Trade Vernon Wells to the New York Yankees...NOW

David Aaron LindsayContributor IDecember 18, 2008

It's been well documented that, this offseason, the New York Yankees have been seeking a new CF. There had been several reports over the past week that the Yankees had reached an agreement with the Milwaukee Brewers to acquire Mike Cameron. Now today, there are several reports out stating that those talks are now dead.

Now, I realize that the main alternative being speculated about is that the Yankees will now make a push for Ramirez and move Damon back to CF. I, however, would propose a different alternative.

The Toronto Blue Jays should make a concerted effort to trade them Vernon Wells now. The will likely be a very small window of opportunity here, as I am sure the Yankees will solve the CF dilemma at some point this offseason.

Wells' contract is brutal and is absolutely handcuffing the Jays from addressing their other needs. They already have a very good replacement for Wells in Alexis Rios. There is a glut of corner OF's available in the free agent market this year, so replacing Rios in RF should not be prohibitively difficult.

Whereas I suspect the list of teams that could absorb most, if not all, of Wells' contract, is probably a list of One; the Yankees.

I'm not even advocating that the Jays seek prospects in return. If it were up to me, I would literally take a bullpen catcher in return if the Jays could expunge the Wells contract from their books.

This is not a case of what he would net the Jays in return, but a case of the flexibility they would gain to address areas of greater need by the money they would be saving.

This sort of thing might be hard for some Jays' fans to swallow. It would be trading with a hated division rival.

To some people, it may seem like the white flag for 2009. But as I have already stated, I feel confident in the assumption that unless we were willing to eat $10 million a year, there aren't any other teams that would be interested, and if we had to eat that much of the contract we might as well keep him.

Secondly, it wouldn't be as much of a white flag as some might initially think. We have a CF already plus we'd have the financial freedom to try and address the rotation as well as our shortcomings at shortstop. So there it is, my brief proposal for the trading of Vernon Wells to the New York Yankees.


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