Iyo Sky, Dakota Kai Will Win Tag Titles, Great Dexter Lumis Tease, More WWE Raw Takes

Kevin BergeAugust 9, 2022

Iyo Sky, Dakota Kai Will Win Tag Titles, Great Dexter Lumis Tease, More WWE Raw Takes

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    Triple H continues to present intriguing angles that build over the course of each episode of WWE Raw, and the August 8 edition was even more unpredictable.

    The night opened with the reveal of the bracket for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai were the first team to advance to the semifinals with a win over Tamina and Dana Brooke and should get even further.

    A story emerged in the background of the show that ended with security guards removing Dexter Lumis, possibly in connection to a car accident in the arena garage.

    Kevin Owens embraced his former violent side, viciously taking out Ezekiel with an apron powerbomb that sent him to hospital.

    Ciampa put everything he could into dethroning Bobby Lashley. But The All Mighty managed to keep his United States Championship, despite the interference of The Miz.

    It was a busy night that continues to show a new side of Raw. The stories are building, and unique talents are emerging.

Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai Are Winning Women's Tag Team Title

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    When Sasha Banks and Naomi vacated the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship in May, it left the company without any well-established teams. And it took until this week to put together the tournament to crown the new titleholders.

    However, the pairings assembled have limited experience. Asuka and Alexa Bliss started tagging a month ago, and this is still better than most teams, including Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah as well as the odd NXT inclusion of Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark.

    However, WWE has set up one tandem that feels immediately like a team. Bayley returned with Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai at SummerSlam looking to take over WWE, and the pairing of the latter two names is an intriguing one.

    While Asuka and Bliss have more pedigree and Natalya and Sonya Deville have more history than any other team, there is a special story behind Sky and Kai.

    It is rare to set up a new team with this much hype straightaway, and that is what makes it so important that they win the championship quickly.

    It would give a needed boost to the women's tag team division, especially if Sasha Banks and Naomi do return. That would be an instant feud that can elevate the division beyond where it was before.

Kevin Owens Returns to Best Role as a Main Event Act

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    Kevin Owens has always been one of the best in the business, but WWE has struggled with presenting him. He started in NXT in 2014 as a dominant heel who could take out anyone with a single powerbomb.

    The 38-year-old tried to keep that momentum in his move to Raw a year later, but any push has been inconsistent. Many forget he was the second-ever universal champion for 188 days.

    While KO has always made the most of his spots, his relevancy was wavering. Squashing Ezekiel on Monday night was a statement, though, moving him away from a story that had turned him mostly into a joke character.

    Owens now has a chance to redefine himself. He is one of the most charismatic performers in WWE and embracing his violent side will make it easy to believe he can compete with anyone.

    Raw needs top stars and the Canadian will fit right in, especially once the brand has its own singular world champion again.

Bobby Lashley, Ciampa (and Triple H) Have Restored Prestige of US Title

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    Bobby Lashley has held the United States Championship for 260 days over three reigns, and he may never have had a better match during that time than Monday's battle with Ciampa.

    The two men brought everything to this contest, hoping to show exactly what they can do. The Blackheart worked this like he was on an NXT TakeOver, while Lashley defended his gold like he was world champion.

    While Ciampa lost, he told a story with The All Mighty that sold him as a true challenger. The Miz kept him in the fight long enough to get close to the win.

    The U.S. title is currently Raw's top championship, with Roman Reigns primarily on SmackDown as a dual world titleholder.

    But the United States belt deserves a serious spotlight, which begins with a match such as Lashley vs. Ciampa, who both sold how much it meant to them to be a champion in WWE.

    Hopefully, this is only beginning as Triple H builds the credibility of the other titles outside of the world championships.

Dexter Lumis' Return Was Handled Perfectly

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    Dexter Lumis looks set to be the latest NXT star to join Raw, and he enjoyed the most unique main roster debut in a long time.

    While the show moved forward, something was unfolding backstage. A car accident in the arena garage went unexplained throughout the show, which ended with Lumis being removed from the crowd by security guards following AJ Styles' win over The Miz.

    WWE has rarely done anything purely in the background, and that made this feel special. Nothing was explained throughout the night, treating it all as a real situation beyond the script.

    Lumis is the kind of star who makes the most of his angles. He is a decent in-ring performer but a one-of-a-kind character. That should make him a regular on Raw, especially with storytelling like this that makes him feel more real and grittier.

    His gimmick has always been veiled in mystery, but the obvious inspiration comes from the Showtime drama series, Dexter. Lumis may not be a straight-up serial killer, but he is a unique star who can bring some interesting stories to WWE.


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