Most Hideously Scarred Foreheads in Wrestling History

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJanuary 12, 2012

Most Hideously Scarred Foreheads in Wrestling History

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    Jagged lines scored across the forehead.  Many wrestlers wear the aftereffects of blading.

    Wrestling fans know that blood in wrestling does not come from a capsule or fake blood capsule.  It's the real thing.  A quick slice with a razor and the blood comes oozing out.    

    A part of me wishes more matches would feature the dramatic red of blood on a wrestler's head, mixing with sweat, dripping down his face. 

    But wearing the crimson mask has a dear price.

    Looking at these wrestlers' hideous scars, the horror they carry with them, it makes me glad wrestling, for the most part, has steered away from blading.  

15. Sabu

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    Compared to, say, you and I, Sabu's head looks a bit ghastly, but when compared to the other men on this list, he looks like a beauty pageant winner.

    One of ECW's most famous alums, Sabu became extremely popular in large part due to his willingness to take exciting risks.

    Sabu broke his neck two times, was smashed through countless tables and bled during his fair share of matches. 

    His body is far more broken down than his forehead is mutilated. 

14. Balls Mahoney

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    Mahoney spent most of his career famously delivering chair shot after chair shot.  He also, evidently, did his fair share of blading. 

    Discolored and askew, Balls Mahoney's forehead isn't the worst, but it's certainly not pretty.

    He has enough hair to camouflage it if he chooses to do so.  Plus, with all those tattoos and piercings, maybe folks won't notice his hardcore badge of honor as much. 

13. Steve Corino

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    While a good majority of the men on this list are far older, Corino caught up to them by blading frequently and, apparently, deeply. 

    The former ECW wrestler has also worked for Ring of Honor and for TNA briefly.

    His bloody Bullrope match against Dusty Rhodes alone left its fair share of scars behind.  Some of his other gory performances were wasted in front of minuscule indy audiences, where a lot of times the moment won't even live on in DVD form. 

12. Ric Flair

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    Flair has bladed so much over his long career that wiping the sweat from his brow might cause him to bleed. 

    As old as he is now, he looks like a senior citizen who keeps falling down face first.

    As violently poetic and dramatic as his matches were when his face was covered in blood, seeing him now in such bad shape, one has to wonder if he was too dependent on bleeding.

    Readers may disagree with how low Flair is on this list, but looking at him side by side with the guys above him shows that even though he's been at it longer, the aftermath on the Nature Boy's head isn't as bad as it could be.

11. Carlos Colon

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    The scars across Colon's head look like hamburger meat.  The horizontal lines are oddly parallel and even as if someone used a ruler when raking the razor across his head.

    Primo and Carlito's dad founded the World Wrestling Council, a well-respected promotion in Puerto Rico.  It was in the WWC that Colon fought much of his battles with Abdullah the Butcher.

    Between the two men, a disturbing amount of blood was spilled in wrestling rings.      

10. Jun Kasai

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    Not only is Jun Kasai's head heavily scarred, most of his body is as well. 

    This comes as no surprise because Kasai has worked several hardcore matches, including five Razor Deathmatches. 

    An alumnus of the Big Japan Pro Wrestling, CZW and HUSTLE promotions, he earned the nickname "Crazy Monkey" from the insane bumps he was willing to take.

    With all the light tubes and razor boards he's worked with, Kasai is lucky to not look more disfigured.  

9. D-Von

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    When most fans think of D-Von Dudley, they likely think of tables before blood.

    A guy like Terry Funk has probably bladed twice as much as D-Von, but the times that D-Von has cut himself have certainly made their impact.

    If my wife sees me watching him on TV, she almost always says, "He'd be so handsome if it weren't for those ugly scars."

    Unfortunately for him, like Triple H, D-Von's scars are worsened by deep forehead wrinkles. 

8. Dusty Rhodes

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    One of the all-time greats in a number of categories, one of the things people often don't give Dusty Rhodes enough credit for is being a part of some of the bloodiest battles in wrestling history.

    From wars with Ric Flair to Terry Funk and Abdullah the Butcher, Rhodes gave us a number of thrilling, violent matches over the years.

    Left behind from those wars is a hideous, mangled mess above his brow. 

    Rhodes was never a pretty boy and probably doesn't care a lot about how he looks, but it's still disturbing to see pictures of him when he was younger and to look at how scarred he is now. 

7. The Original Sheik

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    Sabu's uncle can certainly be called the godfather of hardcore.

    Wrestling in the '70s,'80s and '90s, the Sheik frequently used pencils and fireballs in his matches.  More often than not, though, his opponent would take his weapon from him and cut into his head.

    His forehead told that story years after his career ended. 

    The scars are so nasty that they don't even look real. 

    Facing off against Kevin Sullivan, Abdullah the Butcher and Terry Funk over the years, the Sheik's career had blood smeared all over it.

6. Abdullah the Butcher

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    Abdullah's scars are the most famous in wrestling.  According to Mick Foley, he enjoys holding poker chips in said scars as a macabre party trick.

    As huge as they are, they are not the most grotesque. 

    Because they go vertically and are so wide, they look more like he got into a fight with a bear than cut his head open for entertainment. 

    One of the most violent men to ever step into a ring, he used sharp implements as often as he had them used on him. 

    His scars are born from bloody battles with the Original Sheik, Carlos Colon, Mick Foley and Hercules Ayala.

5. Bruiser Brody

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    One of the first brawlers in wrestling, Bruiser Brody was unstable and unpredictable.

    Not surprisingly, two of his longest feuds were with notable violent wrestlers, Abdullah the Butcher and Carlos Colon. 

    Whether he worked in Japan with New Japan Pro Wrestling, in Puerto Rico with Colon's World Wrestling Council or with various independents, Brody's toughness was a big part of his appeal.

    The proof of that toughness was carved into his head.  His scars look like he bent over in a bathtub full of cats. 

4. New Jack

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    The craziest wrestler to ever step in a ring certainly looks the part.

    It almost looks like his skin has been torn off and we're peeking in on his brain. 

    Imagine not knowing that New Jack was a wrestler and just seeing him waiting in the line at the grocery store.  The dark tone of his skin hides his scars a little, but he's still clearly been through some rough times. 

    Like many of the men on this list, he frequently works hardcore matches to the point where he's probably involved in more matches with weapons than without.

3. Villaño III

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    Arturo Diaz Mendoza is one of five brothers who all wrestled under the name Villaño.  Villaño III is generally considered the most successful of that group.

    Unfortunately for him, he's more well known, especially in the United States, for his horrific forehead scars.

    The pinkish wound looks like it's bubbling up.

    In a career that has spanned more than 30 years, Villaño III has clearly bladed far too often.  He probably wishes he would wear his luchador mask everywhere.   

2. Curtis Iaukea

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    King Curtis Iaukea’s head is ungodly.

    It has the rough texture of a tree branch.  What makes it worse is how far across his head the scars go.  Most wrestlers keep their scars in a centered, tight group, while Iaukea seems to have bladed every inch of skin he could reach.

    Iaukea wrestled in the WWWF, WCW, Australia and the NWA.  Despite being a member of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame, he's not well known by many fans.

    Had he achieved some great level of success, it'd be less sad to see how disfigured he left himself.  Instead, he had a good (not great) career, giving literal blood to the industry all the way.

1. Kintaro Kanemura

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    In what looks like movie makeup from a horror flick, Kanemura's head is sure to frighten any number of strangers.

    With a resume that includes Exploding Barbed Wire Bomb Cage Death match as well as a Scramble Fire Death match, it's no surprise that Kanemura's face shows the wear and tear of a violent career. 

    Whether you call it extreme dedication or being foolish, Kanemura has been willing to take frightening bumps for the sake of thrilling a crowd.  He's had his flesh burned off and gallons of blood smeared onto wrestling mats in Japan and the U.S.