27 Ugliest Uniforms in NFL History

James TateAnalyst IIIOctober 13, 2011

27 Ugliest Uniforms in NFL History

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    Throwback jerseys can be really cool.  Sometimes it is awesome to see teams donning uniforms from their past.

    However, sometimes these throwback uniforms can lead to some of the most hideous color combinations to ever be seen on an NFL field.  The 2009 Broncos uniforms pictured above are just one of many examples.

The Black Arizona Cardinals Uniform

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    I really do not understand why teams love to come out with a black jersey when black really is not one of their primary colors.  The Cardinals have always had a little bit of black in their color scheme, but it was not a main color.

The 1996 Baltimore Ravens Helmet

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    Look at the logo on the side of that helmet.  I have no idea what it is, but I do know that it is hideous.

    The Ravens made a really good decision to switch to the current logo on their helmets that actually looks like a Raven.

1994 Chicago Bears Throwbacks

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    Now that is ugly.  This is a uniform the Chicago Bears wore back in 1994 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NFL.  I would have tried to find different way to celebrate.

The Tennessee Titans

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    The two-toned blue just is not a good look.  The Titans road jerseys are not as bad, because white is the predominant color.  Their home jerseys are an eyesore.

1970 Cincinnati Bengals

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    Is that the Browns or the Bengals?  Either way, it is an ugly uniform. 

    The Browns have one of the uglier uniforms in the league.  There is no reason to try and copy them unless you are bitter about something, which by all accounts was the reason this uniform so closely resembled the one in Cleveland.

    Photo courtesy SIKids.com.

1970 Houston Oilers

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    All of the uniforms the Houston Oilers wore were pretty ugly, but this one with a silver helmet just looks terrible. 

    It is never a good idea to add a silver helmet to a white jersey in my opinion.  It just makes more sense to go with white.

    Photo courtesy GridironUniforms.com.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    There does not seem to be the need for much commentary on why these uniforms were so ugly. 

    The Buccaneers finally decided to develop a whole new color scheme in the late 1990s.  That has to be part of the reason they finally started winning football games.

Buffalo Bills Red Helmet Era

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    The Bills made the switch from white helmets to red helmets in 1984.  Something about adding a red helmet to that uniform just makes it look worse. 

1994 Arizona Cardinals

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    It is the sun on the sleeve that makes this one so bad for me.  The rest of the uniform is fine.  It looks pretty much exactly like the one they wear today.

    I understand why the logo is there, but it just seems unnecessary.

2004 All Black Atlanta Falcons

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    The Falcons did not violate the rule about adding a black jersey if it is not one of your primary colors.  They have black as a primary color.

    My problem with this combination is that there is just too much black.  There needs to be at least a little bit of contrast.

The Chicago Bears Orange Jerseys

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    Again, not a violation because they did not use one of their primary colors, but that orange is too ugly to be the color of the whole jersey.  It looks much better as an outline on the sleeves and helmets.  

    This was just another in a long list of throwbacks that were terrible ideas.

Cincinnati Bengals All Black

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    The Bengals have one of the uglier uniforms in the league every week.  They take ugly to a whole new level when they wear the black jerseys with the black pants.  

    And what is the deal with the white stripe on the side of the jersey with the Bengal stripe down the pants?

2004 Cleveland Browns

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    The Browns have bad colors.  Brown is ugly.  Burnt orange is ugly.  Putting them together does not make them any better.

    I just cannot figure out how the Browns thought it was a good idea to wear a jersey without any brown on it. 

Dallas Cowboys White Shoulders

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    The Cowboys usually have really good-looking uniforms, but not when it comes to the jerseys with the white shoulders.  It just looks really out of place.  

    Make a choice: wear white or wear navy.  Don't try to do both.

Denver Broncos

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    The thing that is bad about these uniforms is the helmet.  There is just too much going on.  

    We know that you are from Denver.  You do not have to try and throw a letter and a logo on the same helmet.

2007 Detroit Lions Black Jerseys

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    This, again, violates the "jersey that is not one of the primary colors" rule.

    I understand that teams do this in an effort to sell more jerseys.  The funny thing is all it takes is winning more games to sell more jerseys.  You do not have to go with an entire re-design.

2010 Houston Texans All Red Uniforms

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    The red jerseys are ugly enough by themselves.  Putting them with the red pants just takes it to a whole different level.

    The only person who should wear that much red is Santa Claus.

2003 Jacksonville Jaguars All Black

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    The Jaguars have a good color scheme that really should not be messed with.  They are one team that can get away with wearing a black jersey, but that much black just does not look good.

2004 Miami Dolphins All Aqua

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    Aqua is a color that should be used sparingly.  I am not saying that it is not a good-looking color, because it is.

    The Dolphins' aqua jersey looks good with white pants.  The aqua jersey even looks good with orange pants, but aqua jerseys with aqua pants is hideous. 

2009 Miami Dolphins Orange Jerseys

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    Some people might not think these jerseys are that bad, but I hate the color orange.  It really does not look good with anything.

    To me, it is another color that should be used sparingly.  Looking at those jerseys makes my retinas burn.

2010 Baltimore Ravens All Black

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    This is just another case of too much black.  There is no reason that the whole uniform should be the same color.

    I actually really like the Ravens purple jerseys.  They should always wear those if they have no black pants.

2009 Seattle Seahawks Lime Green Jersey

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    Any color that can be described by using the adjective "highlighter" is not a good idea.  There is no other way to describe the color green the Seahawks wore in 2009 than highlighter green.

    There uniforms that just have the touches of the highlighter green in them look really good.  These are hideous.

2009 Denver Broncos

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    Wow.  That is about all that comes to mind when I see those Broncos uniforms.  

    This is another case of taking two terrible colors and putting them together.  That just is not ever going to have a positive outcome.

2009 New York Jets

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    These uniforms were actually worn by the Titans of New York in the AFL in the early 1960s.  That team later became known as the New York Jets.  

    In 2009 the Jets wore these uniforms to honor the 50th anniversary of the AFL.  They were ugly.

2007 Philadelphia Eagles Throwback

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    These were actually the uniforms of the Frankford Yellow Jackets of the 1920s.  Frankford is a section of the northeast part of Philadelphia.  The franchise suspended operations in 1931.

    The Eagles wore these uniforms as a tribute to the professional football team that played in Philadelphia before them back in 2007.  They are really ugly.

Redskins All Red

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    The pants and the jersey just should not be the same color.  That is a rule that holds true no matter what color it is you are talking about.

    The Redskins wore these uniforms in 2008.  That's a lot of burgundy.

Green Bay Packers 1994 Throwback

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    When you think of the Green Bay Packers, you think of tradition.  It seems that almost everything about the Packers has been exactly the same since the franchise came into existence.

    In 1994, they wore these uniforms that look nothing like the green and gold uniforms you expect to see when you sit down to watch the Packers.  I hope we never see them again.