Best NFL Cities to Party in

Chris Dela Rosa@chris_deezyContributor IOctober 4, 2011

Best NFL Cities to Party in

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    From September to February, the NFL is one giant, never-ending party.

    Certain cities specialize in hosting guests as well as allowing its own inhabitants to let loose and have a good time; some moreso than others. 

    Whether it's the cold, frothy beer the night before or the game-day experience for visitors, there are five cities that party better than the others during NFL games. 

    Spoiler alert: Most of the cities listed in this slideshow specialize in club life for its tourists, too. Two of the listed cities are East Coast hot spots. And one selection may surprise readers.

    If you're a football fan, no matter the team: These are five locations you must visit.

    Because you have to fight -- for your right -- to party!

5) Dallas

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    We can''t forget about the "foodies" in this list.  Everything is bigger in Texas, and Dallas is home to great food.  

    Mostly known for their incredible barbecue, football fans can go to this city, spend a lot of money on a ticket a Jerry Jones' palace and then dig their faces into great southern barbecue after watching Tony Romo throw interceptions.

    And the night life is amazing: Clubs, celebrities and great food. 

4) Green Bay

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    On a normal week, during Monday through Saturday, there is absolutely nothing to do in Green Bay. But on Sundays during the NFL season, it is one of the best places to visit.  

    The historic Lambeau Field fills the stadium no matter how cold outside. These dedicated fans make for awesome tailgating parties as going to a Packers' game in Green Bay is an all-day affair, and visitors are in for a delightful treat (if they are Packers fans).

    Great sausages and beer make for an amazing tailgating experience at Lambeau.

3) New York

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    What isn't there to do in New York City?  

    While the Jets and Giants actually play in East Rutherford, NJ., the two teams are a short drive away from each other.

    Anyone that visits New York City can explore five boroughs of nightclubs, bars, galleries and parties. Furthermore, almost all of the teams in the "Big Apple" are successful; giving fans a reason to celebrate often.

    While New York has an incredibly diverse number of places to party during football games, there is a major downside: weather. It can be brutal as it varies from 100-degree heat to 10-degree snowstorms, which could seriously ruin a game-day experience.  

    However, that doesn't stop the grills from cooking meat or the cornhole tables from being used.

2) Miami

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    This city was tough to put ahead of New York but Miami has the total package. The women and weather alike are both beautiful.

    Spend 24 hours in South Beach and you will never want to leave. During the day, inhabitants can go tan and have some refreshing drinks on the beach. At night they can go party at great clubs and have the times of their lives. They even have a song dedicated to the lifestyle there.

    The Dolphins may be 0-4, but the city knows how to party like upper-class rocksters.

    While Miami has great weather, and an incredible nightlife scene, it is still not the best NFL city to party in.

1) New Orleans

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    Does this selection need any further explanation than the title of the slide? This city has always been No. 1!

    After Hurricane Katrina, the city of New Orleans has shown great resiliency and celebrated on Bourbon Street after the Saints won the Super Bowl in 2009.

    Bourbon Street itself is the best party scene out of all the NFL cities. The madness that goes on during Mardi Gras is breathtaking. This is one of the best celebrations in the world and it is very unique compared to the rest of the United States.There is a lot of cultured combined with a feel-good atmosphere.

    New Orleans is one big party town. Party-goers can even drink on the street, legally! The city is deserving of the No.1 ranking.

    Don't believe me? Watch a video of Bourbon Street following the Saints' Super Bowl victory!