Chicago Blackhawks: 13 Best Fighters in Team History

Tab BamfordSenior Writer IOctober 11, 2011

Chicago Blackhawks: 13 Best Fighters in Team History

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    As an Original Six franchise, the Chicago Blackhawks have a long, colorful history. There have been elite scorers, all-time great defensemen and even a drunk goalie who won a game in the Stanley Cup Finals.

    But in the long history of the Blackhawks, one consistent theme has been tough guys that had no problem dropping the gloves with anyone. Some guys did it to defend a teammate, some guys did it to spark a rally. Others did it because the time had come for blood to be spilled.

    From all of the great fighters in the history of the franchise, here are 13 of the best to ever wear the Indian head sweater. And no, Patrick Kane didn't make the list.

13. Matthew Barnaby

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    Now he works for ESPN, but during his playing days Barnaby was a more-than-willing participant anytime someone wanted to dance. He wasn't a Blackhawk for long (thankfully), but he had a few memorable bouts while he was in Chicago.

12. Stu Grimson

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    Grimson was willing to throw down with anyone, no matter how big they were. In this clip, he hammers away at an all-time fighter, Rob Ray.

11. Reid Simpson

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    A set of rented knuckles that made games interesting during some of the miserable winters in Chicago, Simpson did a nice job of handling his business with some of the game's heavyweights.

10. Ben Eager

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    One of two current NHL players on the list, Eager was always willing to go at it and was a lot of fun to watch when the gloves hit the ice.

9. Bob McGill

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    He did a nice job of hitting as often as he got hit, an underrated part of fighting in the NHL.

8. John Scott

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    I honestly don't know why anyone would want to fight this guy anymore. He's never lost, and rarely do his opponents stay in the box; the dressing room for a quick stitch is a more likely option for most.

7. Curt Fraser

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    He had no fear, and fought anyone anywhere.

6. Mike Peluso

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    In 1991-92, Peluso piled up 408 penalty minutes in only 63 games. You do the math.

5. Dave Manson

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    A willing participant and heavyweight on the ice, Manson stood up for teammates well.

4. Al Secord

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    In 1982-83, Secord had 180 penalty minutes and 54 goals in the same season. Fighting cut short what could have been an elite scoring career.

3. Chris Chelios

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    As any captain must, Chelios defended his teammates well while he was in Chicago.

2. Keith Magnuson

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    He didn't always win his fights, but Maggie was one of the best captains in Hawks history and absolutely always defended a teammate. Consider this: his number is retired, but he scored a total of 14 goals in 589 games. His 1,442 penalty minutes are second in franchise history (Chelios is first).

1. Bob Probert

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    One of the all-time great fighters, Probert brought his knuckles—and underrated hands—to Chicago and continued fighting. Unfortunately, the fighting he did ultimately contributed to Probert dying far too young.

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