Ja Morant Responds to Draymond Green Saying Grizzlies Star Reminds Him of Himself

Doric SamAugust 11, 2022

Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Memphis Grizzlies star point guard Ja Morant is one of the brightest young stars in the NBA, and he recently received substantial praise from one of his rivals.

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green was asked which young player reminds him most of himself, and he singled out Morant. The 23-year-old floor general expressed his gratitude for Green's compliments on Twitter:

Ja Morant @JaMorant

wooo dats real shii 💯 <a href="https://t.co/1mEGSTQe98">https://t.co/1mEGSTQe98</a>

While Green and Morant have much different styles of play, the veteran forward told the Volume it's more Morant's attitude and demeanor that are reminiscent of himself (h/t AFD's Jonathan Sherman):

"I ain’t bowing down to none of y’all. I don’t care what you’ve accomplished before I got here. That has absolutely nothing to do with me. I believe in myself and my abilities. I’m going to show you that. I’m going to lead. I’m going to talk to you and let you know about it while I’m doing it. I’m gonna carry others with me, and most importantly, I’m gone do it my way. And all of those things that I just named, I see Ja Morant do."

Despite the recent cordial back-and-forth, Green and Morant have traded barbs on social media a couple times this offseason, culminating in a challenge for a Christmas Day game.

It's clear that Warriors-Grizzlies games next season will be some intense, entertaining showdowns.


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