Tim Tebow: 5 Things His Haters Will Say About the Broncos QB's Debut

Matt King@TheRealMattKingFeatured ColumnistOctober 23, 2011

Tim Tebow: 5 Things His Haters Will Say About the Broncos QB's Debut

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    Tim Tebow just wins football games.

    At least that's what all Tebow defenders will say. Today's comeback win against the Miami Dolphins will provide fans of the Broncos QB with enough intangible ammunition to last at least another week.

    But we already know how the people who love Tim Tebow will react. It's the people who can't stand him that are the most fun.

    Whether it's the scouts who harp on his mechanics or whether it's the people who just don't like him, nobody quite gets a rise out of the haters like Tim Tebow.

    So let's get a jump on the fun and figure out the five things that all of his detractors will say after this week.

No. 5: It's Just the Miami Dolphins

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    That's a fair point. The Dolphins are the odds on favorites to be the worst team in the NFL this year and win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

    Yet Tebow needed a 4th quarter comeback, an onside kick, and a 50-yard field goal in overtime to get the win.

    That's not exactly making it happen.

No. 4: He Did All His Work Against a Soft, Cover 4 Defense

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    Tebow was average at best for most of the game, but with the Dolphins going to a Cover 4 defense with a 14-point lead, he was able to pick them apart.

    Going to a conservative prevent defense with the lead is one of the biggest mistakes teams make, and this was no exception. Tebow did what any good QB in the league would do and made them pay for playing it safe.

    Let's see how he does against a defense that stays tough the whole game.

3. They Wouldn't Have Needed a Comeback If He Didn't Suck Most of the Game

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    Let's be real here. If you had turned off your TV with four minutes to go in the game, you would have left thinking that Tim Tebow was terrible.

    Sure, the team around him played like crap, but Tebow himself was nothing special. If he would have played even a mediocre game, the Broncos wouldn't have needed a miracle-like comeback and an overtime victory.

    The only reason they were in that position in the first place was because Tebow put them in that position with his play.

No. 2: His Mechanics Still Stink

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    Even on some of Tebow's finest plays, the ball looked like a dying duck. Sure it ended up in the right place, but man was that ugly.

    Those same mechanics led to Tebow missing receivers, making bad reads and having to make up for things with his feet early in the game.

    All that was forgiven when he made up for it at the end of the game, but that's exactly the sort of thing he's not going to be able to get away with later on in his career.

No. 1: He Got Lucky

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    When it's all said and done, this is the mainstay that all Tebow haters come back to every time he wins a game.

    And they'd have a pretty good argument, too.

    As I mentioned before, Tebow needed a late onside kick recovery as well as some crucial turnovers by the Dolphins and still needed a massive 52-yard field goal to get the win.

    He was lucky, plain and simple. Doesn't mean that he wasn't pretty good at the end of the game, but he needed a massive dose of luck to come away with the W.