NFL Draft 2012: The 5 Best Teams for Darron Thomas

Christopher NicholasContributor IIIJanuary 21, 2012

NFL Draft 2012: The 5 Best Teams for Darron Thomas

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    As shocked as the Oregon faithful are, this day was bound to happen—albeit a year early and totally out of the blue.

    The fact is that Darron Thomas is gone and getting ready for the 2012 NFL Draft.

    This article is about the few teams that he will probably sign with as a free agent. I would be surprised if he gets drafted any earlier than the 6th round unless it's a compensation pick.


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    Mike Shanahan is one of the few quarterback gurus on this list.

    With several changes at the quarterback position this season, I could see the Redskins taking Thomas and developing him.

    You never know what shanahanagins Dan Snyder is going to pull in Washington.        


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    The Cardinals have an interesting situation on their hands.

    They traded a first-round pick for a often-injured quarterback in Kevin Kolb and an apt backup in John Skelton.

    Whisenhunt likes to thrown the ball and use four and five wide receivers. Whether he will figure out his quarterback situation this year is a mystery but drafting another quarterback wouldn't make things worse.

    Thomas should be able to compete with this aggressive spread offense. 


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    Pat Shurmur had an interesting first year as the Browns head coach.

    He had a quarterback he doesn't trust and a running back that suffered the Madden Curse. Not what anybody wants, but he and all of the Browns fans suffered through another abysmal year by going 5-11.

    Shurmur wants to install a west coast/pro-style offense in Cleveland, but I doubt that he has the tools to accomplish that. A new quarterback wouldn't hurt and Thomas is used to the quick throws that Shurmur wants to install.

    Thomas will have to work on his mechanics but I could see it working out.         


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    Andy Reid is one of the best quarterback coaches in the history of the NFL. He has turned many backups into trade bait and made bank.

    I can see Reid taking another mobile quarterback to groom and develop into an adequate west coast quarterback. 


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    Joe Philbin just landed the Miami Dolphins head coaching job and is without a quarterback. Matt Moore did well but is not starting material.

    I can see Darron Thomas being picked up by Philbin and the Dolphins because of the spread style of play Philbin wants to employ.

    Thomas already has experience with four and five wide receiver sets. I doubt Thomas would start, but he could prove valuable as a backup.