Winnipeg Jets, Manitoba Moose, Winnitoba Falcons? Let the Debate Continue

MattContributor IJune 3, 2011

14 Apr 1996:  Center Craig Janney of the Winnipeg Jets looks on during a game against the Anaheim Mighty Ducks at Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California.  The Ducks won the game, 5-2. Mandatory Credit: Glenn Cratty  /Allsport
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True North said that fans will not know the team or city name of the team until 13,000 season tickets are sold. 

So does that mean there's already a name and place along with colors chosen? The shipment of the Manitoba Moose from the AHL may have some ponder the thought of the brand entering the AHL. Not all are in agreement on if that's a good name. Fans also seem to be split on weather to call the team Winnipeg or Manitoba.

Personally, I think you should pick the team nickname/moniker first and then you see which one (Winnipeg or Manitoba) has a better ring to it.  

Since there's no formal announcement of a team name or anything yet by True North, I thought I'd give some options. I like to come up with team names, and I took 32 names and through process of elimination came up with a the final eight.  

Here's the top eight with city/province as well for good measure. I should, however, warn you that because Falcons, Thrashers, Jets and Moose are or were previously used by a hockey team in Winnipeg I left them out...for now. 

Also, a lot of people want the Winnipeg Jets to fly again. The issue is that the NHL owns the rights to that name and logo, etc, while the Phoenix Coyotes (the previous Jets team) uses the jerseys on occasion. I'm not saying that True North couldn't request permission from the NHL to use the name and logo, but it would take some wheeling and dealing as Phoenix does I believe still sell the Jets jerseys as throwback items.

So if Jets, Thrashers, Falcons and Moose are unavailable and you had to pick from the following eight, which one would you choose?

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Here's the list. Be sure to vote!

Manitoba Monarch

Winnipeg Storm

Winnipeg Winter

Winnipeg Whitecaps

Winnipeg Blue Liners/Blueliners

Winnipeg Warriors

Winnipeg Pioneers

I know Winnipeg was also once home to the Winnipeg Warriors, but they are exempt from the above rule because the name Winnipeg Warriors has good ring to it. Though I'm not sure about the Native American moniker these days.  

My top five favorites out of this list in order and the colors I'd associate with them, if I owned the team.

1. Blue Liners/BlueLiners (navy blue, white and red)

2. Revenge (black, cherry red, silver)

3. Pioneers (navy blue, wheat gold, white) 

4. Winter (navy blue, sky blue, white, silver)

5. Monarchs (purple, wheat gold, white, red)

Below is a little background on my favorites and why they were selected for the possible naming of the team. Though if you don't like any of these, be sure to put what you would call the team if you were the owner and got to pick.

And for those that don't like any of my suggested names, you can rest assured, I'm not the owner, nor do I have any current or previous affiliation with True North or the Winnipeg Franchise.

Blue Liners/Blueliners and Revenge seem like great nicknames. Blue Liners may not be original, but it's a got a great ring to it. Revenge is kinda of great name with a possible double meaning. Revenge on who and what?  I'm sure you Winnipeg Jets fans know. 

If you have another name, put it in the comments and say what colors you would associate with the name.  

And if you thought I wasn't going to give you a chance to vote for the Jets of Falcons names, think again. But it's pitted against the other already used names. Enjoy!

Out of the Jets, Falcons, Moose and Thrashers the Moose and Jets are my picks for top two in that poll.

I'm not horribly fond of the Manitoba Moose. Great logo, but I think it's just a bit silly of a nickname. If they do go with Moose, I think you need to at least honor fans with the Jets colors or at least similar colors of some shade of blue, red and white.

If the Winnipeg/Manitoba debate doesn't get resolved, they could always compromise and go with:


In fact, I recommend that. There's nothing wrong with that, it's original, creative and it's got the good portion of Winnipeg and a piece of Manitoba. Just not sure people would get used to the Winnitoba Jets all that quickly.

Jets, if they can and are permitted to use it, it's the easiest no-brainer ever. I would make a few suttle changes. I'd reverse the blue and red so the "Jets" and "Winnipeg" script are in a cherry red. The outline circle in a deep shade of blue and I would add a white border for use on the blue jerseys. A alternate red could be added at some point for a throwback and if that occurred, you just reverse the colors of the logo with the same shades of color.

But I think some fans feel these aren't the same Jets and let the past be the past, while others have the feelings of once a Jet, always a Jet and I know regardless of the team name/city/province name the fans of Winnipeg and Manitoba are happy to be getting a team back to the 'peg and will say to the team when they arrive:

"Welcome home boys." 

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