Minnesota Vikings: 5 Biggest Misconceptions in Franchise History

Ray TannockSenior Analyst IJuly 7, 2011

Minnesota Vikings: 5 Biggest Misconceptions in Franchise History

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    You can sit yourself down with a pen and a piece of paper and more than likely fill both sides of the sheet with the various misconceptions that have surrounded this team since the early sixties, but how many of them are really misconceptions and how many of them are truth?

    Like any team in the NFL, the Vikings have their fair share of misconceptions and folklore that, to some, have plagued this team since the sixties.

    Let's take a look at what I'm talking about.

The Vikings Curse

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    It seems as if every team in sports has some sort of "curse", and the Vikings are no different. In fact, there curse has been compared to the curse of the Billy Goat Chicago Cubs fans have endured for years.

    The curse explanation goes like this as explained on purplepride.org:

    The Vikings, even though they are a very successful franchise, are faced with championship futility, much like the Chicago Cubs, the Toronto Maple Leafs and many other successful franchises in other sports. Many attribute their futilities to "curses", such as the Cubs' Billy Goat curse. The Vikings have the more esoteric runestone curse, named for the Kensington Runestone, claimed to be Viking in origin, which was found near Alexandria, Minnesota. Legend has it that the runestone predicts the fate of the Minnesota Vikings in the future.

    22 Norwegians on
    discovery voyage from
    Vinland over (the) west we
    had camp by 2 skerries one
    days journey north from this stone
    we were and fishe(ed) one day after
    we came home found 10 men red
    with blood and dead.

    The 22 Norwegians in this reference are a reference to the 22 players that play on a starting offense and defense on an NFL football team. The 10 dead are usually a reference to a massive group of injuries of an offense or defense.

    A curse is a nostalgic part of sports, but this is simply not true.

    The text is taken from the Kensington Runestone found in Solem, Minnesota in 1898. nearly every runeologists that ever examined the piece, completely believe the stone is a hoax, and nothing more.

    Big misconception.

The 1998 Season Was Thrown

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    Everyone remembers the most storied year in Vikings' franchise history, right?

    Randal Cunningham, a 15-1 season, the most explosive offense in football and an almost guaranteed Super Bowl trip and win.

    But in the NFC Conference matchup against the Atlanta Falcons, the Vikings experienced what has come to be known as the "Take a Knee Game", and many feel it was done on purpose.

    Basically, in the closing moments of the game while tied, coach Dennis Green opted for his quarterback to take a knee instead of trying for it one last time on third and long.

    The game went into overtime, and the Vikings became the only team in history to go 15-1 and NOT win a Super Bowl.

    The misconception here was the purposeful act on the part of Dennis Green, for various alleged reasons, including inner strife with the brass, and other curious details.

    But the truth is the guy mad a safe decision while deep in his own territory, because he had faith his team could pull out the win in overtime.

    Too bad he was wrong about that part.

Are the Minnesota Vikings Moving?

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    Talk of the franchise moving out of Minnesota actually began in 1995 (or that's the earliest I remember, anyway), but didn't really gain some steam until three years later.

    Recently, the seemingly dying ambers caught a small breeze allowing the rumors to flair up again, with Los Angeles being the supposed destination.

    Fact of the matter is the Vikings aren't going anywhere, and the misconception is just that, a misconceived rumor.

    Another fuel to this rumor was the expired lease to the damaged stadium, but again, just a misconception.

Vikings Fans Know Nothing About Football or Their Team

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    As a sports writer, one of the more common engagements I always have is conversations surrounding individual team's fans.

    And associated with that is the notion that Vikings' fans are too laid back and have never been known to be all that knowledgeable about football, or their team.

    As a sports writer FOR the Minnesota Vikings, I can completely speak of the falsehood behind such an assumption.

    I don't just write for the Vikings here on Bleacher Report either, and I am constantly interacting with the more Vikings' fans than I can keep track of on a daily basis.

    I have dealt with every fanbase in the NFL at some point in my journey, and the Vikings base are among the most passionate, and knowledgeable in the country.

    Especially about their team, and team history.

    Total misconception.

The Vikings Pass Defense Was Atrocious in 2010

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    Total misconception!

    The fact of the matter is, this team actually did better against the pass than perhaps many would've thought considering how make shift they were for nearly 16 games.

    Injuries to their line, linebackers and secondary plagued this team nearly all season long, but with the exception of a few disappointments—Mr. Williams I'm looking your way, sir—this was a team that STILL finished 10th in the league.

    A lot of this could've been due to the prior years where the Vikings PLAYED better than 2010, but a flux in a team's defense is by no means a marker towards a lesser degree.

    I hope you guys enjoyed this piece.