Prince Fielder: Why Chicago Cubs Must Sign Brewers All-Star

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IIOctober 17, 2011

Prince Fielder: Why Chicago Cubs Must Sign Brewers All-Star

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    On Sunday night, the St. Louis Cardinals eliminated Prince Fielder and the surging Milwaukee Brewers. There was more to this game though then just making the World Series though. It also had to do with keeping talent.

    It is no secret that Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols will be the two biggest names in free agency. Both teams would like to keep their star slugger, so nothing would convince them to stay more than making the World Series.

    With the Cardinals getting that spot, it looks even more likely that the face of the Cardinals' organization will likely be sticking around for awhile more.

    What does that mean for the Brewers and Prince Fielder? Well, Fielder made it pretty clear earlier in the season that he believes this could be his last season in Milwaukee, and sure enough, it likely is.

    The best fit for Fielder now is to the Chicago Cubs where newly hired general manager Theo Epstein will be able to build around the all star first baseman and young stud Starlin Castro.

    Here are five reasons why the Chicago Cubs must sign Fielder.

1. He Is a Lefty

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    The Chicago Cubs are always looking for a great lefty bat. Wrigley Field hosts a lot of home runs, and no wall is shorter then the one in right field.

    Currently, the Chicago Cubs have one lefty as an every day starter. That is Carlos Pena, the man that Fielder would replace.

    That being said, the Cubs will likely want to replace Pena with another power hitting lefty. Enter Fielder, who is by far one of the most dangerous lefties in all of baseball.

    In 2011, Fielder hit zero home runs at Wrigley Field. This result may scare away his critics, but obviously his numbers would increase heavily given the consistent opportunity in the friendly confines.

2. It Would Weaken a Division Rival

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    The idea of a star player going to another team within its division has many implications.

    Most importantly, it will likely give the other team a leg up on their division rival. Talent isn't easy to come by, so when someone loses great talent and someone else gains it, their is likely to be a shift in power.

    Now, the Cubs do have much more work to do, but this certainly would be a nice start. If the Brewer's lose Fielder, they are going to be going in the wrong direction no matter what. No better way to take advantage of that then by taking what kept them in the right direction.

    Also, you can't dismiss the impact such a move would have on the rivalry. Brewers and Cubs fan don't like one another already, so a move like this would stir things up even more.

3. Theo Needs to Make a Big Splash

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    Although the transaction is not complete still, the Chicago Cubs new general manager Theo Epstein will likely want to make a big initial splash when he takes over the team.

    To make his impression on the baseball world, he is going to need to offer Prince Fielder a contract he can't refuse, building upon the fact that he could play in a city that would embrace him from the beginning.

    Epstein knows that he has a lot to do, but nothing is more important that showing fans that he is willing to go out and get the big fish.

4. The Cubs Need to "Replace" Aramis Ramirez

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    The most dangerous hitter in the Chicago Cubs lineup is third baseman Aramis Ramirez. That is not taking anything away from Starlin Castro, but he isn't as threatening at each at bat as Ramirez is.

    The Cubs are unlikely to pick up Ramirez $14 million contract extension at the end of the season, and it will be interesting to see how much Ramirez is looking to get since he has made it no secret he wants guaranteed years.

    He will likely give the Cubs their first shot, as he is loyal and enjoys his time in Chicago, but if the asking price is too high, the money could be better spent on a guy like Price Fielder.

    If the Cubs do pass on Ramirez, they will need to replace him with a big bat. If the Cubs can negotiate a pretty good deal with Ramirez, well then you could have quite the power back to back in Ramirez and Fielder.

    This is a situation that Cub fans will need to pay attention to closely as the offseason gets underway.

5. Fielder Is a Great Fielder

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    Prince Fielder may not ever win a Gold Glove, but nonetheless he is a great fielder.

    Over his career, he has been consistent. He has a career fielding percentage of .992. 2011 was lower then 2010 with a percentage of .990, but still, that shouldn't shy away the Cubs.

    More notably, in 160 games in 2010, Fielder had a fielding percentage of .997. Nearly perfect. Fielder possess a big body and he is extremely athletic.

    With the young talent the Cubs are likely to build around Fielder, it is important for them to have a guy who is consistent on the field because as was seen with Starlin Castro last season, they can get a little wild.

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