Roger Goodell: Commissioner Or Dictator

C. J. Krasyk@cfkrasyk2Correspondent IOctober 21, 2008

Rodger Goodell became the commissioner of the National Football League in 2006 and since then has been on what seems like a mission to rule the league like a dictator. He has been a stickler for the leagues personal conduct rule and now is all about safety of players.

Since he has taken office, Goodell has suspended five people including Adam Jones and Chris Henry multiple times. Right now Jones and Michael Vick are serving indefinitely suspensions.

I understand that Goodell was trying to enforce the conduct code because he did not want the NFL to have the same issues as the NBA had, but give me a break. Goodell has has become a dictator.

Now before you write this off as a article in defense of Henry and Jones because they played college ball for my beloved Mountaineers it is not. You will not find someone that was more thrilled than me when Henry opted to leave school early. He was always in trouble in Morgantown, which if you have ever visited in kind of a tough place to really stay in trouble. Henry has brought all this trouble on himself.

Jones has had his fair share of trouble with the law as well. However unlike Henry, Jones managed to stay out of trouble while in school. Yes, there was been repeated run ins with the law including that famous night at a Gentlemen's Club in Las Vegas.

Now Jones has been suspended indefinitely because he got into a fight in a hotel bathroom with his own bodyguard. Let me repeat that HIS OWN BODYGUARD. Anyone who knows someone that does that kind of work knows that a bodyguard becomes part of your family. Name me one person that has never had a fight of a psychical nature with a family member. Chances are Jones wanted to go to a strip club and the bodyguard said no. Jones throw a punch and the bodyguard then probably kicked his butt then said lets go home. The police and the hotel said that it was a done deal. No property was damaged or charges filed. The Cowboys even did an internal investigation and determined there was nothing to the incident.

However, Dictator Goodell suspends Jones indefinitely but no shorter than four games. Nevertheless, Goodell has not suspended Henry more than four games at a time even though he has had just as many offenses as Jones. Where is the fairness in that? Now there is the reports that Chiefs running back Larry Johnson spit a drink in a lady's face and threatened her boyfriend. Goodell needs to suspend him indefinitely or at least the rest of the season or in my opinion it is nothing but a witch hunt towards Jones.

Goodell is now even fining players for hitting people on the field of play even if no penalty was called on the play. He argues about the safety of the game is the reason for such fines. Sorry Roger, I am just not buying that. People that watch and go to the games do so because of the hits. How many times are big hits shown on Sportscenter and viewed on YouTube? That answer is all the time. Troy Polamalu put it best when he said it is turning into a "pansy game".

I totally agree with Polamalu and if Gene Upshaw had not passed away none of this would be going on. The NFL needs to get someone in charge of the NFLPA that will stand up to Goodell and stop this nonsense.


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