Chris Johnson and the 8 Most Disappointing NFL Players in 2011

Andrew Dunn@atdu222Correspondent IINovember 1, 2011

Chris Johnson and the 8 Most Disappointing NFL Players in 2011

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    Fantasy owners in particular hate to see lists like this, as they wish they obviously wish they could see them before the season starts. Some of these guys had fantasy owners doing anything to have them.

    We're now roughly halfway through the season, and we are scratching our heads thanks to quite a few athletes.

    Who in the world could have seen CJ2K being this terrible? Unfortunately, this is the cruel world of football, and it seems to happen every year.

    Overall, these eight guys are the ones who really surprised all of us by being the ultimate underachievers.

8. Donovan McNabb

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    The expectations for Donovan McNabb coming into 2011 fluctuated based on whom you talked to. Some thought he could lead the Vikings to a decent season; others expected exactly what has happened.

    McNabb hasn't been awful as a whole, but he's not been what we know to be effective. After six games, he was sent to the bench and is now watching rookie Christian Ponder under center.

    Given what he once was, it's hard to believe how far from grace McNabb has fallen. I was one of the naive ones I suppose, as I thought he could at least keep the Vikings competitive.

    As it turns out, he was able to muster only four touchdowns through six games and throw for only 1,026 yards. This may be the last we see of McNabb.

7. DeAngelo Williams

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    DeAngelo Williams was once a prominent back in the NFL. That was in 2008, and he's fallen hard since that time.

    He's only run for 363 yards this season and a single touchdown. Granted, this could be because of Cam Newton's impressive play, but even when given prime opportunities, Williams has struggled mightily.

    Besides two decent games this season, Williams has barely managed to average more than a couple yards per carry. His speed and agility is almost lost in and of itself.

    With Cam Newton running the show and Johnathon Stewart outplaying him, DeAngelo Williams' new five-year, $43 million deal (with $21 million in guaranteed money) definitely seems unjustified at this point in his career.

6. Shonn Greene

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    Shonn Greene is not only disappointing in 2011, he's just disappointing in general.

    He's failed to impress at any point (except for the 2009 playoffs) in his career. This is the second straight season the former Iowa Hawkeye has been unable to even come close to expectations.

    Greene has two touchdowns and averages 3.8 yards per carry. LaDainian Tomlinson continues to carry the majority of the load.

5. Josh Freeman

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    Josh Freeman had such a good 2010โ€”throwing 25 touchdowns to only six picksโ€”I, along with many others, thought he was well on his way to being one of the elite quarterbacks in the league

    Now, he's already thrown 10 interceptions in just seven games. The Bucs had a much-needed week off in Week 8.

    Freeman just isn't throwing the same. His throws are seemingly rushed and he seems stiff in the pocket. His ability to move around is nowhere near what it was last year; and the same can be said of his accuracy.

    Some guys like Freeman can blame injuries and such for their issues. However, this isn't the issue for Freeman, as something has been wrongly rewired over the offseason.

4. Kevin Kolb

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    The NFL analysts and experts saw something in this guy for years leading up to his trade to Arizona. I never once saw their reasoning or logic as to why Kevin Kolb was any good.

    His first two NFL games were good, but he's not had more than one good game since that time. He's injury-prone, makes a lot of mistakes, and is less than mobile in the pocket.

    In 2011, he's thrown for just over 1,705 yards while throwing for eight touchdowns and eight interceptions.

    Everyone in Phoenix thought that their quarterback concerns were over. I mean it when I say I'd be more willing to try to develop Max Hall than continue throwing the unproven Kevin Kolb out there.

3. Sam Bradford

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    Sam Bradford has thrown three touchdowns in 2011. Three.

    He's been marred by injuries for the last couple games, but even before then, Bradford has looked bad. His throws have been erratic and he can't buy any protection, which further adds to why he's been a disappointment.

    Bradford showed quite a lot of potential last season, as he threw for over 3,500 yards and came one game short of the NFC West title. In 2011, he's looked like a completely different quarterback.

    Between the injuries and his preceding struggles, his stock is only continuing to plummet.

2. Peyton Hillis

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    The Madden Curse has struck yet again.

    Peyton Hillis has seen the field in only four games this year, and has only accumulated 211 yards. This comes after he amassed 1,177 yards in 2010.

    Hillis has been marred by illness and injuries so far, and this has left the Browns without their star powerhouse. After a breakout season, it's been a shame to see a player fall so far.

    Even when he's been healthy, Hillis just hasn't been the same guy. It appeared he'd lost some of his power and ability to see ahead of him. Time will tell if he can climb back into prominence.

1. Chris Johnson

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    After seven games in 2009, Chris Johnson had collected 828 yards on the ground; after seven games in 2010, he had 662 yards; seven games into 2011, Johnson has 302 yards (101 of which came in one game). He's scored once.

    He averaged 13.5 fantasy points per game in 2010, and is at 6.5 in 2011. Overall, nothing is going right for CJ2K.

    He's not motivated and didn't have any offseason practice to properly prepare him for regular season duty. He was often the top guy on the list of draft boards, and he's left many fantasy owners incredibly disappointed.

    It's not often you see the preseason crown jewel become a bottom feeder.


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