Michael Jordan's High School Coach Exposes Another MJ Myth

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIJanuary 11, 2012

Michael Jordan's career is full of great accomplishments, and like any person of greatness, his history is filled with exaggerated accomplishments and impediments.

The latest MJ myth to be dispelled was the one that saw young Michael done an injustice by his high school coach who "cut" the future Hall of Famer while he was a sophomore at Laney High School.

Well, it turns out, Jordan was never really cut from the team. He was placed on Junior Varsity to develop more.

In a interview with Sports Illustrated, Clifton Herring gives a very sensible and logical basketball-based explanation for his actions, and I dare you to disagree. The article states:

There was no doubt that Mike Jordan could handle the ball, but his shooting was merely good and his defense mediocre. Mike Jordan was seven or eight inches shorter than Michael Jordan would be, only 5’10″ at age 15, and at least one assistant coach had never heard of him before that day. If Jordan distinguished himself at all during the tryout, it was through his supreme effort.

A 5'10", Michael Jordan is a lot different than a 6'6" one, isn't it? It goes on further to say:

The Laney Bucs did have one major weakness, and that was size. They didn’t have a returning player taller than 6’3″…In those days it was rare for sophomores to make varsity. Herring made one exception in 1978, one designed to remedy his team’s height disadvantage. This is part of the reason Mike Jordan went home and cried in his room after reading the two lists. It wasn’t just that his name was missing from the varsity roster. It was also that as he scanned the list he saw the name of another sophomore, one of his close friends, the 6’7″ Leroy Smith.

So, all this time, we were led to believe that this unnamed coach was foolish enough to cut the great Michael Jordan when, in actuality, he didn't cut him and MJ was far from the player he would become.

In fact, Herring made the right decision. Anyone who believes they would have seen the future and place Mike on the team is being less than honest.

I  guess building any legend starts with telling a few tales.

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