My Thoughts On Wladimir Klitschko vs. Hasim Rahman

EJ ClaudioCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2008

On Dec. 13, we will witness another Heavyweight matchup pitting the divisions best and a former champion. Wladimir Klitschko will take on "The Rock" Hasim Rahman. Wlad has been a force in the division and has been unbeaten in four years. The Rock lost to Oleg Maskaev in 2006 where he lost the WBC title.

This should be an interesting fight, unlike what others say, because Rahman will always have that devastating right hand to stop Wlad and looking at their latest press conference photos, Rahman seems to be in shape this time around.

I won't be depending on their looks for my prediction, that's why I will be breaking down the two fighters strengths and weaknesses.


"Dr. Steel Hammer" Wladimir Klitschko

He has a very accurate left jab that sets up his massive right cross. Wlad is a thinking fighter, which makes him very dangerous.

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Often, people complain that he is boring but what they don't know is that Wlad is methodically breaking down his enemy to get a KO in the later rounds. He doesn't force the KO like he used to do. He learned his lesson when he got KO'd by Lamon Brewster.

He knows how to fight inside and can be very lethal in the inside as well. He knows when to clinch whenever he is in trouble. His defense can be rated as average. He learned to pace himself so he won't lose steam in the later rounds. Manny Steward has turned Wlad into a patient and methodical boxer.

"The Rock" Hasim Rahman

Rahman, like Wlad, has the same strength. They both possess a powerful jab and his famous right hand that KO'd Lennox Lewis is his main weapon. He has great timing and is very aggressive in attacking with his power punches. The Rock knows when to turn on the heat on his opponents and tries to finish them off when he senses they are hurt.


In the strengths department, I would like to say that the edge goes to the champion, Wladimir Klitschko. I believe that Wlad has a stronger punch and is a better offensive and defensive fighter. He has a better trainer as well, which one of his strengths. Manny Steward knows Wlad very well and knows what his fighter can do.


"Dr. Steel Hammer" Wladimir Klitschko

You guessed it right! His chin.

It is always fun to watch Wlad because you can never tell what will happen. He has been down several times in his career that is why most critics view him as a "chinny" fighter. Because of that, I think his confidence changes with every fight. Sometimes you would see him very nervous inside the ring and it hampers his decision making during the fight.

"The Rock" Hasim Rahman

The main flaw of Hasim is his conditioning. He always starts good and always comes up short in the end because he tends to gas out. Also, Rahman doesn't show great defense as he always gets hit too many times in a fight.

His fight against Zuri Lawrence and Taurus Sykes will show that he needs to tighten up his defense. Hasim has been KO'd before but I think he has a stronger chin than Wlad.


With all that being said, I guess in this department, Hasim Rahman has the edge. Wlad's flaw, which is his chin, is more vulnerable. The Rock's flaws can be improved. His can be taught how to defend better and his team can improve his conditioning. But Wlad's chin cannot be repaired. You can't make it tougher. So I think Wlad is more in danger.


I predict that this will be a very competitive fight at the start, with Hasim showing us some flashes of brilliance but it will be cut short because of Wlad's superior boxing skills. Hasim will have a hard time landing his power punches as Wlad jabs his face using his height advantage.

I predict that Wlad will KO Hasim in the eighth round in an entertaining fight.