From Michael Jordan to LeBron James, the 10 Greatest Signature Basketball Shoes

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IISeptember 22, 2011

From Michael Jordan to LeBron James, the 10 Greatest Signature Basketball Shoes

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    Nothing makes us feel closer to our favorite players then wearing their signature shoes.

    What is unique about shoes, is that they are truly the only thing we can emulate when we try to use something that our favorite athletes wear.

    Sure, there are jerseys, but those don't really speak for the players skill.

    When we put on a player's shoe, we feel like we are going to play like them. That is the selling point anyways, right?

    Over the years, many players have had their own shoe. Whether it was Michael Jordan or LeBron James, our favorite superstars have made available to us what they wear on the court themselves.

    There have been a ton of shoes over the years, so here are what I believe to be the top 10.

    Please voice your opinion if I am missing a shoe. I would really like to hear peoples favorites as I know it is hard to get them all onto a list.

10. Adidas Kobe 2's

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    The Kobe 2's were one of the most shocking shoes of all time.

    They looked like space bootsโ€”but they were perhaps one of the most comfortable shoes of all time.

    Kobe has had some great shoes with Nike, but nothing will ever be as unique, and awesome, as these.

9. Air Kidd 2

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    When Jason Kidd was the man back in the day, these were the shoes he wore.

    One of the more unique shoes of all time, the actual shoe was kept inside of a booty, which was interchangeable.

    Jason Kidd never had another shoe like this, but these were very memorable.

8. Reebok Iverson IV

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    Back before Allen Iverson was jumping from team to team, he was the face of the Philadelphia 76ers and Reebok.

    Iverson had many great shoes, but these were known to be his best.

    They've re-released the Questions a few times, but nothing was bigger for Reebok, and Iverson fans, than when they re-released the IV's a few years back.

7. Adidas T-Mac 2

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    Before T-Mac's career went down the drain with injuries, he was becoming the face of the NBA.

    His shoes were pretty big, too. Adidas was always the odd one at the table, as Nike, Jordan and Reebok always trumped the basketball world.

    After bringing on T-Mac and Kobe Bryant though, Adidas was on a roll with great basketball shoes.

    These were considered one of their best, and it represented a great player at his best.

6. Jordan XII

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    The Jordan XII's, also known as the "flu game" shoes, have some history to them.

    These were Jordan's 12th iteration of his signature series, and are associated with one of his most memorable moments.

    In black and red XII's, Jordan put up 38 points in Game 5 against the Jazz while he had the flu.

    When they re-released these retros, they added a sick face to the side of the shoe in honor of the significant event.

5. Nike LeBron I

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    LeBron James was the most hyped rookie to ever come into the NBA. So why not give him a great shoe?

    After Nike shelled out $90 million to a guy who never played a minute in the NBA, they knew they had to get their money's worth.

    James' first shoe was simple, light and very comfortable.

    It was far removed from his more recent models, which have been very heavy.

4. Jordan VIII

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    Iconic for its carpet Jordan tongue logo, straps and colorful heel designs, the Jordan VIII's were a one of a kind sneaker from the Jordan Brand.

    It was the closing shoe of the first three-peat in Chicago, and it was very much ahead of its time.

    The Jordan VIII's are the definition of a love/hate shoe but, for how unique they are and what they stand for, they deserve to be at No. 4.

3. Nike Air Penny 3

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    Penny Hardaway was never able to live up to the expectations of being better then Jordan, but his shoes were competingย from a visual level.

    The Jordan logo trumped all logos, but Penny had some real nice shoes. It was hard for players to sell against Jordan and his brand, but at least others made a strong case to be bought.

    Penny's shoes still get re-released till this day, showing just how iconic these shoes were.

2. Jordan I

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    Jordan's first signature shoe. That pretty much sums it up.

    The Jordan I's may not be the most comfortable shoe in the world, but it is where it all started.

    They get this high on the list just because of what they stand for.

    The colors were so controversial that the NBA fined Jordan every time he wore them.

    Imagine if Latrelle Sprewell was wearing his spinner Dadas back then?

1. Jordan XI

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    The Jordan XI's were out of this world.

    They were the first shoe to feature the patent leather, and they were incredibly light.

    Every Jordan shoe has its meaning, but these were iconic.

    These were the shoes that Jordan wore in the Space Jam films.

    Still to this day these shoes sell out in usually one night. They tend to re-release them annually on December 23rd, and usually it is impossible to find your size the following day.

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