Cardinals' J.J. Watt Asks Twitter for Help with Baby Rattlesnake Stuck in Bathroom

Adam WellsAugust 13, 2022

Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Living in Arizona comes with the benefit of warm weather virtually year-round, but there's also the occasional hazard of finding a snake in your bathroom.

Arizona Cardinals star J.J. Watt apparently had that happen to him, as he put out a call on Twitter for advice about what to do with one of the creatures:

JJ Watt @JJWatt

Alright Arizona, this is a new one for me…<br><br>I’ve got a baby rattlesnake in my bathroom. <br><br>What do I do?

None of the replies appeared to be very helpful, though New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan did chime in with another idea:

cameron jordan @camjordan94

Easy solution… <a href="https://t.co/7aooIxNPnS">pic.twitter.com/7aooIxNPnS</a>

Watt later posted an update, saying in a video message he called someone who informed him it wasn't a rattlesnake and just "picked it up with his bare hands."

JJ Watt @JJWatt

Rattlesnake Update: <a href="https://t.co/XhFAf7lKAk">pic.twitter.com/XhFAf7lKAk</a>

Anyone who has ever tried to use social media for advice would probably have told Watt that he wasn't going to get anything helpful.

Watt has overcome a lot of adversity in his career. The five-time All-Pro has missed extended periods of time because of back surgery, a fractured leg and a torn pectoral, among other injuries.

Finding a solution to get rid of a baby rattlesnake from his bathroom is a different sort of challenge, but history has shown Watt is capable of coming out on the other side unscathed.

If worse comes to worst, then he can take up Jordan's idea to sell the house.


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