NFL: The Top 5 Baddest Dudes in the League

Brandon KatzCorrespondent IIJune 16, 2011

NFL: The Top 5 Baddest Dudes in the League

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    “Football is, after all, a wonderful way to get rid of your aggressions without going to jail for it.”—Some guy

    How right you are, random guy whom I could not find that said this. Football is a brutal game that takes an extreme toll on an athlete’s body.

    For some sick and innate reason, people have always been entertained by violence. And since we can’t start our own Gladiator cartel (I tried, Russell Crowe was booked up. Apparently he has another 3,000 Twinkies to eat), without a few authorities asking questions, football is the closest thing we can get.

    NFL players absolutely love to inflict damage. They pride themselves on it, and good teams thrive on the ability to beat their opponents up.

    This physical mentality got me wondering who are some off the toughest, scariest, most badass dudes in the NFL. 

5. LaRon Landry

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    I am a Redskins fan, and I don’t care what you say; he’s on the list!

    Landry was putting together a Pro Bowl season last year before injuries limited him to only nine games. He knows how to hit and hit hard. His right shoulder to the gut move is straight out of Sean Taylor’s playbook.

    This guy also has exceptional physical qualities, as he stands six feet tall and weighs in at a chiseled 220 pounds. He is an explosive athlete with dynamic speed and an ability to close the distance in an instant.

    If you don't believe me, than check out the highlight video. Warning: you may need a change of underwear afterwards.

    Redskins’ defensive coordinator Jim Haslett employed Landry a lot closer to the line of scrimmage this past season, allowing him to rush the passer and make plays. I cannot wait to see whose ribs he breaks next year while playing in the box. 

4. Hines Ward

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    Yes, I am aware that Hines Ward is a wide receiver. No need to point out the obvious.

    What is obvious, however, is that Ward is not just a man who catches footballs for a living. This guy absolutely loves blocking for his backs. As a football fan, I simply love the fact that he loves to do that (Man Law 372: The word “love” will never be used more than twice in any sentence pertaining to football).

    When he’s not dancing with the stars, he’s usually knocking them out. In 2008, he broke Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers’ jaw on a thunderous block.

    A lot of criticism has befallen Ward for his hits on defender’s blind side. His fellow peers have twice voted Ward the NFL’s dirtiest player.

    Luckily, we don’t have to care about any of that since this article is solely dedicated to a player’s badassery. And being an extremely dirty player who breaks a cat’s jaw constitutes as badass in my book. 

    Check out the video of some of Ward's best. And, trust me, watch through the reception highlights!

3. Haloti Ngata

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    I think this man is more suited for a zoo than a football field because he is not a man at all; he’s a freakin’ animal.

    At 6-4 and 350 lbs, this “thing” is clearly a physically imposing figure, especially considering that he’s coming off a 63 tackle, 5.5 sack season…as a defensive tackle! He also blocked seven kicks in his three-year career at Oregon, not an easy task.

    This guy consistently sheds double-team blocks and collapses the pocket. If the Baltimore Ravens could find another pass rusher opposite Terrell Suggs, Ngata would certainly open up some lanes for them.

    He has a powerful first step and surprisingly good footwork for a man of his considerable stature.

    Check out the man's highlights, which are basically a compilation of him going, "Haloti ANGRY!!!!" and imposing his will onto people. 

    As Youtube user RochabP eloquently put it, “4th and 1 and Ravens need a stop….Ngata problem.”

2. DeMarcus Ware

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    As a Redskins fan, it is extremely difficult and painful for me to put a Cowboy on this list. Because of this, I hope you will excuse me after completing this article as I proceed to take shots of hydrochloric acid.

    Regardless, there is no denying that DeMarcus Ware is an exceptionally talented football player. When it comes to getting after the Quarterback, almost no one does it better than this DE/LB hybrid.

    Ware led the league in sacks last season with 15.5 and had 20 in the 2008 season. In six seasons in the NFL, Ware has manhandled his way to 80 sacks already!

    Offenses always have to account for Ware when he is on the field. If you don’t, you are looking at third and long every time.

    With an array of pass rushing moves that include a spin, beautiful hand placement and just plain old freakish athleticism, Ware has to be considered one of the most dangerous dudes in the NFL. 

    Empirical Evidence: the video above. 

1. Ray Lewis

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    Come on now, did you really think it was going to be anybody else?

    We all know his first murder in 2000 was only practice before he hunted down Osama Bin Laden and killed him with his bare hands (Just kidding…kind of).

    Ray Lewis is one of the greatest linebackers to ever play the game. No one can take that away from the sure fire Hall-of-Famer. But the way in which he achieved this status was through years of bone breaking hits and some of the smartest and most clutch plays ever by a defender.

    Lewis is absolutely the last guy in the entire NFL I would want to fight. I would literally rather get my skull bashed in by Bill Romanowski in his prime. And, yes, in his prime means that his blood content was 50% steroids at the time.

    The Baltimore Raven was Super Bowl MVP and has 1,909 tackles, 38.5 sacks, 30 interceptions and 16 forced fumbles for his career.

    When it comes to being apart of an organization of badass, Ray Lewis is the owner, general manager, coach, and of course, the linebacker! 

    Watch the video above for some of Lewis' highlights. My reaction, "The guys got a killer resume, i'll give him that."

Honorable Mentions

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    James Harrison, Clay Matthews, B.J. Raji, Terrell Suggs, Ndamukong Suh, Brian Dawkins, Patrick Willis, Vince Wilfork, Adrian Peterson, Adrian Wilson

    I HIGHLY suggest you view the video above. Dudes delivering absolutely vicious hits on that one.