Minnesota Vikings: 5 Players Who Must Shine in Tonight's Game to Make the Team

Ray TannockSenior Analyst ISeptember 1, 2011

Minnesota Vikings: 5 Players Who Must Shine in Tonight's Game to Make the Team

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    From five players who deserve to go to five players who MUST show something in this week's preseason game, we look at these individual's need to come up big, or go home broke.

    Today, I want to go through a list of five players who absolutely have to show more than they have thus far, in order to convince the staff they need to be kept.


Tristian Davis: RB/KR

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    Davis has a chance to redeem himself as a viable option at the kick return slot after a dismal performance in Miami.

    But he could also land a spot in the lineup at FB given Lorenzo Booker's current injury situation, despite his chances being a long-shot.

Jamarca Sanford: DB

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    Sanford and Tyrell Johnson have been battling it out for the strong safety job all preseason, and now it appears Johnson could become the starter, after getting the starting nod in the crucial WK 3 preseason game.

    This battle will still go down to the wire, so it is now Sanford's job to lose.

Ross Homan: LB

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    Homan has been making strides, and going back and forth between impressing the coaching staff, and causing the staff to think there is work to be done.

    His chances are pretty good to make the final 53, but still, he'll have to shine in the coming contest to seal the deal.

Matt Aisiata: FB

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    Another player in contention for the FB position is Matt Asiata, and he'll have to really earn his stripes to make the final 53 this week.

    Asiata is a powerful runner, but has trouble sustaining himself through the hole. His other knock is his inconsistent blocking skills which are crucial in the Vikings scheme.

    Asiata gets one final swing at things this week.

Jim Kleinsasser

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    Kleinsasser has been the mainstay in Minnesota for years, but a crowded TE position and a roster that has a near 80 players could cause the veteran to be released more out of necessity, rather than want.

    Kleinsasser will have to really ramp things up for the coaching staff to reconsider, but even then, their hand may be forced.

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