5 NFL Players Whose Autobiographies We Would Most Want to Read

Doug ZerjalContributor IIOctober 26, 2011

5 NFL Players Whose Autobiographies We Would Most Want to Read

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    Any NFL player probably endured a long and hard journey to get to the NFL.

    However, there are several stories of NFL players that probably stand out above the rest. There are stories that every football fan would love to know the "ins" and "outs" of.

    Here are five NFL players whose autobiographies we would most want to read.

Tim Tebow

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    There are many NFL fans that hate Tim Tebow. There are many fans that love and adore Tebow. 

    With that in mind, a Tebow autobiography would be a huge hit for both the football fan and for those who respect Tebow’s devout Christian beliefs.

    Tebow’s firsthand account of his career at Florida, the intense scrutiny he endured leading up to the NFL Draft and his career in the NFL would be a fascinating read from a football perspective.

    Tebow’s account of his mission work overseas and other Christian ideas would probably also be an interesting read for fans of Christian athletes.

Jeremy Maclin

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    Maclin grew up without his father. He was raised mostly by a foster family in Missouri.

    Despite those obstacles, Maclin rose to stardom at both the University of Missouri and the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Readers always appreciate stories of people who overcame personal setbacks to reach great heights. Maclin’s story would be no exception.

Tom Brady

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    Tom Brady’s football life would be a great read. He’s the most decorated quarterback of his generation, with three Super Bowl titles.

    That’s not why his autobiography would be a great read, though.

    It really depends on how far Brady would go in his tell-all. If Brady detailed his nightlife exploits and his years of dating supermodels, many men would run at the opportunity to read his words.

Randy Moss

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    Of all the people on this list, Randy Moss’ autobiography might have the best potential for a great book.

    He originally was destined to play at Notre Dame. He then ended up at Marshall.

    His stock plummeted during the lead up to the 1998 NFL Draft until Minnesota took him in the mid first round.

    Moss’ NFL career is legendary. He set the league on fire in his 1998 rookie season, leading the Vikings to a 15-1 record. He is one of the greatest vertical threats in NFL history.

    He also had numerous problems in Minnesota, Oakland, New England, Minnesota (again) and Tennessee throughout his career. People questioned his work ethic everywhere he went.

    It would be a tremendous look inside one of football’s most controversial players.

Aaron Rodgers

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    Someday, Rodgers will write his autobiography. Every football fan would instantly turn to the pages where Rodgers talks about Brett Favre openly. That’s the information that people are really interested in.

    It would also be fun to learn of Rodgers’ college journey. Rodgers spent time at a JUCO school before going to Cal.