Rasheed Walker NFL Draft 2022: Scouting Report for Penn State OT

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UNIVERSITY PARK, PA - SEPTEMBER 18: Penn State Nittany Lions offensive lineman Rasheed Walker (53) blocks during a college football game against the Auburn Tigers on Sept. 18, 2021 at Beaver Stadium in University Park, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

HEIGHT: 6'5 5/8"


HAND: 10 5/8"

ARM: 33 5/8"

WINGSPAN: 6'8 1/2"







— Stout, thick build with good length and core strength.

— Impressive blend of size, athletic ability and natural power.

— Shows the initial explosiveness to get to his landmarks in his vertical set against Wide 9 rushers who attack the corner, with the foot quickness to redirect smoothly up the arc and inside.

— Has the ability to cut grass with the in-steps of his feet and generate tremendous force through the ground, brace and find his anchor quickly.

— Strong, heavy hands with a tight clasp to create leverage on blocks and very good lower-body strength to uproot, steer and finish defenders in the run game.


— Overly reliant on the two-hand strike in pass protection, shrinking his margin for error and leaving him vulnerable to swinging open his hips/shoulders and creating soft edges.

— Takes inconsistent angles at the second level and gets too far upfield, allowing 'backers to run through the back door.

— Needs major work on his set points in pass protection to reduce over- and under-setting different alignments and rushers.

— Doesn't adjust quickly enough to post-snap movement across his face; will dip his head and lunge into contact rather than keep his eyes up and head out of blocks.


- 10 starts at left tackle.


— Former 4-star recruit and top-four prospect in the state of Maryland out of North Point High School.

— 32 career starts, all at left tackle.

— Missed the final three games of the 2021 season with a bone bruise on his knee that he suffered against Iowa in Week 6

— Turns 22-years old in February.


Rasheed Walker was a three-year starter at left tackle for Penn State, with 32 starts in three offensive systems and under two line coaches. He most recently operated inside offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich's power-based run game centered on inside-zone and duo concepts.

He injured his knee in Week 6 against Iowa and was hampered by it over the next four games before getting shut down and missing the last three games of the season.

Walker has a sturdy, thick all-around build with good arm length. He has a special blend of size, natural power and body control to generate movement, stay balanced and finish through contact.

Walker utilized vertical and 45-degree sets in pass protection, with the juice and initial explosiveness out of his stance to reach his landmarks quickly against a variety of rush alignments. He uses strong, jolting strikes to stun rushers, clasp and create leverage and has the body control to redirect up the arc or power step inside to cut-off counter moves.

Walker transitions into his anchor smoothly and quickly by generating tremendous force through the ground to arrest and halt power-rushers who attempt to go down the middle of his frame. In the run game, he excels at uprooting defenders with his lower-body strength and ability to generate torque on angle-drive, base and kick-out blocks.

While Walker's physical tools and flashes are abundant, he's inconsistent in pass protection with his set points. He often over- or under-sets rushers, with a glaring overreliance on using two-hand strikes to initiate contact. That causes his hips and shoulders to fly open, creating soft edges for rushers to exploit and win quickly both around the corner and inside. He also takes inconsistent angles to the second level and tends to dip his head and lunge into contact in the run game versus post-snap movement across his face.

Overall, Walker's blend of size, natural power and body control are special enough to suggest that he can start early in his NFL career despite a rudimentary toolkit and erratic technique. He will need to be coached hard and improve quickly to bridge the gap between his talent and current skill set, but his youth gives him the necessary runway to reach his considerable upside.

GRADE: 7.3 (High-level backup/Potential starter - 3rd Round)