Sidney Crosby's 13 Most Embarrassing Highlights

Jason Sapunka@moreSapunkaCorrespondent IIAugust 24, 2011

Sidney Crosby's 13 Most Embarrassing Highlights

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    Sidney Crosby has scored a number of important goals in his career such as the overtime winner in the 2010 Olympic Gold Medal game and the shootout winner in the 2008 NHL Winter Classic.

    Highlight reels of his offensive prowess can be found across the Internet.

    Unfortunately, Crosby is also the source of a number of pathetic displays on the ice.

Honorable Mention: Lip Dirt

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    Not really a highlight, still pretty sad.

    Among the myriad of talents Crosby possesses, one he doesn't possess is the ability to grow facial hair. Most 21-year-old men do not look like this after two months without shaving.

Dive Against Flyers

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    Crosby came into the NHL as a highly-touted prospect meant to be among the league's next group of great scorers.

    Praise went to his head quickly and created a sense of entitlement to amenities such as free power plays.

    Here the young player took an obvious dive, much to the dismay of NHL legend Peter Forsberg.

Dive Against Derian Hatcher

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    Yes, Hatcher's hand does graze Crosby's face but note the extra head jerk after  and the ensuing nap Crosby takes on the ice.

    Crosby drew the hatred of Philadelphia very early in his career through actions like this.

Dive Against Maxim Lapierre

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    Maxim Lapierre lightly shoved Crosby in the chest. It's uncertain what exactly Crosby is pretending to have hurt here.

    Nonetheless it's a pathetic attempt to draw a penalty.

Dive Against Andreas Lilja

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    Crosby jumped on Andreas Lilja. Lilja received the penalty.

    Does that make any sense?

Most Embarrassing Dive of Crosby's Career

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    An incredibly light slash on the calf caused Crosby to lose his balance and hurt him enough to lay on the ice?


No Handshake

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    After a playoff series ends, the handshake line is typically led by each team's captain.

    After the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup against Pittsburgh in 2008, it took two minutes before captain Nicklas Lidstrom led the Red Wings' handshake line.

    The next season the Penguins won the rematch. As the Red Wings patiently waited, Crosby continued celebrating as his teammates went through the handshakes.

    By the time Crosby joined, many of Detroit's players were already in the locker room.

    As captain of an NHL team, it is unsportsmanlike to botch such a tradition.

Crosby Facewashed by Jimmy Howard

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    Crosby's unsportsmanlike conduct continues here.

    After Detroit defeated Pittsburgh in a regular season meeting, Crosby threw a temper tantrum before being protected by both linesmen.

Henrik Lundqvist Calls Crosby out After Dive

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    As if diving wasn't enough, Crosby occasionally feels entitled to free cheap shots. After Lundqvist criticized Crosby for going down easy, the Penguins' captain shoved a goaltender.

    If Crosby just stayed on his skates, there wouldn't be an issue.

Another Dive, Punches Roman Hamrlik from Behind

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    Look familiar?  Watch at the 0:13 mark, Crosby will wait for Montreal's Roman Hamrlik to become involved with another Penguin.

    Once Hamrlik is occupied, Crosby shows his cowardice by becoming the third man in and punching someone from behind.

Crosby Punches Boris Valabik from Behind While Valabik Is Held Down

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    As if the punch from behind to Hamrlik wasn't bad enough, take a look at the two-on-one display by Crosby.

    Note where his punches are aimed.

Crosby Jumps Brett McLean

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    A fair fight begins when two men agree to drop the gloves.Crosby began this fight by jumping an unsuspecting player.

    It's interesting to see Penguin fans defend Crosby here. Picture Trevor Gillies of the New York Islanders doing this and imagine the response by Pittsburgh.

Crosby Slewfoots Ryan Callahan, Draws Penalty

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    What's worse than diving for penalties? Drawing one by delivering an undeserved cheap shot to another player.

    Crosby clearly tripped Callahan in this video with a dangerous slewfoot, but Callahan was penalized for interference.

Crosby Asks for Immunity from Hat Tricks

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    Crosby's dives and cheap shots aren't the only things that irritate hockey fans. They probably hate his sense of entitlement most of all. 

    Is Crosby the greatest hockey player in the world? Possibly. Should there be special rules created that apply to him and nobody else?


    Crosby does not share this opinion. When Ovechkin scored three goals the Verizon Center carried on a hockey tradition by throwing hats onto the ice.

    Crosby asked the on-ice official if an announcement could be made for the fans to "stop throwing hats" after a hat trick.

    Does the level of ridiculousness this approaches even need to be explained?

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