20 Best Goal-Cam and Penalty-Box Videos from the NHL and Beyond

Matthew FairburnCorrespondent INovember 3, 2011

20 Best Goal-Cam and Penalty-Box Videos from the NHL and Beyond

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    Joffrey Lupul brought the action right into living rooms across North America last week when a goal he scored smashed the goal cam.

    Lupul joined esteemed company who have accomplished that feat, but the goal cam isn't the only camera in the building that catches some interesting action. A fair share of entertaining shots come from the penalty-box camera as well.

    Take a look at hockey's best moments from the goal cam and the penalty box.

Trash Talk

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    Why not start the action with some goofy trash talk? Both of these players don't have much to boast about, so they make fun of one another for playing in this lowly Austrian league.

Mats Sundin Breaks the Camera

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    Mats Sundin was not pleased with the call the officials made, so he let his frustration loose on the camera in the penalty box.

Dave Manson Toys with the Camera

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    Dave Manson is embarrassed. His team is getting smashed, and he just took a penalty, so he doesn't want to be filmed. Thus, he cleverly uses the knob of his stick to shield himself from view.

Jack Johnson Getting Stared Down

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    Jack Johnson has faced some intimidating players and fans during his career, but this kid could be the most intimidating.

Gilmour Breaks the Glass

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    Plenty of hockey players have slammed the door on their way into the penalty box. However, not many slam it hard enough to shatter the glass.

Domi Fights a Fan

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    It's all fun and games until a fan winds up in the box with Tie Domi.

Don't Mess with Getzlaf

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    Generally, messing with Ryan Getzlaf will result in more serious consequences than a splash of Gatorade in the face. This fan got lucky.

AHL Fight

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    AHL players will fight with anybody. In this instance, a fan from Manchester got all that he pad for and more with a brawl with an AHL player.

Sending Him to the Box

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    A couple of IHL players were going at it when one of them had seen enough and decided to take matters into his own hands, sending his opponent flying into the penalty box and continuing the fight from there.

Penalty-Box Fight

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    The announcer's call says it all. "They're in the penalty box, and that's not going to be good for anyone."

Can't Break These 2 Up

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    Perhaps the pane of glass separating these two should have been a bit taller or thicker.

Border War

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    Eric Lindros and Chris Chelios went at it repeatedly throughout the 1996 World Cup. The penalty-box camera caught a nice interaction between the two.

Camera Man Gets Hit

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    Ryan Miller was attempting to clear the puck, but instead the puck found a hole in the glass and drilled the camera man in the face. Luckily, he was just fine.

Scott Nichol Crashes into the Goal Cam

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    Scott Nichol got sent flying into the net, and the goal cam was able to get a great shot of it. Unfortunately, Nichol did some damage to the camera on this one.

Tough Luck

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    This shot was bizarre. After a deflection, the puck takes off and hits the overhead camera that is behind the net. There goes another $500 camera.

Water Bottle Shot

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    The water bottle shot is always a great accomplishment. It's even better when the bottle smashes and the camera gets a really neat shot of it.

Guy Hebert Can't Protect the Camera

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    Guy Hebert made a ton of saves for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, but on this shot, Hebert was unable to protect the fancy equipment behind him.

Tip in Goal-Cam Shot

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    Plenty of players have shot the puck into the net to break the goal cam. But Tomas Holmstrom had the precision/luck to tip the puck and crush the lens.

Lupul Shatters the Cam

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    The most recent addition to this list, Joffrey Lupul punishes the goal cam on this one. As technology improves, these shots become even more fun to watch.

Ovechkin Breaks the Camera

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    Here is yet another list that Ovechkin tops. With the number of goals Ovechkin scores, it comes as no surprise that he has broken a goal cam.


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