Peebowing vs. Tebowing: Breaking Down the Latest Crazes Among NFL Fans

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 30, 2011

We have lost our damned minds. But I have to say, it looks pretty funny though. 

As quickly as you can say Tim Tebow drops back and overthrows ... a meme was born. The world was smitten with this thrower of long balls and kneeler of prayers. Just as Tebow gets down to pray for just about any occasion, so too did the world to mock him. Tebowing was born. 

And sports really hasn't been the same since. 

Why stop there, though? The answer to the next great meme came when San Diego Chargers kicker Nick Novak couldn't "hold it" in a game recently, against Tebow's Broncos no less. 

As we all know, kickers are really just dumb little kids wrapped up in a professional athletes' body. Strike that, most of these guys have the bodies of out of work figure skaters, but the kids' sentiment applies as they can't be counted on to do their job and they pick the worst times to pee. 

Novak chose mid-game to go number one and had an assistant there to cover him while he whipped out his Willis McGahee and peed. Thus, the art of Peebowing was born. 

Now we have to delve into the ultimate question. Which pastime rules? When do you drop and give a Tebow, or a Peebow? These are all good questions that we could waste months on. 

Tebowing: There really is nothing like the original. You can Tebow just about anywhere, except the middle of a men's bathroom. Awkwardness may ensue. 

Just about anyone on planet Earth has heard of Tebow. If not, let them be. They are living a charmed life that we could all only dream of living. 

That's why Tebow is the classic that will endure the test of time. Someday, 50 years from now, I will drop to one knee after breaking my walking cane. That's when a passerby will proclaim, "Hey, he's Tebowing."

Peebowing: Like the comedy of Steven Wright or the nuances of Weekend at Bernie's II, only a certain amount of people are going to get what Peebowing is. 

This takes a knowledge of Nick Novak and his epic distribution of bodily fluids during a nationally televised game. That means you will have to be an uber sports nerd, which I respect. Just don't Peebow during your weekly office meeting and expect everyone to get it. 

You know what? Forget that. Peebow whenever you damn well please. Both of these acts are stress relievers that you can have for free. 

So celebrate the losing of our collective minds by dropping to one knee. The best part of Tebowing is it can easily become a Peebow; you only need a friend. 

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