5 of the Worst Broken Noses in MMA History

Nedu ObiAnalyst IIDecember 21, 2011

5 of the Worst Broken Noses in MMA History

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    In the world of MMA, KOs and submissions are often par for the course, but occasionally en route to said triumphs, the vanquished can encounter mind boggling injuries—from damaged limbs or in this case deformed broken noses.

    With regards to the human physiognomy, save for the eyes, the snout is probably the most easily targeted, given that it lies perilously at the centre of one’s face.

    Whilst other injuries are nothing to turn your nose up at (no pun intended), the effect of a mangled nose can lead to difficulty in breathing thus resulting in a fighter who either wants out or becomes completely disorientated.

    When that happens it’s near enough a sure-fire sign of defeatism.

    With that said, there have been numerous broken conks in mixed martial arts, but let’s take a look at the worst in MMA history.

5. Rich Franklin

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    At UFC 64 Rich Franklin came face to face with the man who would not only relieve him of his coveted middleweight crown, but would go on to establish himself as an MMA all-time great.

    That man in question was Anderson “The Spider” Silva.

    In the first round of their championship encounter, Silva caught Franklin in a Muay Thai clinch and proceeded to execute devastating precision like knees to “Ace’s” head which left him in a comatose heap, and with a deformed schnozzle to boot.

4. Charley Lynch

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    Charley Lynch suffered a horrendous break to his beak whilst competing in a middleweight bout on the premier of The Ultimate Fighter 11.

    In a failed attempt at a takedown, Lynch ran into a knee and a punch courtesy of his opponent and close friend Clayton McKinney.

    On seeing the extent of the damage that he’d inflicted upon his friend, McKinney paused to inform Lynch of his smashed nose.

    Undeterred, he continued to press forward until McKinney ended proceedings via punches to the downed Lynch.

3. Brandon Vera

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    In a light heavyweight contest at UFC 125, Thiago Silva reconfigured Brandon Vera’s hooter to such a degree that after the fight, the fans watching on the big screen gasped in horror.

    And to make matters worse for “The Truth,” not only did he have to contend with a broken nose during the bout, but he also had to suffer the ignominy of being b**** slapped at will by Silva.

    Nonetheless, following the loss, he was subsequently fired from the UFC (he was 0-2 going into the fight having lost consecutive bouts to Randy “The Natural” Couture and Jon “Bones” Jones), but later reinstated when it was established that a post-fight urine test by Silva was deemed inhuman.

2. Cung Le

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    The former Strikeforce middleweight champion made his debut for the company against none other than the declining yet still dangerous Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva at UFC 139.

    In the first round Cung “The Human Highlight Reel” Le was able to execute his game plan of unorthodox strikes, some of which had Silva in trouble.

    In the second round, however, Le ran out of steam, and Silva took full advantage—connecting with a hellacious punch which sent Le to the canvas.

    From there The Axe Murderer unleashed some vicious blows followed by brutal knees which ended the fight and rearranged Le’s nose beyond recognition.

    After the fight Silva said,

    […] “Right now with that nose, he's going to make more money in Hollywood because now he looks like a more real fighter. He should thank me for making his nose look better. For his job, it's so good.”

1. Ryan McGillivray

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    Ryan “The Kid” McGillivray makes the No. 1 spot for this horrific car crash of a nose disfiguration.

    McGillivray, who was a cast member on the TUF 13 Series: Team Lesnar vs. Team Dos Santos, apparently ate a knee whilst sparring.

    He later tweeted: “Bobbed when I should have weaved haha.”

    Still, prior to the accident, the Team Dos Santos member was released by the UFC after losing a unanimous decision to Shamar Bailey in The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale.