The Many Feuds of Kevin Harvick Pt. 2: Harvick Takes on His Teammate

Jen PrestonSenior Analyst IOctober 20, 2008

In years past, drivers didn't usually feud with teammates.  Richard Petty versus David Pearson, Bill Elliot versus Dale Earnhardt, Rusty Wallace vs. Darrell Waltrip—none of those pairings met each other in the boardroom on Monday mornings.

But as you all know, Kevin Harvick is not your typical driver, and he even caused the firing of a driver with his next feud.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, and anyone else reading this to a continuing look down memory lane, as we explore the feud between Kevin Harvick and former teammate, Jeff Green.

Harvick and Green had a history before they became teammates over at Richard Childress Racing in 2001. They had several run-ins during their days in the former Busch Series.

When asked in 2002 about racing with Harvick, Green didn't hold back on his criticism.

"I guess, when it gets right down to the last lap, it all depends on who is in front of you. If Kevin Harvick is in front of me, yeah, I am going to turn him sideways to win. If it is my brother or someone like Elton Sawyer, who races me clean every week, I am not going to do that to him. He doesn't do it to me."

But, being teammates was going to solve all the problems between them, right?  I mean, they'd see each other at the shop, at team meetings at the track, and maybe go hunting with RC now and then.

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Who am I kidding. This is Kevin Harvick, after all.

Richmond International Raceway is known for bringing out emotions in drivers. It's the scene that saw Kyle Busch become the most hated driver in NASCAR and where a certain driver named Happy and six pit crew members were fined for a yelling incident on a racecar on pit road.

Be patient—we'll get to that story soon enough. Right now, though, get ready for a tale of two teammates who tangle, leading one to argue with the team owner for playing favorites and... well, you'll see.

It was a typical night race at Richmond: a lot of beatin' and bangin,' just what the fans want to see.

On lap 268, the cars of Ryan Newman and Ward Burton got together, causing Green to go to the bottom of the track to avoid the sure wreck.  Little did he apparently know his teammate, Harvick, was already down there. The contact between the two sent the number 30 into the turn two wall, ending his night.

Green, obviously not impressed, stayed on track to wave his arms and probably yell some things at his young teammate before leaving the track.

And he wasn't done there.

Next, Green paid a visit to Harvick's pit box, to exchange pleasantries with crew chief Todd Berrier.

"It's one thing to get spun out, (but) it's another thing to get spun out by your teammate," Green told reporters, and reportedly team owner Richard Childress, after the incident.  "I can't hardly swallow that. Tough to be teammates when it seems like there's only one car at RCR."

Harvick went on to finish sixth, and wouldn't comment on the incident after the race.  Which is okay, but their boss had his own response.

Two days after Harvick and Green got together, Childress fired Green.

"Our relationship was not where we had hoped it would be at this point so we decided to make this move now," Childress said. "Jeff is a very good race car driver, but sometimes change can be good for everyone involved."

Who said it was easy being Green?  Certainly not I, but it certainly does cost to feud with Happy Harvick.

Well, that concludes our tale on Harvick's feud with teammate with Jeff Green. Think we're finished here?  Of course not!  We've still got to cover the incident with Joe Nemecheck that came to slaps, several feuds with several Roush drivers, and of course, another feud with another teammate, plus many more!

Hope you enjoy it, guys, because this series is far from over.