MMA Knockout of the Day: Special Mid-Year Edition Bringing in 5 KOs

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IJune 29, 2011

So we're approaching (or already have approached, I'm not really good with this kind of stuff) the half year point of the year, and we've had a collection of knockouts presented to you on Bleacher Report.

I try to bring the best knockouts to you and for today, as a reward for putting up with my bad jokes and seemingly idiotic wordplay, I will bring you five knockouts from UCMMA so far in 2011.

First up we have Louis King who kicks off the video trapping his opponent up against the cage, and both begin to start throwing a flurry of punches. Then King eventually clips his opponent with a right hand that dazes him, and he then finishes him with numerous punches before he falls to the ground. In the end, King is left standing victorious with a first-round knockout.

Then for the second fight, we have Colin Wilby vs. Harry Shoebridge. Wilby starts off by throwing a nice low leg kick, but finishes with a left hook that stops Shoebridge stone cold and drops him to the mat just 45 seconds into the fight.

Now if you haven't noticed, both fights have been stopped in the first round, and this third knockout doesn't differ from the others. This time, instead of a punch knockout, it shakes things up.

Tim Radcliffe begins the fight on the ground with Michael Pastou pressing to get the TKO victory. But a couple of knees later he has Pastou hurt before finally throwing a high head kick that knocks him down cold, and then he finishing Pastou with a couple of punches.

In the second to last knockout, we have Tomasz Czerwinski in a battle of names I have trouble spelling, against Amokrane Sabet. The 300-something pound heavyweight, Czerwinski, starts pressing (while completely gassed) and eventually lands a big right hand that drops Sabet for good.

After that win you can bet on someone having a Burger King quadruple stacker with extra fries on the side.

In the final bout we have a knockout from Huseyin Garabet, and well, I'll let you watch that dead cold knockout yourself.

UCMMA also has an app for your iPhone and iPad featuring some of their knockouts that are really good; they even stunned me with a few of them. It's pretty wild, and I recommend it to any fan, whether hardcore or casual.

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