8 Most Beautiful Goals of Miroslav Klose's Career

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8 Most Beautiful Goals of Miroslav Klose's Career

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    Miroslav Klose, for those that don't know, is a veteran German striker who currently plays for Lazio in the Italian Serie A division.

    Blessed with great aerial ability and a penchant for gymnastic flips, Klose is tied for second all-time in World Cup goals (with 14) behind Brazil's Ronaldo.

    Whilst Klose's club form hasn't always been the best, there is no denying his value to Germany as one of their best strikers ever.

    Even in the 2010 World Cup, Germany selected him despite his recent barren spell for his club.

    It was a great decision, as he rewarded them with four goals, and Germany had a great tournament, eventually finishing in third place.

    This video slideshow is an enjoyment of some of the best alternative goals that Klose has scored for both club and country.

    You may decide there are better goals out there that Klose has scored, but these are just some of my personal favourites and I'll try to explain why along the way.

    I hope you enjoy them, and Merry Christmas.

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The Netherlands

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    A bullet header by Klose finishes off this flowing German attacking move against the Netherlands in an international friendly in 2011.

    Okay, it might only be a friendly, but what I like about this goal is where Klose heads the ball from.

    Klose is a yard behind the penalty spot when he leaps, yet still gets enough power to beat the goalkeeper easily.

    There are some players that couldn't score with their feet from that distance, which is why Klose is considered so deadly in the air.

    The placement is precise enough that the goalkeeper doesn't even make an attempt to save it.

    Germany went on to win the game 3-0 with goals from Muller and Ozil.


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    Here's another international friendly goal for Klose, this time against Italy in February 2011.

    Not only does Klose finish off an impressive 17-pass move by the Germans, it also highlights his movement as a striker.

    Needing space to collect the pass, watch as Klose steps to his right just before the final pass is played which caused him to escape his marker for a second. 

    One second and one touch is all he required, and the damage was done.


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    Big games require big players to stand and be counted.

    Klose broke Argentinian hearts in the 2006 World Cup when he stooped to head home an 80th minute goal following Lucas Podolski's flick.

    The goal forced extra time, and ultimately penalties, which Germany went on to win and progress to the World Cup semi-finals.

    Klose finished the tournament as the golden boot winner.

    The game later became notorious for the Jens Lehmann note-passing story.


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    In the 2010 World Cup, Germany and Argentina met again, but nobody expected the result that occurred in the quarterfinals.

    Klose came back to haunt the Argentinians for the second World Cup in a row after he scored two goals to put Germany into the semifinals with a 4-0 win.

    Here is his second of those two goals, which highlights Klose's concentration level.

    Despite being up 3-0 already and this being the 89th minute of the game, you could forgive Klose for perhaps taking his eye off the ball or miscontrolling the pass.

    This was not the case, though, as Klose watched it all the way and side-footed home the volley with confidence and assurance.


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    October 2011 saw Klose playing for Lazio in the Serie A derby match against Roma.

    Lazio had lost the last five derby games to Roma, and this one marked Klose's derby debut.

    There was a lot of doubt over whether Klose would start the game due to a knee injury, but he managed to make the starting 11, much to the delight of Lazio fans.

    Klose showed tight control in the box and a ruthless finishing streak as he won the derby match with 20 seconds of stoppage time remaining.

    Cool under pressure was never a more apt phrase, and Klose was a hero.


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    This is quite possibly my favourite of Klose's goals, as the combination of skill, positioning and composure are all combined in one fluid method of control.

    It's just a fantastic piece of individual brilliance.

    Taking into account that this was Klose's first game of the season and his Lazio debut, it has stuck in my mind for a while as one of his standout goals.

    You can't help but be impressed at his sharpness so early in the season and his ability to make Alessandro Nesta look so ordinary.


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    Here is another World Cup goal for Klose, this time against Australia in 2010.

    Klose rose like a salmon to beat the Australian goalkeeper to Phillip Lahm's cross.

    His aerial prowess is definitely one of his deadliest weapons, but it takes bravery to put your head into the danger zone.

    Klose knew there was a chance he might get clattered by the goalkeeper as he went for the ball, but his impressive athleticism meant he rose high and never took his eye off the target.


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    England's defending was woeful, but Klose's desire to get to the ball is a lesson for all youngsters playing the game.

    If you want something bad enough, you have to fight for it.

    Klose battles his way past Matthew Upson, perhaps too easily, but again he is fixed firmly on the ball in front of him and slots it past the slow-to-react goalkeeper.

    Germany went on to win 2-1 in this 2010 World Cup quarterfinal game, which was also notorious for Frank Lampard's goal that never was for England.


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    So there you have it, eight of Miroslav Klose's most beautiful goals.

    People may disagree on the context of what is beautiful, but always remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I have tried to showcase the various talents that Klose has brought to the game of football, and there is no doubting he will go down in history as one of Germany's footballing greats.

    At 33, he is still playing and scoring for Lazio in Serie A, and has amassed an impressive eight goals in 13 games so far this season.

    As one supporter referred to Klose's winning goal in the Rome derby:

     "Santa Klose has given us a huge gift."

    Merry Christmas everybody.

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