Craig Hartsburg Is What's Wrong with the Ottawa Senators

Max PowerContributor IDecember 19, 2008

Wasn't this the coach who promised accountability?

The problem of team bonding lies squarely with the coach and captain. They are the leaders.

But this coach gives Antoine Vermette and Mike Fisher 20-plus minutes of ice time, when they clearly don't deserve it. Meanwhile, a guy like Shean Donovan getting four minutes while working his ass off will cause hard feelings within the team.

Cody Bass doing everything asked of him, then getting two minutes of ice time, made a healthy scratch, or sent to Bingo, will make him bitter.

Chris Schubert's bitterness is self explanatory.

There is no incentive to work hard when you do, then get scratched or minimal ice time. There is no incentive to work hard when you float, and get 20 minutes. Lazy play is rewarded and hard work is punished. Nice coaching.

This coach sucks and the captain should have spoken up to him.

This is essentially the same team who went to the Stanley Cup final two seasons ago minus a few spare parts up front and the defensivee corps. Granted, the defense back then was more mobile, but this group is better defensively. Call it a wash.

But all of the sudden, these same forwards can't score?

There is a distinct lack of effort and teamwork evident on this team—and that is a coaching issue. This coach is sending mixed and misguided messages at his players and pissing them off in droves. They don't want to work for him. It is obvious.

I would love to see some stability in the coaching ranks of the Senators, but this hiring was another mistake. Bryan Murray seems quite adept and making player moves, but sucks royal ass at hiring coaches. I hated the John Paddock signing and hated the Craig Hartsburg signing even more. Both coaches are proven losers at the NHL level.

This team needs a Ted Nolan, Pat Quinn, Bob Hartley or Pat Burns. My personal fave is old Burns. He's local, has a winning history, the Jack Adams Trophy, and has beaten cancer. If he can't get them going, no one can.

A decent coach, a puck-moving defenseman and a decent second-line forward, and this team is a contender again.

Just my two cents. Something has to be done.

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