Jim Harbaugh and Jesus Take the Field........

Carla IngleContributor IOctober 20, 2008

Remember Jim Harbaugh?  Used to be the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts way back when.  He was the one many Colts fans believed would take the franchise to the Super Bowl, then came that fateful playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and a bad call kept Indianapolis out of the Big One.

I loved Jim Harbaugh, loved the man.  Thought he was a great underrated player and an all around nice guy. 

When he first started playing for the Colts it would warm my heart when a reporter would interview him and the first thing he would say was "I'd like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for making all this possible."  Then he would continue on with the interview and address whatever question that had been posed to him. 

Did it warm my heart because he was a Christian?  Maybe part of it.  But I thought it was so great to see this big, tough, successful football player stopping everything to thank God for what he had.  I thought, now this is a fine example of athleticism on TV for our young kids to emulate. 

Did I tell you I loved the man?

As the seasons wore on, however, and no championship came and seasons were not what everyone expected and the defense was blaming the offense and vice versa and people were criticizing Jim Harbaugh, I noticed a difference in him. 

After a while I didn't hear him thank Jesus anymore. I saw stress lines in his face and straight forward answers to reports questions.  Then I noticed when the camera picked him up a few times on television when some not-so-nice language was shown coming out of his mouth.  And then we got a new quarterback. 

Now he is the head coach at Stanford.  I really haven't followed Stanford, but I imagine that he is probably a very good coach.  He has been there and done it all.  He knows all the success stories and all the pitfalls of being an athlete.  He knows the desire to win and the heartache of losing and how it can change your attitude. I hope that he is passing all this and his love for Jesus on to his players at Stanford. 

Do I think he has fallen from grace because of the bad that was unfortunately captured for all the world to see?  Nope.  I think he is a human being just like the rest of us and has a great love of football just like so many of us. 

He wanted to do the best he could and win the big one, just like we wished he could of as an Indianapolis Colt. It didn't happen and that made me say a bad word or two.  I think you can still thank Jesus and occasionally say a bad word or two......just because you're human.

So Jim Harbaugh, I still love you, love you, love you.  You will always be one of my favorite quarterbacks, I sure did follow you every step of the way when you were with the Colts.  All I have left to say is........Go Stanford!