Why Tom Gaglardi Will Return the Dallas Stars to Glory

John Bain@John_BainCorrespondent IISeptember 16, 2011

As of Thursday, Vancouver businessman Tom Gaglardi had tentatively signed a deal to buy the Dallas Stars pending the acceptance of their bankruptcy filing. After a failed attempt to buy the Vancouver Canucks in 2005, Gaglardi has sought ownership of professional hockey team. He finally has it.

The Dallas Stars filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy under the support of the NHL and the owners of all 29 other clubs. The Stars lack of interest by their ownership is directly correlated with the lack of the success of the team over the past three seasons. The Stars have not made the playoffs since 2007-08. The lack of communication between owner Tom Hicks and management is not the only thing to blame for the Stars lack of production, but it plays a huge role. 

As the Stars started to lose money, ownership no longer gave management a blank check to sign and trade for players, instead limiting them in their options to improve the team. When it came to trying to re-sign superstar free-agent Brad Richards this past season, ownership told GM Joe Nieuwendyk to not bother and wait to sign him until after the Stars found a new owner according to ESPN Dallas' Mark Stepneski tweet.

They have found their man in Tom Gaglardi. Gaglardi is passionate about hockey as well as the success of the team he is supporting. Gaglardi brings passion and real interest that the previous owners lacked.

Gaglardi will bring a big check book, and will use several new marketing strategies to try and fill seats and get Dallasites excited about hockey once again. Tom Gaglardi will go in with a winning attitude. He was denied the opportunity at guiding a team to a Stanley Cup in 2005, and wants to help Dallas return to the glory-days. Dallas was once treated as a huge contender in the west year in and year out, but recently teams have not been too concerned with them in terms of being a threat.

With the current roster, Dallas should compete for eighth in the west, but with a stable structure on the ownership side of things, the players should be more comfortable and confident, and it could provide the added boost for the team to be successful.

Stable ownership will allow GM Joe Nieuwendyk to return to the job he was hired to do; improve the Dallas Stars roster to become a cup contender. With Gaglardi seemingly calling the shots for the betterment of the franchise, the Stars should return to glory within the next few years. Stars fans should be excited to have a man like Gaglardi running the team.