CM Punk and the 5 Best Wrestlers on Television

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CM Punk and the 5 Best Wrestlers on Television

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    Currently, the two top Pro-Wrestling organizations in the world are WWE and TNA Wrestling. Both these organizations have rosters full of talented wrestlers. Of course, to carry a televised wrestling promotion in this day and age, one obviously needs more than just wrestling skills.

    Mic Skills, the right gimmick and a ton of charisma is necessary if one truly wishes to become a top guy in the business of pro wrestling, but today I decided to forget about all that, and list the top five wrestlers on television today, based solely on in-ring ability.

    Keep in mind that wrestlers can only be WWE or TNA, so don't expect to see any ROH guys here. Also, if you feel like a deserving wrestler was left out, tell me in the comments section and I'll put him on the honorable mentions list.

    Hope you enjoy!

Honorable Mentions

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    Here are some who were close, but didn't quite make it:

    Kurt Angle- He would have been on this list, perhaps the top two, anytime between 2000 and 2010, but imo his age is starting to catch up to him.

    Dolph Ziggler

    Rob Van Dam

    John Morrison

    Cody Rhodes

    Samoa Joe

    Jerry Lynn


    Alberto Del Rio

    The Pope D' Angelo Dinero (Elijah Burke)

5. "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

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    Who better to kick off this list than "The Fallen Angel" himself, Christopher Daniels?

    Daniels is widely known as the "father" of ROH due to his being the main event of the company's shows when it was just getting started. However, Daniels is most famous for his time spent with TNA Wrestling, where he now resides.

    He has been with the company for eight years total (he took a hiatus in 2010), and during that time he has given us countless five-star matches and zero bad ones. He's no slouch in tag team wrestling either, being one half of arguably the best tag team in TNA history with AJ Styles.

    If you want to see some of Daniels best work, I'd recommend his Triple threat match with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe at TNA Unbreakable in '05, his tag team match with AJ Styles vs LAX in 2006, or his recent match with AJ Styles at Destination X 2011.

4. "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" Austin Aries

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    After Bryan Danielson jumped to WWE, the "king" of the indies and the face of ROH was none other than the self-proclaimed "Greatest man who ever lived," Austin Aries. And if you've seen any of Aries' matches, then you'd know exactly why.

    Aries recently won a contract with TNA at Destination X, by beating three men who are amazing wrestlers in their own right, Jack Evans, Low Ki and Zema Ion in an incredible Fatal Four Way match. For those of you who haven't seen Aries in action yet, the guy can be extremely fast paced, but is also capable of slowing it down easily and he's a pretty good storyteller as well.

    I look forward to seeing a lot more of this man's work in TNA's X-Division, which I feel is the best place for him right now since in WWE he would likely be gravely misused due to his size.

    For some of Aries best work, I'd watch his match with Bryan Danielson in ROH in '09, his match with CM Punk in ROH 2005, his match with Nigel Mcguiness in December '07 and his match with Samoa Joe in 04.

3. "The Cult of Personality" CM Punk

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    I'm gonna confess this right away, I'm a CM Punk mark and have been since his WWE debut, while I've been a fan since his ROH days.

    I'm not going to show any bias towards him, though, because while he is the best all-round wrestler in the world, in my opinion, and amazing in the ring, there are still two wrestlers on television that I cannot deny are better than him in the ring.

    Still, the WWE Champion CM Punk has proven time and time again that he is one of the best in the world, and that is not a biased opinion—that is the universal opinion.

    He has not been able to utilize his full arsenal of moves in WWE, as he has been held back, but he has still produced many, many great matches with a variety of opponents, the most recent of which being with John Cena at Money In The Bank.

    Punk has not produced a bad match in as long as I can remember, and I'm pretty sure he can have a good match with just about anybody.

    As the face of WWE's new Reality Era, I think we can expect many more five-star matches from CM Punk in the future, but if you want to see some of CM Punk's best work so far, you should watch these matches: CM Punk vs John Cena at MITB, CM Punk John Morrison for the ECW title, CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio at Over The Limit 2010, CM Punk vs AJ Styles in ROH and his matches with Samoa Joe in ROH and with Raven in FWA.

2. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles

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    "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles is hands down the best performer in TNA's history, and in my opinion, the second best wrestler on television today.

    AJ can pretty much do anything in the ring, whether it's high flying action, chain wrestling or hardcore spots, Styles can do it and do it better than anyone in the business.

    Styles has been with TNA since 2002, and ever since his debut, he has remained the greatest performer in the company. His accomplishments in TNA include being the first ever triple crown champion and the first and only grand slam champion as well as the longest reigning heavyweight champion in the company's history.

    AJ has had many, many great matches during his illustrious career, the best of them include his match with Sting at Bound For Glory 2009, his match with CM Punk in ROH, his Last Man Standing match with Kurt Angle and many more.

1. David Otunga

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    For those of you who didn't smash their computers upon reading the title, I was kidding. The true best wrestler on television is none other than....

1. "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan)

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    Yes, the "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan in WWE) is hands down the greatest in-ring performer on television today, and I'll even go as far as to say he's the best wrestler in the world (sorry Punk).

    Ever since coming to WWE in 2010, Bryan has produced numerous five-star matches and has yet to produce a less-than three-star match. He's not as much of a spot-guy as, say, AJ Styles or John Morrison, but he more than makes up for this with his highly adept submission wrestling as well as his chain grappling.

    Before coming to WWE, Bryan was known for his stellar work in ROH and other indy promotions and was even then called the best in the world by many fans. Upon coming to WWE, though, many feared that due to Bryan's size, he would be misused by the company and perhaps even become an Evan Bourne-like jobber.

    Even though he achieved midcard success quickly by winning the US title, this fear was still present in our minds. However, Bryan proved us all wrong when he shocked the world at the recent Money In The Bank pay-per-view by winning Smackdown's Money In The Bank Ladder match. (He may or may not end up losing it to Wade Barrett, though.)

    All in all, while Bryan may not be as much of a complete package as CM Punk or AJ Styles and I myself am not the biggest Bryan fan, neither I nor anyone else can deny that he is the best wrestler on television and perhaps the best in the world.

    If you won't take my word for it, though; I recommend watching some of his best matches, which include:

    Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler at Bragging Rights 2010, Bryan vs Austin Aries in '09, Bryan vs Nigel McGuiness in '08, Bryan vs Chris Jericho on NXT and Bryan vs Homicide in 2006.

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