Stadium.

    This game was the first Super Bowl win for the Denver Broncos franchise, as they defeated the Green Bay Packers 31-24.

    This game marked the third straight year that the face value of Super Bowl tickets remained at $275.00

    A crowd of 68,912 turned up to watch the game live. The television viewing audience was 90 million viewers. The win by the Denver Broncos snapped the NFC's 13-game winning streak in the Super Bowl, as the AFC won nine of the next 12 Super Bowl games. 

Super Bowl XXXIII: Average Price $325.00

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    Super Bowl XXXIII was played at Pro Player Stadium in Miami, Florida in front of a crowd of 74,083. The average ticket price face value jumped $50.00 from Super Bowl XXXII, going from $275.00 to $325.00.

    The game was the first Super Bowl appearance for the Atlanta Falcons, but they came up on the short end, losing to the Denver Broncos 34-19. This made Denver back-to-back Super Bowl champions, and allowed John Elway to go out on top.

    The game drew a television audience of 83.7 million viewers.

Super Bowl XXXIV: Average Price $325.00

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    Super Bowl XXXIV came to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia, for the second time. The game featured the first Super Bowl appearance for the St. Louis Rams (not the Los Angeles Rams) and was also the Super Bowl debut for the Tennessee Titans.

    The Rams came away with an exciting 23-16 victory when Kevin Dyson came up one-yard short of tying up the game on the final play of regulation.

    The game was attended by a crowd of 72,625 fans. The average face value ticket price for Super Bowl XXXIV was $325.00, the same price as the year before.

    The television audience was 88.5 million viewers.

Super Bowl XXXV: Average Price $325.00

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    Super Bowl XXXV was played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. This game marked the third straight year that the average Super Bowl face value ticket price remained at $325.00.

    Super Bowl XXXV was the first appearance in the Super Bowl for the Baltimore Ravens, and they didn't disappoint, as they beat the New York Giants 34-7. The game drew a live crowd of 71,921 fans.

    The television audience was 84.3 million viewers.

Super Bowl XXXVI: Average Price $400.00

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    Super Bowl XXXVI was played at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The game featured upstart quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots against Kurt Warner and the St. Louis Rams. The Patriots pulled off the upset 20-17 to win their very first Super Bowl championship.

    The game was attended by a crowd of 72,922. The face value price of tickets for Super Bowl XXXVI jumped from $325.00 to $400.00.

    The television audience was 86.8 million viewers.

Super Bowl XXXVII: Average Price $450.00

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    Super Bowl XXXVII was played at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. The game featured the first Super Bowl appearance for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise, facing the Oakland Raiders. The Bucs, led by ex-Raiders coach Jon Gruden, defeated the Raiders 48-21.

    The crowd was 67,603 fans. The face value of Super Bowl XXXVII tickets was $450.00, a $50.00 increase from the year before.

    The game drew a television audience of 88.6 million viewers.

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Average Price $500.00

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    It had been 30 years since the Super Bowl was played in Houston, Texas. While the 1974 game was played at Rice Stadium, the 2004 Super Bowl was played at Reliant Stadium. A crowd of 71,525 came out to watch the first Super Bowl appearance of the Carolina Panthers.

    The Panthers dropped a thrilling game to the New England Patriots 32-29. The average face value of Super Bowl XXXVIII tickets jumped another $50.00 from the prior game, to $500.00.

    The game attracted a television audience of 89.8 million viewers.

Super Bowl XXXIX: Average Price $550.00

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    Super Bowl XXXIX was played at another new venue, this time at ALLTEL Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida. The New England Patriots defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 24-21, as the Patriots won back-to-back Super Bowls, in addition to winning three times out of the past four years.

    The game drew a crowd of 78,125 fans.

    According to this article from ESPN, for anyone wondering what the chances are of getting stuck with a fake ticket, local police in Jacksonville came up with 146 counterfeit tickets that year. That amounts to less than one percent (0.18 percent) of the possible 78,125 tickets issued. It is conceivable that more were made and sold but not recovered.

    The game drew a television audience of 86 million viewers.

Super Bowl XL: Average Price $650.00

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    Super Bowl XL featured the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Seattle Seahawks, in the Seahawks' first Super Bowl appearance. The contest was played at Ford Field in Detroit, and despite being played in a cold city in the winter, the ticket prices were anything but cold.

    The average face value price for tickets to this game were bumped up another $50.00, going from $600.00 to $650.00. For fans without access to tickets, trying to buy one before the game, they reached the whopping price of $3,000.00 per ticket.

    The Steelers beat the Seahawks 21-10, winning their fifth Super Bowl game.

    In doing research for this presentation, I came across this article on ESPN by Darren Rovell that breaks the top Super Bowl ticket myths, which I thought would be fun to share with our readers. It is worth a read.

    In the article, we learned that Steelers fans purchased 25 percent of the available tickets, while the Seahawks fans purchased only 10 percent. Steelers fans are known for traveling well to support their team.

    The supply and demand laws for this Super Bowl were skewed due to the seating capacity of Ford Field in Detroit. They can only seat 67,500 people, which was at least 10,000 fewer than the year before.

    In case you were wondering where all the tickets go, check this out. The Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Steelers were given 17.5 percent of the tickets (11,800 seats) each. Each team will give about 8,800 tickets to its fans. The NFL keeps about 25 percent of the tickets to distribute to company executives and sponsors of the league.

    So between the two NFL participating teams and the NFL grabbing their share of the tickets, 40,475 of the possible 67,500 tickets were already spoken for.

    That is how you reach an average scalper's price of $3,000.00 per ticket.

Super Bowl XLI: Average Price $650.00

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    The face value of tickets to Super Bowl XLI remained the same from Super Bowl XL, at $650.00.

    Super Bowl XLI was played at Dolphin Stadium at Miami Gardens, Florida before a crowd of 74,512. In their first Super Bowl appearance since moving to Indianapolis, the Colts defeated the Chicago Bears 29-17.

    The game drew a television audience of 93.2 million viewers.

Super Bowl XLII: Average Price $800.00

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    Super Bowl XLII marked the first time the Super Bowl was played in Glendale, Arizona, at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

    The game is of interest to us now, because this was the original New York Giants versus the New England Patriots Super Bowl, which will hold their encore version in one week. The Giants upset the Patriots 17-14, wrecking the Patriots' perfect season.

    For those that were lucky enough to attend, they had to fork over a pretty penny to attend the game. The average face value ticket took a significant jump of $150.00 from the prior year to reach $800.00 face value for the game. A crowd of 71,101 saw the game live.

    The game drew a television audience of 97.5 million viewers, falling just short of being the first Super Bowl to be watched by 100 million viewers.

Super Bowl XLIII: Average Price $800.00

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    Super Bowl XLIII was played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. It was the Super Bowl debut for the Arizona Cardinals franchise, and even though they played hard, they wound up losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23. The game drew a live crowd of 70,774 fans.

    The average face value ticket price stayed constant at $800.00 from the year before. The game drew a television audience of 98.7 million viewers in the United States, and an international audience of 151.6 million viewers. This was the first Super Bowl for which Wikipedia included the international viewing audience tally.

Super Bowl XLIV: Average Price $900.00

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    Super Bowl XLIV was the very first Super Bowl for the New Orleans Saints franchise. The game was played at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. A crowd of 74,059 came to watch the Saints play the Indianapolis Colts. The Saints won their first Super Bowl, defeating the Colts 31-17.

    The average face value of Super Bowl XLIV tickets jumped up another $100.00 to $900.00 per ticket. It is only a matter of time before the average face value will reach $1,000.00, which is a sad development for the average fan that will never be able to afford to go to the game.

    This Super Bowl was the first one in history to attract more than 100 million viewers in the United States alone, as the game was watched by 106.5 million viewers. From an international standpoint, the game was watched by 153.4 million people, which illustrates how big the Super Bowl has become.

Super Bowl XLV: Average Price $900.00

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    The average face value of Super Bowl XLV tickets remained at $900.00. This was the first time that the game was played at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

    The game drew a crowd of 103,219 fans, but not all of them left the venue happy. There were a number of issues in trying to get temporary seating for fans and employees of the NFL, and a number of people at the stadium never even saw the game, which resulted in a number of lawsuits against the Cowboys and Jerry Jones.

    Super Bowl XLV featured the Green Bay Packers against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Packers came away with the win, 31-25.

    For people without tickets to this game trying to buy one last minute, prices ranged from $2,100.00 to $8,000.00. Dallas was also hit with a snow and ice storm that caused some damage and complications to the stadium.

    The television audience domestically was 111 million, while the international figure was 162.9 million. Both figures are new Super Bowl viewing records. In fact, the 111 million viewers in the U.S. made the Super Bowl the most highly watched TV program of any kind or variety in the history of U.S. television.


Super Bowl XLVI: Average Price $900.00

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    For the upcoming Super Bowl XLVI, which is being held in another new venue, Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, the face value for the better seats are set at $1,000.00, but there are many nose-bleed seats that are set at a face value of $800.00, bringing the average price down to roughly $900.00.

    The Super Bowl will be a repeat of Super Bowl XLII, with the New England Patriots playing the New York Giants.

    The Patriots would like nothing better than to beat the Giants, trying to extract a measure of revenge for the Giants ending their perfect season with the upset win in Super Bowl XLII. Tom Brady against Eli Manning in the house that Peyton Manning built should make for great theatre, and the game will probably break new records for the number of viewers tuning in.


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