Big-Time Athletes Who Are Also Big-Time Hunters

Derek CrouseContributor IIIDecember 6, 2011

Big-Time Athletes Who Are Also Big-Time Hunters

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    This time of the year is big for sports, as well as for hunting across the United States.

    Believe it or not, many professional athletes aren’t always in the gym or watching game film. Most of them have hobbies outside of their sport, and due to their high salaries, they can choose to do just about whatever tickles their fancy.

    While many athletes would choose to relax on the beach or head to Las Vegas and Atlantic City, numerous jocks are sitting in tree stands or ground blinds waiting to fill their tags.

Jared Allen: From Spears to Rifles, He Does It All

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    When Jared Allen isn’t sacking quarterbacks, he is in the woods sacking all types of game.

    He isn’t hesitant to promote hunting with a wide range of weapons. While Allen can be seen with a hunting rifle or bow taking down big game, his other types of weapons are far more primitive.

    He has taken down boars with just a knife and even uses a spear to take down elk. Nothing is more alpha than using a weapon that has been around since hunter-gatherers.

    Allen donates many pounds of the meat he harvests to our military overseas.

Chipper Jones: The Buck and Duck Commander

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    Longtime baseball great Chipper Jones is probably one of the most well known hunters in professional sports. He is a co-host of two hunting shows, Buck Commander and Duck Commander. (Fellow baseball player Adam LaRoche is also a co-host of Buck Commander.)

    Chipper even has a working game ranch in Texas called The Double Dime Ranch.

    Trophy white tail deer, dove, Rio Grande turkey, bob white quail, ducks, bobcat, badger, Javelina and hogs are all native to the Double Dime. It has a rifle range, skeet shooting and even stocked ponds for fishing.

    If Chipper Jones isn’t on a baseball field, he is in a grass field doing a little spot and stalk. In addition, he has built some legendary over-the-top hunting blinds.

    Texas is at the forefront of states that promote hunting as a popular pastime.

Shawn Michaels Found His New Love After Retirement

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    Even pro wrestling stars are pushing the sport of game hunting.

    WWE legend Shawn Michaels might not be drop-kicking opponents anymore, but he’s dropping animals just as effectively. Michaels is hosting a new show called Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures on the Outdoor Channel.

    Mostly hunting the Yukon Territory in Canada, he has encountered all types of hunting situations with as much passion as he had in the squared circle.

    Oddly enough, Michaels has not been a lifetime hunting aficionado. It wasn’t a tradition that was passed down from his family. He actually learned the craft on his own and uses it to spend quality time with his family and friends.          

    Michaels recently told The Republican, "For me, there was a call to the outdoors. It’s a life that works for me, that works for my family. We enjoy every second of it—we get to spend time with each other, appreciate the simple things in life and that works for us."

Athletes Who Hunt Helps Promote Our 2nd Amendment Rights

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    As with sports, hunting is a large part of the fabric of our culture and society. Hopefully, some of these star athletes will help support and promote our 2nd Amendment rights.

    While many athletes tend to shy away from social issues, the gun issue is at the forefront of the political debate right now and athletes can influence people who never have even thought of going on an expedition of our country.

    Some other notable athletes who are avid hunters are Karl Malone, Justin Tuck, Brett Favre, Mark Buerhle, Brian Urlacher, Barry Larkin and Bobby Knight.

    As a fellow hunter myself, it's good to know that highly-paid athletes are still grounded and humbled by the beautiful and majestic sport of hunting!

    Do some research; maybe one of your favorite athletes is one of the many who is a sportsman as well.


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