WWE's Wade Barrett: From the Corre of the Nexus to a Barren Wasteland

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJuly 16, 2011


NXT Season One started with "rookies" looking to make an impact. They were paired up with pros from Day One that mirrored their potential.

Everyone had a pro that wasn't completely a star yet, well everyone except for Wade Barrett that is.

Wade Barrett had the World Heavyweight champion at the time as his pro in Chris Jericho.

Relatively unknown to most of the fans, Barrett had to make a quick impact because with Jericho as his pro, he is supposed to be a big deal. A future star in the making if you will.

But for the first few weeks, he seemed (at least to me) like another big man.

Then, the NXT Talk the Talk Challenge came. Every rookie had a topic and had to convince the fans with their words that they were the best on the mic.

Just about every rookie failed as one man stood out among the rest.

Wade Barrett.

He gave the "Winds of Change" promo and showed us all why his pro was Chris Jericho.

A few weeks later, we had seen enough of his in-ring skills to show us that he was one of the better big men out there today.

And when the NXT Finals came, Barrett was one of the last two remaining contestants.

It was him or David Otunga. 

When the moment of truth came, Wade Barrett emerged as the winner of NXT Season One and he delivered yet another memorable promo. 

"The Winds of Change have stopped blowing because change has arrived."

Little did we know that the victory and more specifically, this promo, would signal even greater things to come.

Then came "Viewer's Choice" RAW. Wade Barrett was "addressing" his NXT victory when he said that he was going to accomplish something that had never been accomplished before. 

At first, we didn't think much of it but at the end of a less than stellar episode of Monday Night Raw, we had finally realized what Wade Barrett was talking about.

The Nexus had arrived!

The rookies of NXT Season 1 had banded together to try to get a contract and make an impact within the WWE.

Wade Barrett as the leader of the Nexus
Wade Barrett as the leader of the Nexus

They came together as one and walked alone in the unknown, on their way to victory.

That is, until they all started falling down one by one to John 'Superman' Cena himself.

The once near-dominant Nexus was slowly crumbling by the seams.

It started with Daniel Bryan, then Skip Sheffield, Darren Young followed, and Michael Tarver was exiled as well. 

In the end, or near the end, Wade Barrett along with Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, and David Otunga were the only ones left, so they recruited Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty as well.

It was all for nought though, because Cena was still a man on a mission. He wanted to single-handedly take down the Nexus one-by-one.

He did stun the Nexus enough to get to face Wade Barrett one on one in the end at TLC 2010 where Cena emerged victorious (are you surprised?) and Barrett was forced into obscurity for a few weeks.

Cena then thought that Nexus was dead because their leader had been vanquished but then, Otunga came and announced the signing of their new leader in CM Punk.

A week later, Barrett came back and fought to reclaim his spot as the leader of the Nexus but in the end, failed as he was screwed by CM Punk.

Barrett had been exiled from the Nexus and in turn had been exiled from Monday Night Raw.

So Barrett then decided to go to Smackdown and continue his impact on Friday nights.

It all started with his Julius Caesar promo where he explained his exile from the Nexus.

It continued with a match involving him facing off against the Big Show. Barrett was losing when Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater suddenly appeared and started helping their former leader take down the Big Show.

Gabriel and Slater had left the New Nexus earlier because they did not have enough faith in CM Punk as their leader but they did trust Barrett enough to follow him to Smackdown.

Although they were 3-on-1, the three men were getting manhandled by the Big Show until Ezekiel Jackson stepped in. He provided domination and together, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, and Ezekiel Jackson had formed the Corre.

In the following weeks, the Corre (similar to the Nexus) dominated and made a huge impact on the blue brand.

Wade Barrett as the standout individual of the Corre
Wade Barrett as the standout individual of the Corre

They gained more and more credibility by having Gabriel and Slater become Tag Team champions and Wade Barrett as the Intercontinental champion.

Everything seemed to be going the Corre's way until they started losing and becoming the dominated ones. 

Eventually, the losing was enough to cause tension in the group and making each member leave in one way or another.

It started with Ezekiel Jackson as he thought that he was the best individual of them all.

Then Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel followed in Ezekiel's footsteps by leaving Wade Barrett to fend for himself after they had been treated like a lesser individual instead of a similar individual with the same authority as Wade Barrett.

As Barrett was left alone, he had lost some of that credibility that he had had before because he had to carry two groups instead of branching out onto his own singles path.

He wasn't the dominant leader anymore, nor the standout individual. He was now the bareknuckle fighter once again.

His credibility had gone way downhill that he had to basically start from scratch, yet he was already a proven threat in the main event.

So that's why he was put in the Smackdown Money in the Bank match, because he was a proven contender who had lost credibility.

Now on Sunday, he has a chance to rebuild his character. The same character that made himself look like a future World champion. The same character who made John Cena's life a living hell.

All he has to do to become a credible threat once again, is climb the ladder and pull down the Money in the Bank briefcase before any of his opponents do.

Once he does that, he has a shot to become champion and thus, make himself the Wade Barrett that we all grew to know as a part of the main event scene.

But will Wade Barrett have had enough, to make them see that they'll never take another drop of blood from him?

Will the Winds of Change finally blow hard enough to make Wade Barrett a star?

Will the former Corre of the Nexus be able to cash in his chance to leave the barren wasteland and become the end of days to his lost credibility by becoming one at Money in the Bank?

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