Jeremiah Gemmel NFL Draft 2022: Scouting Report for North Carolina LB

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CHAPEL HILL, NC - SEPTEMBER 28: Jeremiah Gemmel #44 of the University of North Carolina looks over the line of scrimmage during a game between Clemson University and University of North Carolina at Kenan Memorial Stadium on September 28, 2019 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. (Photo by Andy Mead/ISI Photos/Getty Images)
Andy Mead/ISI Photos/Getty Images

HEIGHT: 6'0 3/4"


HAND: 9 1/4"

ARM: 31 1/4"

WINGSPAN: 6'4 5/8"







— Decent speed. Has the range to play sideline to sideline more often than not.

— Above-average lateral mobility when working across the line of scrimmage.

— Above-average eyes and discipline versus the run. Knows how to play tight to the line without getting lost.

— Comfortable zone coverage defender. Smooth mover with good eyes and leverage.

— Plays tight, physical coverage underneath. Wants to scrap and stay tight to routes.


— Build is on the smaller side.

— Poor play strength. Regularly loses ground upon being engaged with.

— Below-average technique taking on blocks. Dips shoulders and head; does not play with hands out in front.

— Stiff hips when in pursuit. Struggles to slow down and redirect in space.


12 G, 73 TOT, 6.5 TFL, 1.5 SK, 1 FF


— 3-star recruit in 2017.

— Three-year starter.

— 2021 third-team All-ACC.


Jeremiah Gemmel is an undersized linebacker prospect looking to make an impact in the pros as a chase and coverage player.

Size alone makes Gemmel's work in the box a difficult proposition. At 6'1" and 226 pounds, he is short and light, making him susceptible to getting swallowed up by blockers at the first and second level. At this stage, Gemmel does a poor job of making up for his size. He regularly dips his head and shoulders upon contact, making it difficult for him to stay square and shock-and-shed blockers. His play strength is also underwhelming, even in the few instances he takes on a block correctly.

That being said, Gemmel is a good player in space and has the movement skills to still make plays in the box. His lateral mobility is impressive when shuffling across the line, and his speed is at least at the NFL threshold when he decides to trigger and go, too. Pair that with his fairly disciplined demeanor against the run, and you still end up with a functional box player despite his size and strength.

In coverage, Gemmel shows good baseline skills. He does well to scooch around in his zones and flow to windows behind him. Additionally, he does a great job rerouting receivers and playing physical whenever he can. Gemmel is not an elite athlete, so he may never be a true difference-maker, but he has enough coverage chops to be a functional player.

Gemmel can be a run-and-chase "Will" in a 4-3 system with some coverage responsibilities. The more Gemmel can be protected up front, the better. His decent range, discipline and coverage skills make him a worthwhile Day 3 bet, but his size and play strength may bar him from developing into a legit starter in the league.

GRADE: 6.3 (High-level Developmental Prospect - 5th Round)