1. ‘Defining’ Full Episode with JJ Redick

    NBA vet JJ Redick joins Taylor Rooks to talk about seeing racism while playing AAU basketball, the importance of powerful Black men like LeBron, and more 🎥

  2. How LBJ, KD Bucked the System 🙏

    JJ Redick explains how reactions to LeBron's 'The Decision' and KD joining the Warriors were racist. Watch 'Defining' 🎥

  3. Redick Saw AAU Teammates Experience Racism

    Pelicans guard JJ Redick realized at a young age that being white was different than being Black. Watch ‘Defining’ with Taylor Rooks 🎥

  4. Redick: 'America' Is 'Messy'

    JJ Redick describes what America means to him and says Trump empowers racist ideologies. Watch 'Defining' 🎥

  5. Sports Stars Define ‘America’

    DeMar DeRozan, Malcolm Jenkins, Matt Barnes and JJ Redick tell Taylor Rooks what the word ‘America’ means to them. For full episodes, head to the ‘Take It There’ stream 🎥

  6. ‘Defining’ Full Interview with Matt Barnes

    NBA champion talks to Taylor Rooks about racism in childhood, the social justice movement and cancel culture 🎬

  7. Barnes: Black HCs Can't Fail

    Matt Barnes discusses how Black NBA coaches don't get the same opportunities as their white peers. Watch 'Defining' 🎥

  8. Barnes on Black Athletes' Distrust of Media

    Matt Barnes joins Taylor Rooks on 'Defining' and talks about the relationship between Black athletes and the media 🎥

  9. Barnes Praises Stephen Jackson

    'Jack is gonna be one of the main people that people think about as far as turning this movement.' Watch 'Defining' 🎥

  10. Barnes: Racist Owners Exist

    On 'Defining' with Taylor Rooks, Matt Barnes says 'a lot' of Donald Sterlings still exist in NBA and NFL 🎥

  11. Barnes: America Is 'a Gift and a Curse'

    NBA champion Matt Barnes talks about what the word "America" means to him on ‘Defining’ with Taylor Rooks 🎥

  12. Jenkins: NFL Must Address Kap

    ‘Until they address [it], nobody’s really going to, like, acknowledge the efforts’ 🎥

  13. ‘Defining’ Full Interview with Malcolm Jenkins

    Saints star talks to Taylor Rooks about Drew Brees, Colin Kaepernick and what the word ‘America’ means to him 🎬

  14. Jenkins on Brees, Race in NFL

    Saints DB talks about the toll of racism: 'I'm exhausted by holding this weight I didn't put on myself' 🎥

  15. Jenkins: Learning Black History Is Vital

    Saints star: ‘We do ourselves a disservice, not only for the legacy of Black people ... but for the perspective of white people' 🎥

  16. Jenkins Explains Racism in U.S.

    ‘You don’t have to hate people in order to be racist.' Saints star Malcolm Jenkins joins Taylor Rooks on ‘Defining’ 🎥

  17. What ‘America’ Means to Malcolm Jenkins

    On ‘Defining,’ Saints star talks about what he loves about being Black and what the word ‘America’ means to him 🎥

  18. DeMar: ‘How Can We Be OK?’

    In new B/R series, NBA star opens up to Taylor Rooks on dealing with trauma in the wake of ‘people being killed for nothing’ 🎥

  19. DeMar DeRozan Opens Up (Full Interview)

    In new B/R series, Spurs star opens up to Taylor Rooks on his experience as a Black man and what America means to him 🎬

  20. Lamar Jackson FaceTime with Taylor Rooks

    👀 Talks Madden cover, curse… 😤 Being compared to Mahomes 🎮 Picks ultimate video game team

  21. Text Thread with Top CBB Recruit

    2023 recruit Mikey Williams tells Taylor Rooks why he might break the mold and commit to an HBCU. Open for full convo 📲

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    Take it There

    Text Thread with Top CBB Recruit

    2023 recruit Mikey Williams tells Taylor Rooks why he might break the mold and commit to an HBCU. Open for full convo 📲

    Tyler Conway
    via Bleacher Report
  22. We FaceTimed Joe Burrow 🍿

    Six minutes with the projected No. 1 pick. Talking ‘The Office,’ his ‘12-15’ PPG NBA career and more 📲

  23. Inside ‘The Scheme’ of CBB

    Ahead of Tuesday's premiere on HBO, Taylor Rooks and Christian Dawkins FaceTime to discuss the scandal that shook CBB 🎥

  24. Gordon Builds the Perfect RB 💪

    CMC’s hands. Saquon’s quads. Broncos star Melvin Gordon builds the ideal RB in exclusive FaceTime with Taylor Rooks 🎥

  25. Serge Ibaka Talks with Taylor Rooks

    😂 Explains quarantine tweet 💤 His secret to making days shorter 📱 Open to watch the exclusive convo

  26. Danny Green Calls Caruso 'The GOAT'

    Danny Green explains the Alex Caruso craze and Dwight Howard joins ‘Take It There’ as surprise guest 🎥

  27. Danny Green Praises Kawhi

    Good news, Clippers fans. The Lakers’ wing defender knows he ‘can’t stop him.' Watch ‘Take It There’ 🎥

  28. Danny Green Opens Up to B/R

    The two-time NBA champion takes us to a reptile zoo to discuss LeBron and AD, the Caruso craze, the Lakers’ competition and more. Watch ‘Take It There’ with Taylor Rooks 🎥

  29. Inside the Lakers Locker Room 👀

    Danny Green dishes on the LeBron-AD ‘best friends’ dynamic and LA’s title potential. Watch ‘Take It There’ 🎥

  30. Danny Green Breaks Down Celtics 🔮

    If the Lakers were to meet the Celtics in a potential Finals, they'll be ready. ICYMI, watch ‘Take It There’ 🎥

  31. Taylor Rooks FaceTimes Dinwiddie

    Nets PG talks about his March Madness-style NBA tourney, getting tested for COVID-19 and why he’s watching his own highlights

  32. Danny Green on COVID-19 in NBA

    Lakers wing calls situation a ‘nightmare’ but doesn’t blame Rudy Gobert. Watch exclusive FaceTime with Taylor Rooks 🎥

  33. Trae Embraces Luka Debates 😈

    Young’s behind-the-scenes draft-night story with Doncic, the 'annoying' comparisons and more on 'Take It There' 🎥

  34. Trae Young Opens Up to B/R

    😮 Wild draft-night story 👬 Fine being forever linked to Luka 🗣️ Hawks losing: 'Trust me, it'll change soon' 🎥 Watch 'Take It There' with Taylor Rooks

  35. Trae Wants to Nutmeg LeBron 👀

    Star PG Trae Young shows us how his move is so deceptive and who else he wants to get. Watch 'Take It There' 🎥

  36. Trae Addresses Old TikTok 😂

    Hawks star Trae Young talks about his 'cringey' selfie video. Watch 'Take It There' 🎥

  37. Trae on Losing: 'Trust Me, It'll Change'

    The star PG admits youth won’t last as an excuse for losing for the 20-46 Hawks. Watch 'Take It There' with Taylor Rooks 🎥

  38. Trae Thinks He Can Be Elite Defender

    On 'Take It There' with Taylor Rooks, Trae Young explains how he can improve defensively as an undersized PG 🎥

  39. All Access with Tyler Herro 🌴

    🔥 Freestyles on a yacht 😂 Grades outfits of NBA players 🗣️ ROY case: 'Look at my numbers' 🎥 Watch 'Take It There' with Taylor Rooks

  40. Tyler Herro Defends Jimmy Butler

    The rookie guard doesn't agree with people who say Jimmy Butler is a bad teammate. Watch 'Take It There' with Taylor Rooks 🎥

  41. Herro Picks Top Five Wildcats 👀

    Tyler Herro chooses his top five Kentucky players ever and shows love to Coach Cal. Watch 'Take It There' with Taylor Rooks 🎥

  42. Tyler Herro Grades Rookie Fits 😂

    The Miami Heat rookie puts some NBA players on blast. Watch 'Take It There' with Taylor Rooks 🎥

  43. CP3 on Vetoed Trade to Lakers

    On 'Take It There,' CP3 said he spoke to Kobe on the phone and was ready to board a plane to LA in 2011 🎥

  44. CP3 Designs the Ultimate PG 🔥

    Chris Paul builds his perfect point guard. Watch a new episode of 'Take It There' 🎥

  45. CP3: Houston Misled Me About Trade

    Chris Paul discusses fallout in Houston and how the Rockets GM said he wouldn't deal CP3 to OKC. Watch ‘Take It There’🎥

  46. CP3 Dishes on Banana Boat Crew

    😂 Who is the worst texter 💦 Most likely to hit game-winner 👀 'Never say never' to teaming up 🎥 'Take it There' with Taylor Rooks

  47. Chris Paul on ‘Take It There’ 🚨

    From the fallout in Houston to questions about the Banana Boat Crew and the vetoed Lakers trade—watch the full episode here 🎥

  48. Exclusive Interview with KD 🚨

    😈 KD explains old tweets 👀 Secret rap songs 🙏 Kobe's impact on Team USA 📲 All that and more with Taylor Rooks

  49. Jaylen: I Didn’t Peak at 21 👀

    Brown calls out his doubters, talks about his experiences with anxiety and shares more on ‘Take It There’ with Taylor Rooks 🎥

  50. DeMar: I Was 'Sacrificial Lamb'

    💔 DeRozan still rooting for Raptors 😞 Says he’s more ‘hurt’ than ‘angry’ 🎥 'Take It There' w/ Taylor Rooks

  51. More from Taylor and DeMar 🍿

  52. 🗣️ Delle Donne Calls Out Trolls

    WNBA star tired of the ‘kitchen’ comments — ‘At least say order Postmates or something’

  53. DeMar Has 600+ Kicks 👟

    DeRozan talks 1st pair of fake J’s, how he doesn’t tie his shoes when hooping, and more on 'Take It There w/ Taylor Rooks'

  54. DeMar Has Secret Rap Album

    👀 Got praise from Drake, Kendrick 🎥 ‘Take It There w/ Taylor Rooks'

  55. Dame ‘Can Live With’ 0 Rings

  56. DeMar Was Close with Nip 🏁

    DeMar DeRozan looks back on Nipsey Hussle's impact in the season finale of “Take It There” with Taylor Rooks.

  57. Ja Names His NBA Starting 5

    👀 LeBron doesn’t make the cut 🗣 Comment your starting five below 🎥 ‘Take It There' w/ Taylor Rooks

  58. Exclusive Mo Salah Interview

    - Still emotional over the infamous Ramos injury in UCL - Has nothing to say to the haters who still doubt him - Thinks his hair is better than Odell’s

  59. Gobert Is Still Pissed 😡

    He fell to 27th in the Anthony Bennett draft and can name who went before him

  60. Saquon Defends Eli