The 20 Angriest Coaches in Sports

Matt MartinezCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2011

The 20 Angriest Coaches in Sports

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    All coaches are angry; it's in their nature. They are born arguers who have bullied their way into lucrative positions, and they are constantly dealing with larger than life egos.

    The angriest coaches work in the most violent sport on the planet—football. They have the buffer room to shout obscenities from afar without risking a flag.

    Baseball managers give them a run for their money, though. Their antics are seen by all. Fans love seeing their manager run out on the field. There is something about watching someone's blood boil that gets every spectator pumped up.

    Let's take a look at the angriest of the angry. Here are the 20 angriest coaches in sports.

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20. Jon Gruden

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    Aside from Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden had the best scowl in the NFL. His furrowed brow and lightning eyes chewed out both his players and referees for a decade.

    Now, his stern stare can be seen on ESPN as an NFL analyst. Gruden was a fiery guy, and it's only a matter of time before he's a head coach in the NFL again.

19. Mike Stoops

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    Bob's little brother, Mike, has a reason to be angry: He has a 41-49 record as a head coach.

    He's turned it around a bit in Arizona. Over the past three seasons, he has made three bowl games and won once. This year is shaping up like the old Mike, though—his Wildcats are 1-4 in 2011.

    It seems like every time the camera is on Stoops, he is yelling at an official. This guy may pop a blood vessel.

18. Joe Mikulik

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    Let's see some fury from the tireless world that is minor league baseball. As a former broadcaster in this world, I know how the bus rides, bad hotels and tiny crowds can really start to weigh on you.

    Here, Asheville Tourists manager Joe Mikulik goes bananas. Enjoy.

17. Tim Floyd

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    Basketball coaches are typically more even-tempered because if a referee hears their chatter, it's an instant technical foul. That didn't stop UTEP head coach Tim Floyd. After his team received four T's in a five-minute span, Floyd went nuts.

    His forceful argument led to police involvement. It's easy to empathize with a guy whose team was relegated to the NIT after having a solid regular season.

16. Bobby Petrino

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    I don't know what Bobby Petrino has to be angry about. He makes about $3.5 million a year as Arkansas' head coach.

    He hasn't earned his keep thus far with the Razorbacks. With just 27 wins against 16 losses since 2008, Arkansas hasn't competed for a national championship under Petrino's tutelage.

    Apparently Petrino is one hell of a negotiator. After starting 3-10 with the Falcons in 2007, Petrino left a note with his team letting his players know he had accepted his current position.

15. Sir Alex Ferguson

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    I don't understand why some coaches can't answer the press with politeness. Here, Sir Alex is asked a perfectly reasonable and compelling question and makes the reporter look like an ass.

    This isn't the first time Ferguson has acted in such a way, nor will it be the last time.

14. Bill Belichick

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    Even when he's walking around gently caressing his own face, he looks pissed at the world. I would be too if someone kept cutting off the sleeves of my sweatshirts.

    The three-time Super Bowl champion stays pretty quiet when it comes to the media, but he doesn't hold his tongue when a less than intelligent question is queried.

    On the sideline, Belichick is a nut. He can be seen hollering at any official within earshot to let them know that somebody breathed on his quarterback.

13. (Tie) Kevin Dineen

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    A veteran of five different NHL teams and one AHL team over a 19-year career, Dineen has seen it all. Once his lengthy playing days were behind him, he decided to put on a suit and stand behind the bench.

    While heading the AHL's Portland Pirates in 2010, Dineen got pissed. He chased down a referee after a game to dispute a "no goal" call at the end of a period.

    Sure, the goal would have tied the game, but there's no reason to blow a gasket.

    For those of you who love to watch angry coaches patrol their respective benches, take solace in the knowledge that Dineen was hired to helm the Florida Panthers this year.

13. (Tie) Brian Kelly

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    Notre Dame's head coach has the complexion of a prune. He's garnered blogs and websites about his sideline flip-outs and gotten in trouble about his language.

    You see, Notre Dame is a Catholic university, and according to the Bible (Catholicism's main text), harsh language and misplaced anger are considered sins.

    Set an example, Coach Kelly. You certainly aren't winning the boosters over with your record.

12. Dennis Green

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    I'll let Dennis Green articulate his anger for himself. Classic clip.

11. Phillip Wellman

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    Let's take it back to the minors with Mississippi Braves skipper Phillip Wellman. This childish tirade, while awesome, led to a three-game suspension.

    I could honestly watch this all day long. What I can't fathom is how long this goes on. At some point you have to realize that you're acting like a complete lunatic.

10. Mike Ditka

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    With the Bears, Ditka was a legend. As the head coach of the New Orleans Saints, he gave us angry sound bites like this one.

    My favorite response: "Ask the trainer, next!"

9. John McGraw

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    Before Bobby Cox overtook his elusive record, John McGraw was the king of ejections. There seems to be something more intimidating about a man in a suit. 

    As a player, McGraw was great. A career .334 hitter, McGraw swiped more than 400 bases and scored more than 1,000 runs. His success as a player made him a great manager.

    But his anger and fire made him one of the most memorable managers in the history of the game.

8. Earl Weaver

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    Weaver was ejected from more than 90 games as the manager of the Baltimore Orioles.

    This choice piece of audio surfaced years ago and is about as candid as it gets. Weaver's Napoleonic complex is on full display here as he accuses the umpire of putting his hands on him. 

    Weaver also correctly predicts his induction into the Hall of Fame. I love this little guy.

7. Arsene Wenger

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    Arsenal's manager Arsene Wenger wasn't happy with Alan Pardew's in-your-face fist-pumping.

    Watch as he takes things to another level to show his disgust. 

    What's more entertaining than a couple of old guys in a scuffle?

6. Billy Martin

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    Billy Martin had good cause to be so angry all the time. He was fired by George Steinbrenner five times. He was also in the dugout with Reggie Jackson all that time. 

    Before he was a manager, Martin was a brawler both on and off the field. He and his Yankee teammates were involved in a scuffle with a bunch of drunks at the Copacabana after the inebriated men tossed racial slurs at Sammy Davis Jr. while he was performing.

    Martin broke Chicago Cubs pitcher Jim Brewer's cheekbone after he was brushed back at the plate. Martin fought a host of others as a player, and he took his anger to his position as manager for parts of three decades.

5. Lou Piniella

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    Does it get much better than Lou Piniella from an entertainment standpoint? Lou loves getting in the faces of umpires. If he disagrees with a call, he's gonna let them know about it.

    With more ejections than almost anybody in history, Piniella will be best remembered for his on-field outbursts.

4. Bill Cowher

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    Bask in the furious glow of Bill Cowher's scowl. It is legendary. Like a troll under a bridge, Cowher used to stomp up and down the sideline barking orders or complaints.

    Notice the permanent wrinkle across his brow. Notice the flared nostrils. Notice the chin.

3. Brent Sapergia

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    To the SPHL and the Louisiana IceGators' own Brent Sapergia. If I ever get this angry, I sure hope I have a plethora of hockey equipment to chuck all over the place until I feel better.

    Sapergia was suspended for this anger-fest and was given a game misconduct.

2. Bobby Cox

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    Here he is: the all-time leader in ejections. Bobby Cox should have been an even-keeled dude in the dugout. His Braves won 14 consecutive division championships, and his career peaked in 1995 when Atlanta upended the Cleveland Indians in the World Series.

    But Cox couldn't get enough on-field arguments. Almost anything set this guy over the edge. Now retired, Cox is probably picking fights with his gardener, the mailman or anyone else with two ears and a voice.

1. Bobby Knight

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    From the choking incident to his countless tirades, Bobby Knight could die at any second because of his rage.

    This clip shows a seemingly timid Knight turn from mild-mannered Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk. 

    Watch that chair slide towards an innocent free-throw shooter.