WWE: Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and the 23 Best Masked Wrestlers in WWE History

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WWE: Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and the 23 Best Masked Wrestlers in WWE History

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    Hello folks! Welcome to another slideshow!

    There have been many masked wrestlers throughout WWE history and I have compiled a list of the best.

    Some are better than others, some are still with the company, some were only there for less than a year.

    Nevertheless, there is a reason for every one of them being on this list.

    So sit back, relax and enjoy the read!

23. Dink

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    From 1993-1995, Claude Giroux performed as Doink’s sidekick Dink.

    He was to Doink like Hornswoggle was to Finlay—getting involved in matches and generally causing all the havoc his clown gimmick allowed him to.

    He even made two pay-per-view appearances, one at WrestleMania X, and he performed at Survivor Series 1994, along with fellow clowns Pink and Wink.   

22. Mantaur

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    Mike Hallick played a Minotaur character during 1995 in the WWF.

    He even came close to winning the Intercontinental Championship on one occasion, almost beating Razor Ramon.

    Despite gaining access to the King of the Ring tournament, he was knocked out in the first round.

    His character then petered out as the more realistic characters monopolised the roster.

    He returned in 1996, though not as Mantaur—but as a bodyguard for Goldust.

21. Aldo Montoya

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    A jobber in his first run with the WWF, Peter Polaco was given the gimmick of Aldo Montaya, playing on his Portuguese heritage.  

    The “Portuguese Man-o-War” did not really make a success of himself in his five years with the company but he put over many stars of the future including Triple H and Mankind.

    He later made a big success of himself in ECW as Justin Credible.

20. Shinobi

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    Al Snow is an extremely accomplished wrestler.

    However, he only came up with his deranged character we know him for in ECW in 1997/1998.

    Before this, he jobbed to the big stars under a lot of gimmicks, one of which was the masked Shinobi.

    Al Snow gets on this list by pure wrestling skill alone, as he made the big stars he was jobbing to, look extremely good.

    Also his costume was pretty hilarious in hindsight.

19. The Sultan

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    We know him as Rikishi—the man who ran over Stone Cold and the fun loving, fat dancing man.

    However, before he achieved stardom with this gimmick, he was known as the Sultan—a mute Middle Eastern character.

    He almost captured the Intercontinental Championship but it wasn’t to be, and Rikishi was born.

18. The Repo Man

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    For two years, Barry Darsow performed as the Repo Man—a character who would repossess items from wrestlers.

    He was based on a comic book appearance and would probably just be laughed out of the stadium nowadays, but he proved to be surprisingly popular.

    Feuds with the British Bulldog and “Macho Man” Randy Savage put this masked nuisance on the map.

17. The Executioner

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    The Executioner carried a plastic axe to the ring. What a badass.

16. Golga

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    Golga was a member of the Oddities who had a weird obsession with Cartman from South Park. “Screw you guys, I’m going home...”

15. Mr. America

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    I can’t believe how much of a pop the masked Hulk Hogan received when he re-debuted the gimmick in 2003!

    This gimmick was used when Hulk Hogan was feuding with Mr McMahon.

    He left the company shortly after this.

14. Doink

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    Doink, originally played by Matt Osborne, was a mischievous clown who also wrestled with big stars at the time.

    The clown was originally loved by fans but by the time the gimmick had fizzled out, the fans had become annoyed by the childishness of the clown’s antics and chanted “Kill the Clown!” as Austin delivered a Stunner at the Slammy awards.

13. Los Conquistadores

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    Los Conquistadores were not a very successful tag team in the late eighties early nineties, but were brought to the forefront of the people’s minds by Edge and Christian, who imitated them in 2000.

12. Hurricane Helms

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    Stand Back! There’s a Hurricane coming through! Hurricane Helms was a very successful character based on a Superhero gimmick.

    A two time Cruiserweight Champion, a two time Tag Team Champion and former European Champion, Hurricane Helms captured a decent amount of gold during his career.

11. The Blue Blazer

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    Owen Hart played a superhero type character which fought all types of evil in the WWF.

    It was a fun gimmick, and allowed for some entertaining segments where Owen Hart was constantly proven not to be the man behind the mask.

    It was during his time in this gimmick that Owen Hart passed away.

    His impeccable wrestling skills and promo abilities have put him here on this list.

10. Impostor Kane

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    Impostor Kane was almost as good as proper Kane.

    At the time I wasn't watching wrestling on a regular basis but I began to when I saw this storyline developing.

    The impostor used the exact same mannerisms as Kane used to have when he was masked.

    He made me think that the WWE were actually going to do a retcon and have “real Kane” return in a mask to allow his character to remain unharmed by the baldy that had replaced him.

    Alas, it wasn’t to be, and Impostor Kane was also revealed to be a slaphead.

09. The Patriot

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    Though he is not very well remembered as he was a rather horrendous character, he actually had a high-profile feud with Bret Hart over the WWF Championship.

    He soon fizzled out though—my only hope is that he soon fizzles his way out of my memory as well.

08. CM Punk

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    The leader of the Straight Edge society lost all his hair in a match with Rey Mysterio in 2010.

    To combat this, he wore a mask to hide the baldness he insisted his followers embrace.

    If you have been watching CM Punk’s work recently, you will realize why he is on this list as one of the greatest masked wrestlers of all time.

    His wrestling skills are second to none and his promos are engaging—even more so when he is allowed to shoot.

    Wearing the mask added an extra dimension to his character and was extremely entertaining to watch.

    It spiced up a somewhat boring Straight Edge society.

07. Vader

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    It’s time, it’s time! It’s Vader time! Vader was an excellent character and without a doubt one of the best masked wrestlers ever.

    I can’t believe he never captured the top prize, despite coming close on multiple occasions.

    He even faced Kane in a mask vs mask match.

06. Cody Rhodes

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    The most recent wrestler on this list, Cody Rhodes has really come into his own since adopting the transparent mask.

    Portraying a mentally disturbed individual who thinks he is disfigured, Cody’s promo skills, along with his wrestling ability, have improved dramatically.

    The mask maketh the man...

05. Ultimo Dragon

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    I really thought that when Ultimo Dragon debuted with the WWE that he would be as successful as, if not more successful as Rey Mysterio Jr.

    However, Ultimo Dragon failed to make an impact in WWE much like Sin Cara.

    I personally think Ultimo Dragon was an excellent character and it’s a shame he isn’t still with company today.

04. Sin Cara

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    Sin Cara immediately made an impact in the WWE despite the criticism from the IWC surrounding his botches when he first arrived.

    His masks have started popping up around arenas along with Rey Mysterio’s, but he has a long way to go before he gains the popularity Rey has claimed over the years.

03. Mankind

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    One of the three faces of Foley, Mankind is one of the most infamous characters of all time.

    Known for taking a plunge off the side of the ominous Hell in a Cell, Mankind is without a doubt, one of the best masked wrestlers in WWE history.

    He has had many memorable feuds with The Rock, Triple H and The Undertaker.

    He became a fan favourite as his character developed into a more comedic role, opposed to the deranged sociopath it started off as.

02. Rey Mysterio

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    Rey Mysterio is still one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE.

    His masks are one of the best-selling pieces of merchandise for the WWE and the design is instantly recognisable.

    He is one of few cruiserweights who have won the World Championship and has many more accomplishments on top of that.

    There is no doubt that Rey Mysterio is one of the best masked wrestlers in WWE history, though I do not think he is the best.

01. Kane

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    My personal favourite Kane—is without a doubt the best masked wrestler in history (along with being the worst WWE Champion in history).

    Making his debut in 1997 during a Hell in a Cell match Kane immediately made a huge impact.

    He was one of the best supernatural characters in history and had some excellent feuds with the Undertaker.

    Some thought he would be the one to topple the Undertaker’s power, and take the phenom’s place in the WWF.  

    However, the Undertaker reigned supreme time after time and then Kane removed his mask, removing any sort of excellence surrounding Kane’s character.

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    There you have it! The 23 best masked wrestlers in WWE history.

    Please leave a comment detailing what you think. Have I missed any out? Would you have them in a different order? I always reply to all comments so please express your thoughts below!

    Thanks for reading!