WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from September 27

Kevin BergeSeptember 27, 2022

WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from September 27

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    Bron Breakker found himself challenged by both JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov. Credit: WWE.com.

    WWE NXT set up a series of grudge matches for the September 27 edition of the show, promising hard-hitting action.

    Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen challenged Gallus in a Pub Rules match. Cameron Grimes would finally fight Joe Gacy, while Brutus Creed would get his hands on Damon Kemp.

    Wes Lee and Tony D'Angelo would also fight for a spot in the North American Championship ladder match.

    Fallon Henley got a chance to prove herself against Mandy Rose, and Nikkita Lyons hoped to put herself and Zoey Stark in tag title contention by challenging Kayden Carter.

    NXT promised much with this jam-packed edition of the show, not even including the expectation of more story between Bron Breakker, JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov.

Bron Breakker Agrees to a Triple Threat Against JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov

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    Ilja Dragunov made clear his focus was to dethrone Bron Breakker just like he did Gunther. JD McDonagh interrupted, warning that The Czar's career was in danger if he got in his way. The NXT champion walked out to accept a Triple Threat match at NXT Halloween Havoc.

    NXT could have used a general manager in this situation. It made little sense that Breakker could ignore McDonagh's No. 1 contender status and add Dragunov to the mix.

    However, there were some fun lines in this opening segment that set the stage for an exciting triple threat. Hopefully, we eventually get Breakker vs. Dragunov one-on-one.



    Notable Moments

    • McDonagh put over his history with Dragunov, including taking credit for forcing him to vacate his NXT UK Championship through injury.
    • Breakker pulled out the "Steiner Math" to set up the triple threat, which got a big pop from the crowd.

Mandy Rose vs. Fallon Henley

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    While Fallon Henley fought hard in this match, she was no match for Mandy Rose. Henley exchanged strikes with Rose, but she got knocked down and taken out with the Kiss from a Rose.

    This was a fine match but could have been more interesting with better build and time. While Henley was never a serious competitor to the NXT Women's Championship at this stage, she has the talent to give Rose a better challenge than this.

    This was all about giving the champion another win ahead of her match with Alba Fyre. Hopefully, the company has a plan to truly build up Fyre as a real threat to the champion.


    Rose def. Henley by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

    • Rose caught Henley with a gut-wrench suplex into an abdominal stretch, but Henley fought out with a hip toss into a clothesline and bulldog for two.
    • After the match, Rose tried to talk a big game, but Fyre appeared on the titantron and set a fire that showed the words "And New" ahead of NXT Halloween Havoc.

Ladder Match Qualifier: Wes Lee vs. Tony D'Angelo (w/ Stacks)

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    During a back-and-forth contest, Wes Lee tripped Tony D'Angelo, who went face-first into the turnbuckle. The impact left The Don too dazed to continue, causing a referee stoppage.

    The finish did not look planned, ending things abruptly with the likelihood that The Don suffered a knee injury. This was an unfortunate end to a match that had a real chance to make an impact. Lee and D'Angelo are both good wrestlers with high upside.

    It was a freak accident on a basic move that led to the expected result. Lee is the favorite going into the ladder match; he has been built for the moment after a strong few months of work in the ring.


    Lee def. D'Angelo by referee stoppage to earn a spot in the NXT North American Championship ladder match.



    Notable Moments

    • Lee walked out with Connor's Cure fighter Quinn "The King Crusher" Molitor.
    • Stacks got in the way of a suicide dive to The Don, only to take a springboard plancha for his trouble. Stacks tried to attack Lee and got thrown out.
    • Carmelo Hayes was shown watching backstage and met Oro Mensah, who was excited about his coming opportunity.
    • Apollo Crews warned Grayson Waller that his justice was only beginning. Waller told McKenzie Mitchell he would add more security for next week's Waller Effect.

Sol Ruca vs. Amari Miller

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    Sol Ruca did not have an easy debut against Amari Miller, struggling to get the three-count. However, she finally pulled it off with standing somersault double leg drop. The two showed each other respect afterward.

    This is the kind of match that should be happening in the WWE Performance Center, not on national television. It was poorly choreographed, and Ruca seemingly did not know how to transition from move to move.

    While Ruca showed impressive athleticism, she is about as green as one can get in the ring based on this performance. Perhaps working with more seasoned opponents than Miller will give her more of a chance.


    Ruca def. Miller by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

    • Ruca showed off impressive athleticism as she rolled into the ring with a handstand.
    • Ruca caught Miller with a running dropkick for a hard-earned two-count, then Miller answered with a leg lariat for a near-fall.
    • Pretty Deadly went over a typical day in the life of the NXT tag team champions.

Cameron Grimes vs. Joe Gacy

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    Joe Gacy had a game plan for Cameron Grimes, playing on his emotions. It left The Richest Man in NXT vulnerable to repeat interference from The Dyad, who set up Gacy to hit the handspring clothesline for the win.

    For a match that was built over months, this was completely flat. The repeat interference left little room for momentum and made Grimes and the referee look silly for not expecting Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler to get involved.

    Add to it, a former NXT North American champion and NXT Championship contender lost in just three minutes. This match may have made sense early in the feud. At this point, it seems to indicate there is little left in NXT for Grimes.


    Gacy def. Grimes by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

    • The Schism warned Grimes that he would be used as an example tonight.
    • The Dyad tried to block Grimes from an attack on the apron, but The Richest Man in NXT jumped right over them to plant Gacy.
    • The leader of Schism continued to taunt Grimes throughout, saying that he had nothing left after refusing the support of the group.

Nikkita Lyons (w/ Zoey Stark) vs. Kayden Carter (w/ Katana Chance)

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    Nikkita Lyons found herself outmatched by the speed of Kayden Carter early, but she responded with power. She connected on a spin kick into a split-leg drop for the win.

    This was the best match of the night to this point, but it was still a sloppy affair. What worked well was how Lyons and Carter complemented each other in the ring. The speed vs. power matchup sold what each woman does well.

    If the two can smooth out the rough edges before the inevitable NXT Women's Tag Team Championships match, this could be a surprise hit of an encounter, especially with Zoey Stark as the ring general in that clash.


    Lyons def. Carter by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

    • Lyons kicked Carter off her repeatedly before planting her with a Michinoku Driver.
    • Carter caught Lyons with a snap kick and running dropkick into the ropes, but Lyons responded by tripping her off the top rope.
    • Chase U enjoyed a week-long celebration from last week where Andre Chase announced he would face Von Wagner in a ladder match qualifier next week.
    • Toxic Attraction confronted Lyons and Stark about going after the tag titles. Fire erupted to send Toxic Attraction running as Alba Fyre stood with the future challengers.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Xyon Quinn

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    Xyon Quinn tried to impose his will on Ilja Dragunov. It did little against his resilient opponent. The Czar planted Quinn with a running back uppercut to win.

    This was an extended squash that never gave any real indication that Quinn had a chance. This all happened the way it needed to as the NXT audience got a reintroduction to what makes Dragunov special.

    Hopefully, we will get to see more serious matches from The Czar down the line with Halloween Havoc still a month away. He has much more than this to show. Quinn, meanwhile, needs a complete reset and possibly a move to the main roster.


    Dragunov def. Quinn by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

    • Backstage, Quinn mocked The Czar as a man that did not deserve his title shot. This set up the match for later.
    • Quinn and Dragunov traded slaps, but The Czar took control with an enzuigiri.
    • Dragunov hit a pair of suplexes, then a devastating sledgehammer to the jaw.
    • Quincy Elliott gave Sanga a pep talk, then told Quinn that he did not see his X-factor.

Brutus Creed vs. Damon Kemp

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    Damon Kemp enjoyed causing Brutus Creed to feel pain, but he lost control after Brutus threw him outside. Damon Kemp smacked Brutus repeatedly with a steel chair, getting himself disqualified.

    This was more angle than match, but it was a solid technical showing for the time it got. What mattered was that Kemp continued to stand tall over Diamond Mine without hurting the credibility of Brutus.

    Kemp vs. Julius should get more time and attention. If Kemp can pull off the win in that match, he will rocket up the ranks in NXT.


    Brutus def. Kemp by disqualification.



    Notable Moments

    • Kemp wrenched at the neck of Brutus until Brutus lifted him for a body slam. Kemp ducked a charge from his opponent, then slapped him in the face.
    • Kemp hit Brutus repeatedly with a steel chair, then yelled into the camera that he was ready for Julius Creed.
    • Nathan Frazer revealed that the winner of his Best of 3 series with Axiom would get the final spot in the NXT North American Championship ladder match.
    • Wendy Choo and Lash Legend set the stage for a match between them next week.

Pub Rules: Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen vs. Gallus' Wolfgang and Mark Coffey

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    Gallus tried to take advantage of Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen throughout this match, but the country boys refused to quit. They isolated Mark Coffey in a trashcan and hit him with a High-Low for the win.

    This was the only real reason to tune in this week on one of NXT's flattest shows in months. However, this most certainly delivered as a pure brawl. The four men used their environment well to make sure there was not a dull moment.

    Briggs and Jensen continue to show off why they cannot be disregarded in the tag team division. They bring energy to the room and rarely perform at less than their best.

    It is a shame to see Gallus lose such a big match so soon. However, this feud may not be over, and Pub Rules could easily become a staple match for the rising Briggs and Jensen.


    Briggs and Jensen def. Gallus by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

    • Gallus fought with security throughout the night. Joe Coffey punched a security guard in the face, causing him to be banned from ringside in the main event.
    • Mark and Wolfgang smacked their opponents repeatedly with belt shots to their backs. Briggs and Jensen stole the belts away and whipped their opponents.
    • Briggs and Jensen smashed beer glasses over the heads of Gallus, then sent Wolfgang through a table. Joe tried to interfere and was sent off the apron through a table.
    • Afterward, Gallus wanted to keep fighting and punched out multiple security guards before they were escorted to the back.

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