NFL Fact or Fiction: Tim Tebow Is Here to Stay

Cody MeadowsCorrespondent INovember 18, 2011

NFL Fact or Fiction: Tim Tebow Is Here to Stay

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    Tim Tebow is the most frequently discussed player in the National Football League.

    No matter what channel I turn to on my TV, good old Timmy Tebow is there to greet me! ESPN's First Take has turned into the Skip Bayless show, and he has a man crush on Tebow. He defends the man like a mother defends her children.

    Just yesterday Bayless posted this tweet: :John Fox shot down my theory that he's trying to sabotage Tebow by saying you don't pour sugar in Ferrari. He's pouring BAGS in this one.He's comparing Tim Tebow to a Ferrari!

    Mr. Bayless aside, I half expect to walk out my front door and see Tebow. He is simply being talked about like a national hero by most people. I can't wait to hear the announcers during tonight's Thursday night football game between the Denver Broncos and New York Jets. If the Broncos win this game, Jets coach Rex Ryan will likely explode. 

    You also have plenty of Tebow haters. To be very honest, I'm tired of hearing about him and never was a fan of his. I do respect him for winning games, nobody can deny his success in college especially.

    So, is Tim Tebow going to have a long NFL career, or is he going to be gone as fast as he came?

    Let's decide.

Who Is Tim Tebow?

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    Tim Tebow had a very different childhood than a lot of athletes growing up, and is lucky to have born at all.

    Tebow was born in Makati City in the Philippines, where his parents were serving as Christian Baptist missionaries at the time. His father is a pastor too, so their lives revolved around religion.

    While his mother was pregnant with Tim, she suffered a life-threatening infection and went into a coma. Because of the drugs used to bring her out of a coma, they expected a stillbirth and recommended an abortion to protect his mother's life. She refused the abortion, and she and Tim made it through.

    To make things even more interesting, Tebow was the youngest of five brothers and sisters. All of them were home schooled by Mrs. Tebow. Tim played linebacker and tight end at the local Trinity Christian Academy for one season. He wanted to leave this school because they weren't a passing team, and he wanted to be a quarterback.

    He decided to attend Nease High School, which was known for having a passing offense. With the rest of his family living on a farm in Duval County Florida, Tim and his mother moved into an apartment in nearby St. Johns County. Like most high schools they had to live in the district for him to play there.

    As a junior at Nease High School, Tebow was named the state of Florida's Player of the Year. He held the same honor his senior season. During his senior season he led the Nease Panthers to a state title, earned All-State honors, was named Florida's Mr. Football and a Parade magazine high school All-American. Tebow ended his high school career with 9,810 passing yards, 3,186 rushing yards, 95 passing touchdowns and 62 rushing touchdowns. 

Fact: Tim Tebow Is a Proven Winner

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    Love him or hate him, Tim Tebow wins everywhere he goes. To quote Charlie Sheen, Tebow is "winning"!

    I don't know if he has Tiger Blood or Adonis DNA, but he is a proven winner. He won it all in high school, and was a part of multiple BCS National Championship victories while playing with the Florida Gators. Although he didn't start in the 2007 BCS National Championship Game against Ohio State, he was a big part of the victory. He threw for one touchdown and rushed for another, finishing with 39 rushing yards.

    He started for the Gators during the 2007 season. Tebow recorded at least one rushing and passing touchdown in every game played, and he raised his record for total touchdowns accounted for in a single season to 55. He had 32 passing touchdowns, and 23 rushing touchdowns.  

    He also won the Heisman Trophy following the season on Dec. 8, 2007. He finished the regular season as the only player in FBS history to rush and pass for at least 20 touchdowns in both categories in the same season. Tebow's rushing TD total in the 2007 season is the most recorded for any position in SEC history. The total also set the record for most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in FBS history.

    After all of this success, it's hard to count the guy out this early in his NFL career. Especially since he has already led the Denver Broncos to three wins in the last five games. One of these was an amazing comeback against the Miami Dolphins.

    Down 15-0 with three minutes to go, he led the team to an 18–15 victory in overtime. It was the first time in NFL history a team was behind by 15 or more points and came back to win with three minutes or less remaining in a game.

Fiction: Tim Tebow Is a Genuinely Nice Guy

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    As much as Tim Tebow would like everyone to believe he is a true gentleman, I don't believe it. There were multiple times during his collegiate career that I saw him in opponents' faces, seemingly taunting them.

    After one game, I believe the 2010 Sugar Bowl against the Cincinnati Bearcats, I remember him doing the "gator chomp" in the face of a defender after the game. This was his last career game, so I can understand him being excited, but come on!

    Whichever game it was, my friends and I couldn't believe the way Tebow acted. A guy as religious and seemingly nice as he is should be humble. At least show some sportsmanship for your opponents.

    I just can't buy what he has been selling for the last few years. I picture him after interviews with the media laughing at everyone who believes his act!

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I know I'm not alone in my beliefs regarding Tebow. He just comes across as fake to me. 

Fact: Tim Tebow Is a Great Teammate

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    Previous slide aside, I think Tim Tebow would be a great teammate and leader.

    While I think he is disingenuous in ways previously mentioned, there is no question his teammates like and respect him. He had control of the huddle at Florida, and he does as a rookie with the Denver Broncos. His teammates embrace him win or lose, and expect to win with him on the field. You can tell they trust in him already.

    When his teammates do something well, he runs over and lets them know. When they mess up, he pats them on the back and encourages them to let it go.

    He has all of the qualities you want in a teammate and more. This is something you can't teach and is one of the reasons he has been so successful. 

    This certainly can't hurt his chances at succeeding in the NFL.

Fiction: Tim Tebow Is an NFL Quarterback

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    Despite being drafted in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft, Tim Tebow has proven that he isn't an NFL quarterback. What he is though, is a legitimate NFL player. At 6'3" 236 pounds, Tebow would be better suited as a fullback. He is the most talented FB in the NFL!

    My statement is a fact, just take a look at Tebow's statistics.

    So far this season, Tebow has completed just 47 of 105 passes for a horrible 44.8 completion percentage. On top of these bad numbers, he has only passed for 605 yards, just 5.76 yards a pass. The good thing is he has thrown seven touchdowns with only one interception.

    He has done very well running the football so far this season. Tebow has rushed the ball 48 times, gaining 320 yards for an average of 6.7 yards per carry. He has also scored twice.

    As you can see, he has more rush attempts than pass completions. When the Denver Broncos end Tebow's quarterback experiment, I hope they keep him and move him to running back or fullback.

    I truly believe he would be valuable in this role and can only improve as a runner. He has always run the ball a lot, so if he learned how to read his offensive line and focus on what he is best at he would be better off.

Fact: Tim Tebow Was Born to Be a Leader

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    This may sound stupid, but I believe what I'm about to tell you. People are a product of their environment whether good or bad. Some people don't have a chance the minute they are born into a bad situation, and others are destined to succeed in life.

    Tim Tebow was raised by two strong-willed people. His father is a pastor and his mother is the daughter of a U.S. Army colonel. His parents obviously raised him right, and it shows. Even though I don't believe he is exactly how he acts for the media, I do believe his family values are in the right place. His parents aren't followers, they are leaders. Both of them are missionaries and obviously believe in helping others. Tebow was raised to do the same thing.

    He cares for others and is a strong Christian. He wore Bible verses in his eye-black during each college game. He wants to influence others and leads by example. This is a strong characteristic for anybody, but is great for a quarterback. If he lasts a long time in the NFL, his ability to be a leader will be a large reason why. 

Fiction: Tim Tebow Has a Good Team Around Him

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    One of the main reasons why Tim Tebow is set up to fail is that his supporting cast is poor. Injuries and just plain average players around Tebow could be his downfall. Perhaps this is all the master plan of GM (and whatever else he wants to be) John Elway?

    He has made it pretty clear that he isn't a Tebow guy, so perhaps he doesn't want to give him superstar help. The Broncos traded their best receiver Brandon Lloyd to the St. Louis Rams the week they named Tebow the starter. 

    Running backs Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno both went down with injuries in last week's victory over a hapless Kansas City Chief squad. The Broncos third-string running back, Lance Ball had 30 carries for 96 yards. At that rate, he will be worn down or injured soon as well.

    Wide receiver Eric Decker is Tebow's favorite target, and he's basically a tight end. Decker is a decent player but would get near the looks if Tebow had some skilled WRs at his disposal. After Decker, Tebow has Daniel Fells, Matt Willis and Eddie Royal. Not exactly an all-star lineup is it?

    If Tebow is expected to succeed, he needs help.

Fact: Tim Tebow's Will to Win Is Second to None

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    Tim Tebow will do anything he can to help his team win a football game. Any grown man who cries after losses like he has his entire career undoubtedly hates to lose. He leaves absolutely every ounce of strength and energy he has on the football field.

    His passion and love for the game of football reminds me of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. He is also an emotional guy who has the heart of a lion. Guys like this don't grow on trees, something inside of them makes them winners. You could put a pack of wolves on the goal line and cover Tim Tebow in blood and he would get into the endzone.

    When Tebow loses a game, you can see the pain on his face and hear it in his voice. Having him as your quarterback will give the entire team that same passion and attitude. This team trusts in Tim Tebow and feeds off of his energy. This is where quarterback Kyle Orton failed this team. He got flustered way too easily, and his erratic play showed this. 

    As soon as Tebow took the field, you could see the attitude change.

The Verdict

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    After reading all of this information, one thing remains certain.

    To be a successful quarterback in the National Football League, you have got to be an accurate passer. Tim Tebow is about as inaccurate as it gets, and has horrible throwing mechanics. He throws the football like it is a baseball, and takes even longer to throw the ball than another big windup guy, veteran quarterback Byron Leftwich.

    This wasn't my question though. The question is, can Tim Tebow last in the NFL? Will he have a long career, or will he be a pastor in a couple of years?

    All things considered, I believe Tebow can have a long NFL career. He won't be a quarterback, but that doesn't matter. Some team will use him to run the football and throw in a few trick plays that will allow him to throw the ball. If he is willing to make this transition he will be successful.

    If he is stubborn like former Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart, he will be average for a while and then be a backup or cut completely.

    Whether Tebow succeeds or not is on him, and I think he will.


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