AEW Rampage Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from July 8

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AEW Rampage Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from July 8

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    Welcome to Bleacher Report's coverage and recap of All Elite Wrestling Rampage on July 8.

    The AEW and NJPW crossover event might be in the past, but the forbidden door is still wide open as Konosuke Takeshita took on Eddie Kingston.

    We also saw some ROH action as Jonathan Gresham teamed up with Lee Moriarty to take on The Gates of Agony.

    Orange Cassidy battled Tony Nese, and Serena Deeb and Mercedes Martinez were in action again as a tag team.

    Let's look at what went down during Friday's show.

Eddie Kingston vs. Konosuke Takeshita

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    Kingston and Takeshita were in the ring and ready to fight as soon as the show started. While Kingston is known for being a brawler, he was willing to engage the NJPW star in a grappling match at first.

    Even though there was no clear heel in this bout, Kingston and Takeshita both did a few things that were less than honorable, so it provided a fun, competitive feel for the match.

    There was also no clear leader when it came to who was controlling the pace. It felt like both men had control for an equal amount of time. The outcome was never in question, but they made it feel less certain.

    This was a fun opener that ended up being slightly more physical than expected in the final few minutes. After trading several strikes, Kingston nailed Takeshita with a spinning backfist for the win.

    Winner: Eddie Kingston

    Grade: B+

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Kingston might not focus on technical stuff too much, but he isn't bad when he does. He knows what he is doing out there. 
    • Kingston did a good job selling his taped-up ribs. 
    • It might have gotten to the point that Kingston is the most over talent in AEW. The crowd absolutely loves him. 
    • The exchange of strikes they had toward the end was awesome. 

Gates of Agony vs. Lee Moriarty and Jonathan Gresham

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    The second match of the night featured some Ring of Honor action as The Gates of Agony took on the pairing of Gresham and Moriarty.

    Toa Liona and Kaun had the power advantage, so they controlled most of the action during the first half and the commercial break.

    Gresham and Moriarty had to rely on their speed and technical ability to keep themselves in the fight, but they were definitely filling the role of the underdogs here.

    As Moriarty reached for a tag, Gresham pulled his hand away and walked out on his partner. It looks like the ROH champ may have just turned heel. He gave Tully Blanchard a big hug and watched as Moriarty was decimated by their opponents, with Liona and Kaun taking the win.

    The match was fine, but it's nothing people will be talking about in a week. It was more of a bump in the road than the final destination.

    Winners: Gates of Agony

    Grade: B-

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • It feels like Kaun is one good opportunity away from being a big star in this business. He has the look and the athleticism to go far. 
    • Kingston gave a great promo directed at Chris Jericho after this match took place. 

Serena Deeb and Mercedes Martinez vs. Kayla Sparks and Christina Marie

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    Deeb and Martinez were back in action as a tag team this week against the team of Kayla Sparks and Christina Marie.

    Despite scoring a quick win, Martinez and Deeb were arguing after it was over. The Professor ended up attacking Martinez to end their partnership.

    AEW needs to give the women more time and more to do. This was OK, but it could have been so much better.

    Winners: Serena Deeb and Mercedes Martinez

    Grade: C-

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • This match was short and there wasn't much to it, so there aren't many additional observations to make. 

Orange Cassidy vs. Tony Nese

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    The main event of the evening saw Cassidy take on Nese. Mark Sterling said Cassidy would sign his petition to remove Danhausen from the roster if he loses, but Danhausen was there to be Cassidy's lawyer at ringside.

    As expected, the first couple of minutes saw Cassidy do all of his comedy stuff. He put his hands in his pockets, dodged attacks and played with his opponent.

    The Premier Athlete fell for his tricks a few times, but he was able to use his speed and power to take over at different points. Sterling made sure to get some shots in behind the ref's back, but Danhausen chased him off.

    The match had a good pace and allowed both men to show off their individual skills. Cassidy's matches have become much more physical, so he is starting to find his groove and get more wins. And that is what happened here when Cassidy hit the Orange Punch for the pin.

    Winner: Orange Cassidy

    Grade: B

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Cassidy has a different entrance theme now. His old one was better, but this one is still good. 
    • AEW is using Danhausen perfectly. He is not on every show, so you never have enough time with him to find him annoying. He might not ever be the world champion in AEW, but he will have a good career if he keeps this up. 
    • AEW needs to find a way to put a title on Nese at some point. He is too good to keep being used to put others over. 
    • Cassidy hits a nice Michinoku Driver when he is working with smaller opponents. That move always looks cool when it lands properly.

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