Chicago Bears: 4 Things Jay Cutler Must Improve This Season

Brian LendinoCorrespondent IIAugust 29, 2011

Chicago Bears: 4 Things Jay Cutler Must Improve This Season

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    Quarterback Jay Cutler is entering his third season with the Chicago Bears, and there are many expectations for the one-time Pro Bowler.

    In his first two seasons, Cutler didn't look like the player that anyone in Chicago expected to receive. Despite showing minor glimpses of his true talent, Jay's whole body of work is far below his level of expectation.

    While it should be noted that many of Cutler's flaws are due his inability to stay on his feet from the lack of an offensive line, a lot of his problems were also self-inflicted.

    Here are four major things that Jay Cutler needs to improve on this season for the Bears to be successful.


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    One of Jay Cutler's biggest downfalls in the past few seasons has been his refusal to set his feet before throwing. It should be noted that this choice is most likely the reason for a major portion of his interceptions.

    Cutler needs to realize that sometimes it's not all bad to take a sack, or, if needed, toss the ball out of bounds if he gets flushed out of pocket.

    An ever-improving offensive line will help a little bit, but ultimately, it's up to Cutler to really improve this glaring flaw.

Harnessing His Arm Strength

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    Jay Cutler has proven time after time that he has a cannon for an arm and has the ability to sling it to wherever on the field. Harnessing this ability is what needs to improve.

    What I mean by this is, he can't assume that, just because he has a strong arm, he can get away with any throw. Especially, trying to sling the ball into tight windows across the middle.

    Once Cutler starts trusting his natural ability to move the ball safely up the field, he is going to improve his game tenfold.  

Decision-Making/Slowing Down

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    Jay Cutler's decision making goes hand-in-hand with him harnessing his arm strength.

    When he is able to handle the pressure and calmly release the ball, Cutler can dice up a defense. However, when he gets flustered, it's clear that can't read the defense at all—subsequently leading to a multitude of interceptions and arid throws.

    Jay's decision-making needs to improve greatly and will do so as long as he can learn to slow the game down.

Being a Better Teammate

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    Jay Cutler's reputation as a teammate took a major blow after last year's NFC Championship game when he sat and watched Todd Collins and Caleb Hanie get thrown around like rag dolls.

    He needs to improve his relationships on the team—not only for himself but for the betterment of the team.

    After his reputation took such a huge hit a year ago, Cutler's actions in the spotlight are more important than ever. This is a time where his attitude as a leader is really going to dictate how the team plays on the field.