25 Craziest X Games Wipeouts

Ed NoveloCorrespondent IIIJuly 27, 2011

25 Craziest X Games Wipeouts

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    Don't look now, but X Games 17 is just a couple days away, and that undoubtedly means we'll be seeing a whole new set of thrills and spills along the way.

    This year's games will surely be as "extreme" as ever, so I thought I'd take a look at some of the more memorable crashes from years past. I'll even throw in some crashes from the Winter X-Games just for the hell of it. 

    You know your bloodlust is insatiable—don't deny it.

    So here we go. The following is the 25 Craziest X Games Wipeouts.

    Note: None of the following people died as a result of these crashes.

25. Colin McRae—X Games 12

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    When the X Games introduced rally cars, I knew they were officially bananas. Obviously, they weren't just going to use them to race in a safe manner. 

    That's not extreme!

    But you know what is extreme? Rolling your rally car and driving away like nothing happened, as Colin McRae does here.

24. Juergen Kuenzel and Eddy Seel—X Games 12

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    I probably shouldn't laugh at this, but if you slapped some circus music onto this video, you'd be cracking up. 

    They should also probably put a sign up warning these racers about this particular jump; it seems to be especially hilarious—I mean dangerous.

    Hey, they were both just fine, so simmer down.

23. Mat Hoffman—X Games 13

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    "Oh my God!" is right, teenager filming this.

    Mat Hoffman's known for being a bit of a live wire and for being constantly injured. The latter has a lot to do with the former, as you'll see here, when Hoffman goes airborne and falls 20 feet to the top of a half-pipe. 

    Just another day in the life of Hoffman.

22. Jeremy Lusk—X Games 13

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    You're going to see a lot of backflips take names on this slideshow, so let's kick it off with Jeremy Lusk eating it on a botched attempt.

    He was lucky to walk away relatively unscathed after this crash. Unfortunately, he wouldn't be so lucky a couple years later, dying after attempting a "Hart Attack Indian Air Backflip" in a freestyle competition in San Jose, Costa Rica.

    There's a reason they call these games extreme.

21. Ronnie Faisst—X Games 13

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    I wouldn't know because I'm not famous and spend most the day staring at the wall, waiting for Morpheus to call, but I would imagine that cameramen would get in the way if they were always around, trying to get up in my business.

    But Ronnie Faisst knows how that feels. 

    So Faisst pulls a backflip kamikaze dive attack on a cameraman standing atop a hill where Faisst is supposed to land.

    And man, does he take that sucker out. 

20. Simon Dumont—Winter X Games 15

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    You ever notice during a football game that anytime the announcer says so-and-so "hasn't thrown an interception" in X number of passes, they immediately throw an interception the next pass?

    Well, we should have known that Simon Dumont was about to crash the second—and I mean the second—the announcer says, "Dumont is letting it be known that he is here to win tonight."


    The announcer should have kept his damn mouth shut! They know they have special powers! With great power comes great responsibility.

    He really dropped the ball here.

19. Shaun White—Winter X Games 14

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    They call him the "Flying Tomato" for a reason, and like a flying tomato, he too can go splat. 

    My favorite part of the video is when the announcer says, "You see the helmet explode off his head." There's nothing quite like taking a thick block of ice to the grill at a high velocity. 

    Unless it's taking a thick block of ice to your junk at a high velocity.

    Cross your fingers, everyone. Let's hope we see that come the next Winter X Games.

18. Andrew Comrie-Picard—X Games 14

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    The difference in coming up short on a jump on a BMX bike, skateboard or dirt bike is that you can bail—though it will still hurt—should something go wrong in the air.

    If you come up short in a rally car, you're not going anywhere. 

    So sit back and watch Andrew Comrie-Picard go for a ride after his rally car did just that. 

17. Max Anstie and Blake Wharton—X Games 15

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    Blake Wharton really wanted to win this race, perhaps a little too much. 

    Just after firing out the gate, he went off the first jump and aggressively tried to position himself on the inside of the track. The problem was there was someone by the name of Max Anstie already there.

    That's OK, though, because Wharton would just land on top of him.

    Problem solved.

16. Ashleigh McIvor—Winter X Games 15

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    I was going to rate this lower, but after hearing Ashleigh McIvor scream in pain, I bumped it up a bit. What can I say? She really sold this crash.

    It's apparent that Ashleigh knows mid-flight that she's screwed, because she was screaming before she even hit the snow—and then a lot more once she did.

15. Jeff Mullin—Winter X Games 15

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    A snowmobile is a vehicle not made for tricks, but as we see year after year at the X Games, participants are going to try to fly through the air on anything they possibly can.

    Just wait for extreme pogo. It's coming.

    Jeff Mullin demonstrates in this video why it's not smart to do a backflip on a snowmobile.

14. Charles Page—X Games 15

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    If you want to know a cool way to break your ribs, watch Charles Page land on his bike chest first.

    I'm sure it's exactly as painful as it looks.

13. Vince Byron—X Games 16

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    It always amazes me that a guy can get up and walk around like nothing happened just minutes after smacking his head against the ground, but that's exactly what Vince Byron does here.

    I mean, if I were to take a still picture of him on the ground, you would think he was dead, or that he got mugged or tased or something.

    As the announcer says, it truly was "a vicious crash."

12. Nixey Danielson—X Games 14

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    Meet Nixey Danielson. Both of his legs are broken, as is his wrist. His body is composed of roughly 86 percent metal since all of his major limbs and organs are bolted together.

    I lied about the second part, just in case you actually thought that was possible.

    Danielson crashed while attempting to land a jump, flying over his handlebars. If you pause it at the 2:23 mark, you can actually see his legs break.

    Go ahead, look.

11. Travis Pastrana—X Games 15

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    Travis Pastrana is an X Games legend, and more often than not, he's on the winning end of the competition. He always goes big, and unfortunately, that also results in big crashes.

    As you'll see, Pastrana demonstrates how to get the silver in crashing.

    We'll see who gets the gold later.

10. Travis Rice—Winter X Games 13

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    If you're a professional snowboarder in the X Games, there are certain phrases you never want to hear an announcer say after watching one of your runs.

    One of those phrases is, "Any other person would be an accordion." The first part's kind of flattering, while the second...not so much.

    Initially, an image of a contorted spine comes to mind, but don't worry, that's not what happened. Travis Rice was attempting to clear a gap but didn't have enough speed, so he smacked the edge of the ramp and fell 15 feet or so to the snow below.

    He did land on his feet, though.

9. Gretchen Bleiler—Winter X Games 13

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    I know it's probably hard to get to a person on an downhill half-pipe made of snow, but couldn't someone have at least tried to get to Gretchen Bleiler after she crashed and fell backwards onto her neck?

    Just saying.

    After awaking from a very brief coma, it appears that she was fine, and I'm assuming she still knew where she was.

8. Jacob Wester—Winter X Games 15

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    Ideally, when you go off a ramp with skis, you want to land with them still on. However, sometimes things go terribly wrong, and one goes flying off your foot mid-flight.

    Then, you're screwed. 

    Take, for instance, our friend Jacob Wester here, who accidentally rips off his own ski during a trick. He lands ass-first and slides, and slides and slides some more.

7. Ronnie Faisst—X Games 13

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    I'm not an expert on these things, but it looks like Ronnie Faisst might have over-rotated on his 360 attempt, crashing shoulder first into the dirt.

    Once the dust clears, we can see that he's okay, but he probably didn't pick up a bowl of cereal for a couple of days.

6. Jamie Bestwick—X Games 14

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    Before this crash, Jamie Bestwick knew who he was, how to ride a bike and was fairly good at math—probably.

    But then he did one bar spin too many—it was two, two is too many—and found himself sprawled out on the ground, his head having crashed into the flat of the half-pipe.

    Kids, this is exactly why you wear a helmet. And I don't just mean on a bike. Wear it all the time. You can never be too careful.

5. Brian Deegan—X Games 12

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    I don't know if Brian Deegan fell asleep mid-air or what, but it didn't even look like he tried to break his fall in the least.

    As soon as he leaves the ramp he goes crash test dummy, smacking the ground with a mighty thud. And he then went into a mighty sleep.

    Don't worry, he woke up later.

4. Carey Hart—X Games 7

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    Backflips on trampolines are fun. Backflips on dirt bikes are crazy and can break your spine and everything connected to it.

    We can understand this reasoning, and I suspect it's something you must lack if you want to be successful in extreme sports.

    Let's consider the case of Carey Hart, who lost control of his bike almost immediately after hitting the ramp on a backflip attempt.

    I'm surprised his body isn't permanently folded like a lawn chair after this fall. Maybe Sport Science can explain it.

3. Danny Way—X Games 15

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    I didn't see this one coming, and by the sound of it, the announcers and crowd didn't either.

    After landing a backflip rocket air, Danny Way followed with an encore on the half-pipe, only it didn't end with lots of people clapping.

    Instead, he smacked the coping on the way down and did a rag doll front flip—that's not a skate trick—hitting the floor and sliding for several feet, motionless.

2. Paris Rosen—X Games 16

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    As if motocross wasn't hard enough in itself, somewhere along the way these athletes decided backflips and double backflips were boring, so they started doing front flips.

    And it looks like Paris Rosen never stood a chance.

    He doesn't get more than halfway through his rotation before he gets caught looking up at the lights, and there was a good few seconds for him to contemplate how much hitting the ground was going to hurt.

    On the pain scale, it looked like a 10.

1. Jake Brown—X Games 13

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    For about eight seconds Jake Brown was on top of the world. He had just wowed the crowd by landing a flawless 720 and was on his way up the half-pipe to get some serious air.

    And he did, except not the gnarly kind. His skateboard got away from him, and he plummeted 50 feet to the cold, hard floor.

    When your shoes explode off your feet, it surely means something terrible just happened. So, you know, just remember that.


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