Riley Moss NFL Draft 2022: Scouting Report for Iowa CB

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HEIGHT: 6’1”



— Very good awareness when playing in zone coverage. He plays threats with good leverage.

— Displays good ball skills. Shows the ability to play the ball in the air with dexterity to catch the ball away from his body with his hands.

— Good strength in block destruction and tackling.

— Fast run support, reacts quickly and fills open gaps.


— Top-end speed is a question. He lacks a true burst and recovery speed to make up for when he is beat.

— Average breaking ability. Shows some overall tightness, leading to his trouble getting out of breaks at times. He has trouble covering shiftier/twitchier athletes. Can't get out of the breaks with the same quickness.

— Open field tackling. Lacks desired athletic ability in space.


11 Games, 39 Tackles, 4 INT, 1 FR


— Two-year starter at cornerback

— Left knee injury, October 9, against Penn State. Played the rest of the season without PCL.


Riley Moss is a physical cornerback with good size. He plays a variety of schemes for the Hawkeyes secondary, excelling in the zone scheme concepts. He does best when given the opportunity to read the quarterback’s eyes and see routes develop in front of him. Although he shows good football IQ and understanding of his scheme, he likes to sit on routes, leading to him occasionally getting burned. He displays good timing when breaking up passes, playing through the receiver’s hands. Moss also has ball skills and the ability to catch the ball when he gets two hands on it. When in coverage, he shows some tightness when swiveling hips and getting out of breaks. Because of his tightness and lack of top-end speed, he can get turned around and struggles shadowing twitchier athletes. When in off coverage, Moss often struggles to close the ground on shorter breaking routes, leading to more underneath catches than you would like. He may give up the underneath routes as he understands some of his shortcomings, such as his lack of speed. If beaten deep, Moss does not have the speed to make up the ground and catch up.

When playing in the run game, he does a great job of reacting to what he sees. When playing close to the line of scrimmage, he delivers a blow to the blocker with good physicality to set the edge. He understands his leverage and occasionally takes the proper gamble of coming inside blocks. When given the ability to run through ball carriers, he delivers a blow while wrapping up and securing the tackle. His biggest struggle is open-field tackling. With the lack of athletic ability to keep up with some of the better athletes, Moss can get broken down at times, leading to him diving at ankles and missing tackles. Overall, Moss will need to be in a zone scheme to help protect some of his shortcomings. He has very good size and strength, which will allow him to play on special teams. If he finds a team that will give him over-the-top help and wont ask him to play man often, he may find a role at the next level.

GRADE: 5.5 (7th Round: ​​Backup/Draftable)




Written by B/R NFL Scout Cory Giddings


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