Kaleb Eleby NFL Draft 2022: Scouting Report for Western Michigan QB

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PITTSBURGH, PA - SEPTEMBER 18: Western Michigan Broncos quarterback Kaleb Eleby (5) reacts after throwing an incomplete pass in the end zone during a college football game against the Pittsburgh Panthers on Sept. 18, 2021 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

HEIGHT: 6'0 3/4"


HAND: 9 1/4"

ARM: 30 5/8"

WINGSPAN: 6'3 3/4"


3-CONE: 7.57



BROAD: 9'3"


— Above-average arm strength. Can throw with zip and rip it down the field.

— Rapid-fire release. Consistently able to get the ball out in a hurry.

— Great accuracy to all levels when throwing in rhythm.

— Glimpses of impressive pocket movement.

— Quick processor with what the offense asked of him.


— Middling athlete. Not much of a threat to run.

— RPO-heavy system didn't give him many chances to show pro-level processing skills. Will have a steep learning curve.

— Can get fidgety when pressured, leading to misfires.

— Accuracy wavers a bit whenever he is asked to throw out of rhythm or off-platform.


13 G, 230-362 (63.5%), 3,277 YDS, 9.1 Y/A, 23 TD, 6 INT, 157.2 RTG, 87 ATT, 64 YDS (0.7 AVG), 6 TD


— 3-star recruit in 2018.

— Two-year starter.

— 2020 third-team All-MAC.

— 2021 second-team All-MAC.


Kaleb Eleby is a point-and-shoot quarterback prospect with enough arm strength and accuracy to warrant interest as a developmental case.

Eleby comes from a Western Michigan offense littered with run-pass options, and he has the right skills to thrive in that environment. Though Western Michigan did not task him with a ton in terms of processing, Eleby generally played quickly within the system. He also plays with a swift release and often keeps his throwing base stable, helping him operate well in rhythm.

When throwing in rhythm, Eleby shows great velocity and good ball placement, particularly on in-breakers and deep routes. Additionally, he flashed moments of thoughtful pocket management, which could be something he continues to build on in the pros.

With that said, Eleby will face a steep learning curve in the NFL, as he does not have elite tools. Western Michigan's offense was pared down quite a bit compared to pro offenses and was much more RPO-reliant than he will experience in the pros.

Eleby's ball placement can get sporadic when he's asked to progress beyond his first read or throw off-platform, both of which will become more necessary in the NFL. He also lacks the athleticism to be a difference-maker outside the pocket, which means he will need to develop his skills as a pocket passer. However, he only has a good arm, not an outstanding one.

Eleby's crisp release, solid arm strength and functional accuracy all suggest he is worth a swing during the draft. With that said, he is on the smaller side and does not have dynamic athletic ability. His development may also be a bit slower than other prospects considering the offense he is coming from.

Eleby will likely top out as a high-level backup to spot starter, but he could be an interesting fit for an offense that can simplify some of his reads early on and allow him to uncork deep passes.

GRADE: 6.4 (High-level Developmental Prospect - 5th Round)



PRO COMPARISON: Discount Geno Smith

Written by B/R NFL Scout Derrik Klassen